Barry Morphew told friends wife Suzanne slept with 'a man'

‘I’ll shoot his balls off and shove them down his throat’: What Barry Morphew told his pal after claiming wife Suzanne slept with ‘a man in a basementeight months before he was arrested for her murder

  • Barry Morphew was in court on Monday and Tuesday for a preliminary hearing
  • He has been charged with his wife Suzanne’s murder but much of the case is a mystery
  • Suzanne’s body has never been found; she vanished last May
  • 월요일에, it was revealed that she’d been having a two-year affair with Jeff Libler, who she went to high school with
  • Libler is a married father-of-six who Suzanne planned to run away to Ecuador with
  • It’s unclear if Barry discovered the affair but he told a female friend that Suzanne had slept with ‘a man in a basement
  • The conversation happened in November 2020 – 18 months after Suzanne vanished and eight months before Barry’s arrest
  • 배리 모퓨 - who owned multiple firearms - told a friend he would 'shoot his wife's lover's balls off' and 'shove them down his throat' when he found out about their affair

    배리 모퓨 – who owned multiple firearmstold a friend he would ‘shoot his wife’s lover’s balls offand ‘shove them down his throatwhen he found out about their affair

    Barry Morphew told a friend that his wife had slept with a ‘man in a basementand that he wanted to find the lover, ‘shoot his balls offand ‘shove them down his throat’, months before he was arrested for her murder.

    Morphew has been charged with his wife Suzanne’s murder and spent Monday and Tuesday in court in 콜로라도 for a preliminary hearing ahead of his trial.

    He will return to court on August 23rd.

    Barry was charged in June despite the fact Suzanne’s body has never been found. She vanished last May, after going for a bicycle ride, according to Barry.

    In a bombshell revelation earlier this week, a sheriff’s investigator revealed that Suzanne had been having an affair with Jeff Libler, a married father-of-six who both she and Barry went to high school with.

    She’d reconnected with him while she and Barry were having marital problems.

    FBI agent Ken Harris told the court that he interviewed one of Barry’s friends, a woman called Holly Wilson, and that he told Holly described a conversation she’d had with Barry in November 2020, eight months before his arrest.

    ‘Agent Harris is being asked about Holly Wilson and a conversation she had with #BarryMorphew. Barry was accusing #SuzanneMorphew of sleeping with a man in a basement in November.

    ‘He allegedly told Holly, “If I find him, I will shoot off his balls, and shove them down his throat,”‘ 여우 21 reporter Lauren Scharf tweeted from court.

    Two days before she vanished, Suzanne texted her sister to describe Barry as ‘abusive and abrasive’.

    Barry Morphew learned his wife Suzanne had been having a two-year affair with one of her high school classmates in the days before allegedly killing her last Mother's Day, 경찰은 월요일 그의 살인 재판 첫날에 공개했다.

    리블러, 51, 결혼한 아버지, 월요일 법정에서 남자 Suzanne으로 지명되었습니다., 49, 그녀는 지난 5월에 사라지기 전에 2년 동안 불륜 관계를 가졌다.

    Barry Morphew learned his wife Suzanne (함께 사진, 왼쪽) had been having a two-year affair with one of her high school classmates, Jeff Libler (권리), in the days before allegedly killing her last Mother’s Day, police revealed at the first day of his murder trial on Monda

    Barry also deleted his search history after visiting notorious dating website Ashley Madison, and a celebrity pornography website called Celebrity Jihad.

    배리, 53, stands accused of first-degree murder, evidence tampering and other charges in connection with the disappearance of his 49-year-old wife, who had been romantically involved with her former high school friend Jeff Libler for two years and talked about moving with him to Ecuador.

    Suzanne was reported missing on Mother’s Day 2020 after going out for a bike ride. 그녀의 시신은 발견된 적이 없다.

    Adding to Tuesday’s bombshell developments was’s exclusive revelation that Suzanne, Barry and Libler appeared in the local paper together in 1985.

    두 사람은 수잔과 같은 고등학교를 다녔다., with Barry two grades ahead of his wife and Libler at the Alexandria-Monroe High School in Alexandria, 인디애나.

    A newspaper report unearthed by shows both men won plaudits for their sporting prowess – 야구의 모르퓨, 골프의 리블러. Suzanne과 Libler는 둘 다 등장한다. 1987 학교 연감의 판, 학교의 독일 동아리에 등장하는 수잔과 함께, Libler가 스페인어를 사용하는 동안.

    During Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, law enforcement officials presented to the court Suzanne’s text message exchanges with her lover, in which she told him she had a fine night and was looking at houses for sale.

    When her husband came home from work that day, he found Suzanne sunbathing in the yard. She was sending pictures of herself to Libler via LinkedIn, which the couple had been using to communicate behind her husband’s back, 신고 여우 21.

