A red-faced macaque is amazed by visitor's magic trick at zoo in Tokyo

Stop monkeying around! Macaque is amazed by zoo visitor’s magic trick in hilarious footage

  • The primate appears to enjoy a private magic show from a visitor to Kyoto zoo
  • After showing the red-faced macaque a tantalising fruit, he makes it disappear
  • With its jaw slack and its eyes wide, the animal seems to be amazed by the trick
  • This is the amusing moment a red-faced macaque in a Japanese zoo was left gobsmacked by a magic trick.

    Footage shows Kosei, a visitor at the zoo in Kyoto, Giappone, using sleight-of-hand to make a piece of fruit disappear in front of the primate’s eyes.

    To add weight to the illusion, he first shows the fruit to the animal and teases it with the treat.

    The monkey is eyeing the fruit longingly when the tourist suddenly points at it and makes it ‘disappear’.

    With its jaw slack and its eyes wide open, the macaque appears totally amazed by the trick.

    Kosei said: ‘I fell in love with this monkey.

    A tantalising piece of fruit is offered to the monkey

    The red-faced macaque is mind blown when the fruit 'disappears'

    A red-faced macaque at a zoo in Kyoto, Giappone, had an adorable reaction when shown a magic trick by a visitor, who tantalised it with a piece of fruit before making it ‘disappear

    ‘He was like a child who was happy to see a magic trick. His reaction made me so happy.’

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