Australia vs England - Ashes: Live score and updates on Day Two

Ashes Day Two LIVE: Agony for England as Ben Stokes bowls David Warner with a no-ball, after Joe Root’s side had made a promising start with Ollie Robinson getting the wicket of Marcus Harris before Aussies rebuild

  • Ollie Robinson takes first Ashes wicket by removing Australia’s Marcus Harris
  • David Warner gets life after he is bowled off a no-ball from England’s Ben Stokes
  • England collapsed to a pitiful 147 all out on the first day of the 2021-22 Ashes
  • England captain Joe Root had won the toss and elected to bat at the Gabba
  • RECAP: As it happened on Day One in the first Ashes Test
  • Latest Ashes news, including live action and updates
  • England find themselves with a mountain to climb already after just one day of the 2021-22 Ashes series in Australia.

    Having won the toss and elected to bat, Joe Root‘s side were skittled out for an embarrassing 147, having been 0-1, 11-3 과 29-4 along the way.

    A five-match series offers plenty of chances of redemption though, and England’s bowlers will be looking to dig them out of a hole on day two.

    Australia start their innings in the morning session after much of the afternoon’s play was washed out on day one.

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    It is Jack Leach time



    It feels as if Warner and Labuschagne have weathered the English storm here. Australia could easily be three or four down, given the number of chances created by the bowlers in the first hour and a half, but they have survived and now they are cashing in.

    As per the suspicion when curtains opened in Brisbane this morning, this could be a long day for England at the Gabba.


    호주 68-1 (24 overs, Labuschagne 28*, Warner 32*)

    Australia starting to get the scoreboard ticking regularly here, with Labuschagne and Warner both picking up three runs off the first two balls of Stokes’ 위에.

    Labuschagne then compounds it with a glorious cover drive. Is it time for Jack Leach?


    호주 57-1 (23 overs, Labuschagne 21*, Warner 29*)

    Warner moves on with another three here, and England need to make some sort on inroad soon, or this could get out of hand


    호주 50-1 (22 overs, Labuschagne 18*, Warner 26*)

    And again another near miss!

    Labuschagne takes on the short Stokes delivery and hits it towards short fine leg, where it drops just short.

    Labuschagne then takes it on again but this time finds the gap and adds three to his tally.



    호주 46-1 (21 overs, Labuschagne 15*, Warner 25*)

    Root will be worried by the lack of rewards so far, particularly as the Kookaburra ball went soft after 35 overs and therefore was less of a threat.

    Labuschagne meanwhile negotiates another Wood maiden



    호주 46-1 (20 overs, Labuschagne 15*, Warner 25*)

    Not been many of those recently, but Warner takes full advantage when Robinson overpitches, driving through covers for a rare boundary.

    England have to find the mental strength to keep going here….


    호주 42-1 (19 overs, Labuschagne 15*, Warner 21*)

    Wood is back, and that’s another play and miss from Labuschagne.

    Good to see the commentators give a shout out to the Geordie accent during the Durham man’s over, it would certainly help keep us all awake right now.

    Meanwhile on the pitch, Wood goes wide of the crease to try and get something, but Labuschagne negotiates it, 다만…

    Unlike Sam yesterday, no Lucozade chugging from me, but those loud Labuschagne calls of ‘no runare likely to keep me alert!



    호주 42-1 (18 overs, Labuschagne 15*, Warner 21*)

    Lovely images of a young Barmy Army fan singing his heart out at the Gabba in his Three Lions shirt on.

    His team will need encouragement too, as nothing seems to be going for them as another edge does not find a set of hands.


    호주 42-1 (17 overs, Warner 21*, Labuschagne 15*)

    The third umpire has finally woken up to these no balls and another comes from Stokes here, but the disappointment of that Warner moment still seems evident.

    Labuschagne comfortably sees out the rest of his over.


    The disappointment


    Root remaining upbeat

    Joe Root very much trying to keep the morale up in this novel new drinks break interview, insisting his team must keep creating chances.

    Key period before lunch coming up.



    England have bowled well this morning without much luck. Robinson settled instantly into a threatening rhythm, and Woakes found his length after dropping a fraction short in his first spell.

    Wood has offered pace from round the wicket, though I’d have liked someone to try that ploy earlieras Stuart Broad did so well to Warner in 2019. As for Stokes, it seems his first three balls were all uncalled no-balls.

    What’s happened to the third umpire monitoring the front line? When he bowled Warner with his fourth delivery, the third umpire finally woke up. Not sure what happened to the process there, but it’s cost England.


