Arthur's 'grandmother was threatened with ARREST for trying to help'

Tragic Arthur’s ‘grandmother was threatened with ARREST for trying to help’: Police ‘told worried relative she would be breaking Covid rules if she visited six-year-old boy before he was ‘tortured and murdered by his parents

  • Police ‘told Thomas Hughesmother not to see Arthur Labinjo-Hughes at house
  • West Midlands Police worker was said to be reluctant to accept pictures of boy
  • They highlighted alleged abuse Arthur suffered, Coventry Crown Court heard
  • Arthur allegedly killed after abuse at the hands of Hughes, 29, and Emma Tustin
  • Tustin and Hughes have denied murder and multiple counts of child cruelty
  • Police told the grandmother of a boy allegedly murdered by his parents she would be arrested if she returned to the house for breaking Covid rules, 法院已审理.

    An officer told Thomas Hughesmother and brother Daniel not to see Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, 六, at the house in Solihull, 西米德兰兹郡, the jury was told.

    The West Midlands Police worker was said to be reluctant to accept pictures highlighting the alleged abuse Arthur had suffered, Coventry Crown Court heard.

    Daniel told jurors he never heard back from the force despite the images showing bruises on the boy’s back.

    The youngster was allegedly killed after suffering devastating abuse at the hands of Hughes, 29, and his new partner Emma Tustin, 32.

    The couple subjected Arthur to systematic abuse ‘designed to terrorise’ 年轻人, 法院听到.

    Arthur was allegedly deprived of food, forced to stand in a hallway for 14 hours a day and poisoned with salt before being killed at his home last June.

    Tustin and Hughes deny murder and multiple counts of child cruelty.

    阿瑟·拉宾乔-休斯, 六, 据称在遭受符合“儿童酷刑的医学定义”的系统性虐待后被杀. 他的父亲托马斯·休斯, 29, 和继母艾玛·塔斯汀, 32, 否认谋杀和虐待儿童

    阿瑟·拉宾乔-休斯, 六, 据称在遭受符合“儿童酷刑的医学定义”的系统性虐待后被杀. 他的父亲托马斯·休斯, 29, 和继母艾玛·塔斯汀, 32, 否认谋杀和虐待儿童

    图斯廷 (图为) 据说休斯让亚瑟遭受“旨在折磨”这个年轻人的系统性虐待

    图斯廷 (图为) 据说休斯让亚瑟遭受了“旨在折磨”的系统性虐待’ 年轻人

    Jurors were today told how Arthur’s uncle and paternal grandmother raised concerns with social services and police in April 2020 after finding the bruises.

    She took photographs of the injuries to the boy’s back before telling social services she was ‘concerned’ 为了她的孙子.

    But the secondary school teacher said in evidence: “他们不想看到他们. I did offer but they did not want to see them.

    Mrs Hughes claimed Arthur confided to her how Tustin had also banged his head against a wall and called him a ‘horrible little brat’.

    Daniel claimed he also sent photos of the youngster’s bruises to police after trying to visit Tustin’s home with other relatives, but never heard back.

    他说: ‘I went on the West Midlands Police webchat to enquire as to what I could do for the safety of my nephew.

    ‘I had a webchat with an operative. He gave me a case number and within ten minutes a private number called me.

    ‘A police officer identified himself, who said he had been around to the address and spoke with Miss Tustin and Tom. We were advised if we were to return to the address we would be arrested.

    ‘I said I had photos of Arthur’s injuries and I didn’t believe that if he had seen those injuries, he would be happy that he was okay.

    ‘He reluctantly received the photos and said he would speak to his sergeant and get back to me. He never did.

    亚瑟周二因“无法生存的脑损伤”倒下, 六月 16, 第二天在伯明翰儿童医院去世

    亚瑟因“无法生存的脑损伤”倒下’ 星期二, 六月 16, 第二天在伯明翰儿童医院去世

    The court also heard the ‘bullyingfather told a doctor to say ‘sorryto his boy before his life support was switched off.

    Hughes sobbed ‘it’s all my faultafter being informed no more could be done for Arthur, the jury was told.

    The trial in Coventry heard a policeman describe the moment a consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital informed Hughes over the telephone that further treatment for Arthur would be futile.

    PC Cameron Bennett told jurors: ‘He was very upset. 他说 ”it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault”.

    ‘He asked the consultant to apologise to Arthur on his behalf to tell him that he was sorry.


    The boy died from ‘unsurvivable brain injurieshours after allegedly being attacked by Tustin on June 16.

    PC Bennett, who was monitoring Hughes after he was initially arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm, claimed Hughes admitted ‘clippingArthur to the back of his legs and said: ‘Then I spend an hour sitting in the shower crying about it.

    Hughes was said to have added: ‘He tested me last nightI gave him a smack on the legs.

    休斯 (剩下) 被指控在他儿子去世前的几周内强迫他忍受“身心”虐待

    休斯 (剩下) 被指控强迫儿子忍受“身体和心理”’ 在他去世前的几周内受到虐待

    Coventry Crown Court heard when Hughes was arrested and held in custody he began to ‘deliberatelyhit his head more than 200 times against the cell wall.