    The court was then shown a photo of Suzanne that she had sent to Libler that day, which depicted her laying on her front in a bikini and smiling. Suzanne and Barry’s daughters were said to have broken down in tears as the photo was shown.

    Barry would later tell investigators his wife looked ‘drunkin that photo, which officials said was Suzanne’s last proof of life.

    다음 날, Libler wished Suzanne Happy Mother’s Day and said he knew it would be a hard day for her because she missed her mother. Suzanne never replied.

    His last known text to Suzanne was sent on May 11, in which he offered her well wishes for her cancer treatment. That message also went unanswered.

    Suzanne had survived two battles with non-Hodgkinslymphoma decades apart.

    알렉산드리아-먼로 고등학교 1987 연감에 따르면 Suzanne Morphew는 Jeff Libler와 동급생이었습니다. - 그녀가 어머니의 날에 사라지기 전에 그녀가 2년 동안 불륜 관계를 가졌다고 보고된 바로 그 남자 2020

    알렉산드리아-먼로 고등학교 1987 연감에 따르면 Suzanne Morphew는 Jeff Libler와 동급생이었습니다. – 그녀가 어머니의 날에 사라지기 전에 그녀가 2년 동안 불륜 관계를 가졌다고 보고된 바로 그 남자 2020

    수잔과 제프는 같은 학년이었다., 그녀의 남편 Barry Morphew가 2년 앞서 있는 동안

    수잔과 제프는 같은 학년이었다., 그녀의 남편 Barry Morphew가 2년 앞서 있는 동안

    The hearing also revealed that just days prior, Suzanne texted her husband and apparently signaled to him her intention to end their rocky marriage, which was marked by accusations of infidelity and abuse.

    ‘I’m done,’ Suzanne wrote to Barry on May 6. ‘I could care less what you’re up to and have been for years. We just need to figure this out civilly.

    It has been revealed that Suzanne suspected her husband of being unfaithful to her and even purchased a spy pen to snoop on him.

    Suzanne Morphew in an undated family photo

    Suzanne Morphew in an undated family photo

    Barry insisted to his wife that he was not cheating on her, writing in one text: ‘I promise you, you are wrong about all the crazy thoughts about me. Why would I want another, only a fool would stray from an angel like you.

    As two days of testimony have shown, both Suzanne and Barry kept secrets.

    Deleted search history on Barry’s phone included visits to the cheatersdating site Ashley Maddison and Celeb Jihad, which features nude photos and videos of celebrities posted by purported Islamic extremists.

    FBI Agent Kenneth Harris noted that the iCloud was shared by the Morphew family, so it’s unclear whose searchers those were.

    The court also heard from FBI Agent John Grusing, who detailed Barry’s movements around the time of Suzanne’s disappearance.

    Grusing said Barry told him he was shooting chipmunks in his backyard, killing some 85 동물, 오월에 9. The agent also mentioned that a tranquilizer dart cap was found in Morphew’s dryer.

    [object Window], Barry headed to Broomfield, making multiple trash runs in various locations and changing shirts over the next several hours. During one of his trips to a garbage receptacle, Barry said he disposed of tranquilizer material.

    As Tuesday’s hearing continued into the evening, the court was also told how:

    • Morphew’s defense said he wouldn’t have had enough time to hide a body
    • During his first interview with Com. 보행자, Morphew claimed that on Sunday morning he set his alarm for 4:30오전. He claimed he had loaded the truck the night before and left the driveway around 5am.
    • It reportedly takes about 32 minutes to drive to Johnson Village from his home, according to Google directions.
    • Based on provided cell phone data, Morphew arrived in Johnson Village at 5:37오전.
    • ‘Do you think there is time to dispose of a human body in that time?’ Neilsen asked. ‘No there is not,’ Agent Grusing replied.
    • 에서 6:56 오전. Morphew sent two text messages to Suzanne. They read: ‘You up?’ and ‘Happy Mother’s Day, 그는 런던에 놀러 가고 싶어했다’
    • Those were his final texts to his wife.
    • Neilsen also poked holes into Grusingsevidence that claims Morphew put his cell phone on airplane mode on and off, which is mentioned in the sealed arrest affidavit.
    • Verizon records show Morphew’s cell phone was on at 7:19오전. 오월에 9 receiving a signal.
    • Neilsen asked, ‘Can a phone receive a signal in airplane mode?’ Grusing said, '나는 괜찮을거야.’

    The first half of the preliminary hearing has wrapped up, and is set to resume on August 23 with more witnesses.

    The prosecution said they still have witnesses to call, noting that only three have been called thus far. He believes those three are the “meat and potatoes” for this hearing, but would still like to call other witnesses. 하나, he says the defense is taking too long and isn’t sure if it’ll be done in four days.