    호주 41-1 (16 overs, Labuschagne 15*, Warner 21*)

    Another edge from Warner off Stokes, but this one would have dropped short.

    Time for a drink.



    호주 36-1 (15 overs, Labuschagne 14*, Warner 17*)

    The hosts getting very few freebies from England, meaning this remains a tight contest for the time being.

    Just one and a wide from that Stokes over, with another half-hearted LBW appeal finishing the over.


    Warner and Smith went on to make hundreds


    호주 34-1 (14 overs, Labuschagne 13*, Warner 17*)

    When your luck it out

    This time it is Woakes who finds the edge from Labuschagne, but it drops short of Root at first slip.

    The Australia batsman then gets off strike with a pull for three into the legside.



    호주 30-1 (13 overs, Labuschagne 10*, Warner 17*)

    Well you are guaranteed drama when Stokes enters the fray, and that over did not disappoint!

    After a chance in the slips went past Malan for four, he bowled Warner, only to bowl a huge no ball.


    오 안돼, it’s a no-ball!

    What a blow for England. They think they have their man when Stokes castles Warner, but the replays show he has overstepped, and by a long way.



    WICKET! Warner 17, b Stokes


    Ben Stokes into the attack!

    Temperature has just gone up at the Gabba!



    호주 26-1 (12 overs, Labuschagne 10*, Warner 13*)

    Warner appears much more comfortable facing the bowler coming over the wicket, which proves to be the case as he pushes Woakes down the ground for his first three of the innings.

    It is not the last time in the over he overpitches either, with Labuschagne picking up two with a drive through the covers.



    호주 21-1 (11 overs, Labuschagne 8*, Warner 10*)

    Warner is a lucky boy there, trying to cut a ball that was too close to him from Wood, but fortunately not getting any sort of tickle on it.

    But this is good stuff from Wood, who bangs one in short and gets Warner on the back foot, who then tries the same cut shot again with the same result.

    Warner resorts to a drop and run as Root puts a third man in, but this round-the-wicket ploy appears to be working for the visitors


    호주 20-1 (10 overs, Labuschagne 8*, Warner 9*)

    Woakes back into the attack now replacing Robinson, and there’s half an appeal for behind for a leg before on Labuschagne, who walks away rather nonchalantly.

    He then wants a quick single a la Warner, but is sent back by the Aussie opener, probably wisely with vultures in the form of England fielders circling.


    호주 20-1 (9 overs, Labuschagne 8*, Warner 9*)

    David Warner will be frustrated with that over, missing out on some runs when offered short and wide deliveries, albeit at express pace, from Wood.

    But the Durham man bounces back with a vicious bouncer, that would have clocked up some serious speed! Warner then chases another wide one but completely misses it.

    Pressure building


    That Robinson wicket for you


    호주 20-1 (8 overs, Labuschagne 8*, Warner 9*)

    A good contest this, and we have the first words exchanged between bowler and batsman after Labuschagne gets off the mark with a streaky boundary past the slips.

    Robinson does not say anything back, but to end the over he overpitches and Labuschagne takes advantage with another four down the ground.


    Sportsmail’s PAUL NEWMAN

    This is a good effort from the ‘Brisbane Barmiesto cheer on England. Remember, no England based supporters have been allowed into the Gabba because of Australia’s strict Covid rules so all those supporting England must be Queensland based.

    There’s even a Brisbane trumpeter! The usual Barmy Army manthe legendary Simon Finch from Jivin Miss Daisy fameis busy doing his thing in London as we speak.


    Wood on fire


    호주 11-1 (7 overs, Labuschagne 0*, Warner 8*)

    Wood does do what his team-mates have refused to resort to so far and go round the wicket from the off to Warner.

    He is perhaps a touch too wide for most of his opening over though, with Warner keeping the score ticking with another single.


    Seems England aren’t the only ones with issues at the top of the order


    Change of bowling for England, as Mark Wood replaces Woakes


    호주 10-1 (6 overs, Labuschagne 0*, Warner 7*)

    Marnus Labuschagneanother man who will be known to county fans as well having played for Glamorganreplaces Harris in the middle.

    And it doesn’t take long for us to see that idiosyncratic leave, the last of which is dangerously close to the stumps but that he leaves on length.



    England needed that! It was already looking a little ominous but Ollie Robinson has looked good this morning and he has become the first name on the England bowling team-sheet for this Ashes tour.

    Now he has taken the wicket of Marcus Harris, who looks better playing for Leicestershire than he does Australia. Big moments in this first Test now.

    David Warner, Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith are the most important three batters in the Australian line-up. England simply must get them early if they are to stay in this Test.