    CCTV also showed Hughes motionless and facing the wall of his cell for 30 minutes before hitting his head.

    In his first interview with police officers, just hours after Arthur had died, Hughes told how he had struck his son for ‘lashing out’.

    他说: ‘I almost felt the more I clipped him the more he would try and push the boundaries and get more aggressive.

    ‘It became almost a tale of two egos. Like his dad’s ego that Arthur should be showing respect to the adults in the house.

    ‘And Arthur’s ego ofwhat boundaries can I push because I’ve never had these boundaries before”.

    ‘It comes across as two egos that have clashed. And unfortunately this is the outcome.

    阿瑟·拉宾乔-休斯 (上图与他父亲), 六, 被发现从头到脚有数十处瘀伤, 尸检显示

    阿瑟·拉宾乔-休斯 (上图与他父亲), 六, 被发现从头到脚有数十处瘀伤, 尸检显示

    Arthur had been in the full-time care of Hughes after Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow was accused of killing her new partner, Gary Cunningham, 二月里 2019.

    Hughes then fell ‘hook, line and sinkerfor Tustin, 陪审团被告知, and moved into her home when the country entered lockdown in March 2020.

    In his police interview, Hughes said Arthur ‘struggledwith his mother being in jail and the impact of lockdown.

    他说: ‘Because Arthur was still experiencing these behaviour issues because of lockdown he took the brunt of my frustration.

    ‘He would get a smack more than he should. I think that was because I was frustrated.

    ‘As horrible as it sounds, I couldn’t hit my partner because she’s a woman. I couldn’t lay a finger on her or her children.

    ‘So Arthur took the brunt of my frustrations unfairly.Hughes admitted giving Arthur a ‘little clipor a ‘tap to the head’, 但增加了: ‘I don’t feel like I’m a bad dad.

    Prosecutors allege Tustin murdered the youngster when she was home alone with him, and Hughes ‘intentionally encouraged’ 杀戮.

    在一个 999 打电话 12 亚瑟被发现无反应几分钟后, 塔斯汀声称他的头部受伤是自己造成的. 她声称他“在地板上四肢着地时撞到了他的头”.

    Arthur was said to have spent more than 14 hours ‘segregated and isolatedin a hallway and made to sleep on a living room floor.

    Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow (图为), 26, was previously caged for 18 years after she knifed boyfriend Gary Cunningham 12 times in a drunken rage at their home

    图为: Gary Cunningham

    Arthur’s natural mother Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow (剩下), 26, was previously caged for 18 years after she knifed boyfriend Gary Cunningham (对) 12 times in a drunken rage at their home

    It is also alleged he was deprived of food and drink. 陪审员听到休斯和塔斯汀之间的短信谈论涉嫌虐待.

    休斯威胁说要把他的下巴从肩膀上拿下来’ 并告诉塔斯汀: '只是堵住他什么的. 用绳子在他嘴上系一条绳子,里面放着袜子什么的。’

    Under questioning, Hughes told police: ‘I’m sure when you go through my phone, you’ll find things from me that I say to Emma: ‘just whack him, just do this, do that’.

    ‘Emma every time said ‘no, he’s not my child’, she refused to do it.’ 他加了: ‘She never put a finger on him. To the best of my knowledge, anyway.

    Hughes said he ‘slappedand ‘whackedArthur for calling Tustin a ‘fat, ugly b****but denied ‘losing control’.

    Neighbour Mary-Anne Smith told the jury she heard ‘roaringthrough the walls of their semi-detached homes.

    She said that she had heard a man’s voice telling someone to ‘face the walldon’t move’.

    她说: ‘To be honest, I didn’t really take a lot of notice of what was said. I just heard a lot of roaring. A lot of swearing, and whatever.

    ‘It wasn’t anything concerning. Nothing where anyone was being harmed. [它是] things you hear from every household, to be honest with you. I wasn’t concerned.

    Describing a meeting with Hughes two weeks before Arthur was allegedly murdered, Miss Smith said: '我说 ”you okay?”.

    '他说 ”if you hear my son saying please don’t kill me, he’s got issues, he suffers from ADHD or autism”. 我说 ”don’t worry to be honest I didn’t hear anything”.’

    The court heard how one witness claimed Arthur was ‘too weakto even hold a glass of water to his mouth.

    They also said his ‘clothes looked dirty, his lips cracked, he could barely open his mouth to speak, his hair was dirty, his nails were dirty and he looked malnourished, gaunt and worn-out.

    Earlier in the trial, a medical expert said he believed Arthur was shaken and slammed with ‘very severe’ 力量.

    Consultant neuropathologist Daniel Du Plessis said the chances of Arthur causing himself fatal head injuries were ‘inconceivable’.

    开庭审理, 乔纳斯·汉金, 质量控制, 告诉陪审员: “两名被告都参与了一场旨在对亚瑟造成重大伤害和痛苦的残酷运动.

    '暴力和恐吓, 身体和语言, 是例行公事.

    “亚瑟的明显伤势, 他悲惨的身体状况和明显的绝望使每个被告每天都得到提醒,对方会对他造成多大的伤害。’