    WICKET! Harris c Malan b Robinson (호주 10-1, 5.2 overs)

    That is what England needed. 해리스 – who has a proclivity for pushing and being caught behind the wicketdoes so here at a delivery he should leave, and Malan takes a good low catch at third slip.

    Robinson takes his first Ashes wicket and his first scalp in Australia.


    호주 10-0 (5 overs, Warner 7*, 해리스 3*)

    Woakes persists with the over-the-wicket angle and Warner responds by crunching a glorious drive down the ground for the first Australia boundary of the innings.

    That appears to annoy Woakes and makes him bang it in short, which Warner does well to dodge.



    Shane Warne has finally said something sensible in this risible Fox Sports coverage of the first Test.

    Why aren’t Ollie Robinson and Chris Woakes coming round the wicket to David Warner? We all know that’s how Stuart Broad had so much success against Warner in 2019.

    And why isn’t Broad playing in the first place? But that’s another argument, or course….


    호주 6-0 (4 overs, Warner 3*, 해리스 3*)

    Much like those flats by Lord’s, fans living near the flats at the Gabba are making the most of them as the cameraman turns to get a good look at the extremes they are going to to watch the game.

    On the field meanwhile Warner knocks another quick single down the ground, before Robinson beats Harris with a beauty with the final ball of the over.


    A reminder England are without the express pace of Archer and Stone and have left out the experience of Broad and Anderson


    호주 5-0 (3 overs, Warner 2*, 해리스 3*)

    Chris Woakes may have taken an over to get into his stride but a fuller delivery to start his second over has Warner flirting with danger.

    But much like Pope yesterday, Warner is keen to drop and run, nudging another into the leg side and scampering through for a run.

    Good stuff still from Woakes, who has clearly realised the need to be fuller, but Harris leaves the remaining balls in the over well.

    In other news, no signs of any beer snakes just yet


    Those small Ws


    호주 4-0 (2 overs, Warner 1*, 해리스 3*)

    Ollie Robinson took 28 wickets in the summer in the New Zealand and India series and immediately tests Harris here, nibbling one past Harrisoutside edge first up.

    Harris however successfully negotiates his over, but a steady start from the Sussex man.



    당연히, it’s a beautiful morning at the Gabba, which adds insult to the injury of Joe Root’s decision to bat first under grey skies yesterday.

    And while Rory Burns made the first ball of the England innings look like a world-beater, David Warner drops Chris Woakes’s first offering into the off side and scampers a single. 호주 4-0 off the first over, and they’re up and running.


    호주 4-0 (1 위에, Warner 1*, 해리스 3*)

    There is no repeat of yesterday for England, with Warner getting off the mark with a nudge into the offside straight away. He does take a whack in the back though from Stokesshy at the stumps.

    Marcus Harriswho will be familiar to Leicestershire fans after his stint at Grace Road in the summergets off the mark three balls later, punching through the covers for a couple.


    Chris Woakes to open the bowling for England


    권리, here we go

    So here we go then, day two at the Gabba. Joe Root leads England out and they are followed by Marcus Harris and David Warner, who receive warm home applause.

    Can England get a similar start to Australia yesterday, when Starc bowled Burns round his legs? Time to find out


    What will those two be thinking?



    Glenn McGrath thinks the pitch still looks pretty good ahead of Day Two, a couple of cracks are starting to show but he is not expecting too much difference from yesterday.

    A crucial first hour just 10 분 거리


    Who wants to answer this one, 그때?


    Day One highlights

    I realise this video will probably be only be inviting to one side’s fans (and Starc, evidently) but here’s a look back at what happened on the opening day of the 2021-22 Ashes.


    Will England regret leaving out Stuart Broad and James Anderson?


    A long winter ahead?

    ‘It took a while to find a way to drown out the drivel emanating from surely the worst ever TV broadcast of an opening day of an Ashes series but it was possible.

    It was just a matter of syncing the BBC radio commentary with the BT Sport pictures.

    Read what Ian Herbert had to say below


    Can Ollie Robinson or Chris Woakes find something similar today?


    밝은 햇살

    If any England fans were perfecting their rain dances today (after some well-earned sleep of course), I am afraid that for the time being those wishes have gone unheard.

    As you probably saw in the picture in the previous post, there is no immediate sign of any rain….


    Hello everyone

    A new day brings new hope they say, and England will have to believe that is the case.

    Bowled out in 50.1 overs by Australia for just 147, Joe Root needs his bowlers to get them back into the game.

    A huge day ahead, so join me and see what England’s response is to a chastening day at the Gabba on Wednesday.

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