    The preliminary hearing is supposed to continue on August 23 과 24.

    The first day of the preliminary hearing revealed that Morphew had researched language schools in Ecuador after her lover, a married father-of-six from Michigan who she went to school with in Indiana, suggested that the Latin American nation had cheap living costs and good healthcare.

    ‘I’d live in a shack right now,’ Suzanne texted her friend, 쉴라 올리버, who she had known for 30 연령.

    '그가 쉽게 만들지 않을 거라고 확신해. He has always wanted control.She was referring to her husband Barry, currently on trial for Suzanne’s murder.

    수잔은 지난 5월 집 근처에서 자전거를 타러 가는 모습이 마지막으로 목격됐다.. 그녀의 시신은 발견된 적이 없다.

    On Monday the court heard that her marriage to Barry, 53, was full of arguments, 더 많은 사람들이 머무를 곳 없이 남겨지면서 뉴욕의 노숙자 위기가 증가하는 것으로 보입니다., distrust and religious guilt-tripping.

    In June Barry Morphew was suddenly arrested for the killing. Prosecutors haven’t revealed any of the evidence they used to charge him nor have they laid out a motive.

    Monday’s hearing was the first time any of the details that went into their case emerged. They include:

    • Suzanne was having an affair with Jeff Libler, a married Michigan father of six who she’d gone to high school with in Indiana
    • They met up seven times in several states and exchanged messages on LinkedIn to try to hide their romance from Barry, who became suspicious after reading some of their texts
    • 십이월에 2019 Libler told Suzanne that Ecuador was a cheap place to live with good healthcare, and her internet records show searches for language schools in Ecuador
    • Suzanne had been taking antidepressants and told friends she was begging Barry for a divorce but he refused to give her one
    • Suzanne had a spy pen that she was going to use to snoop on Barry because she was convinced he was also having an affair
    • She told friends in text messages that Barry turned their daughters against her whenever they argued
    • The defense pointed to unidentified male DNA that was found in Suzanne’s Range Rover on the steering wheelit is not Barry’s and it matches three profiles in the criminal database
    • Barry was awake on the morning of her disappearance and was ‘disposing of evidencebetween 2am and 5am

    Chaffee County Sheriff’s Commander Alex Walker testified that Suzanne suspected her husband of having an affair so bought a spy pen to put in his car.

    대신, it was she who was having the affair.

    She and Liblera married father of six who lives in Michiganmet up seven times in multiple states, sending each other nude photos and saying they were each other’s ‘soulmate’.

    They communicated over LinkedIn to avoid detection and one of their last conversations involved Suzanne telling him she was in love with him.

    Suzanne wanted to marry Jeff but told him she couldn’t because of her religion.

    Sheriffs found out about the affair when they were looking into Suzanne’s disappearance in November last year, but it’s unclear how.

    They then went to Libler and asked him about the affair and he asked if he was a target in the investigation.

    The affair began in 2018 when Suzanne, seemingly out of the blue, contacted Jeff saying: '안녕 낯선이.’

    The first time they met up was in New Orleans, where investigators said they ‘fooled aroundbut did not have sex.

    The relationship turned physical in 2019. 쌍이 문자로 더 많이 의사 소통함에 따라, Barry became suspicious so they started speaking through LinkedIn messages.

    십이월에 2019, Libler told her that Ecuador was a cheap place to live, and had good healthcare.

    Her internet search records show her looking for language schools in the Latin American country.

    In recent messages, they had discussed going biking together and Suzanne told Libler she was in love with him.

    She also said that she wanted to marry him but couldn’t because of religious reasons.

    오월에 8 그는 그녀에게 문자를 보냈다: '자전거 잘 어울리시네요 자기야.. 당신은 내 아내가 되어야 합니다.’

    5월의 아침에 9 그녀는 그에게 문자를 보냈다: '우리는 남편이 되어야 한다. & 부인.’

    그날 늦게, 그는 그녀에게 '내 갱은 내 집'이라고 문자를 보냈다.. 그 뒤로 문자가 없었다.

    Friends of the missing mother-of-two testified that she’d confided in them about how strained her marriage to Barry was.

    Sheila Oliver said Suzanne wanted to leave him.

    Suzanne would tell Barry that she was having a ‘girls’ 주말’ with Oliver, but then go and meet Libler.

    The court was shown text messages between Oliver and Suzanne, which included Suzanne referring to Barry as ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

    '또 지킬앤하이드다.. 그와 Mal은 어젯밤에 함께 있었다. Prob가 그녀와 이야기할 때 전원을 켭니다.. 으. 내가 미친 것 같아. 방금 그와 대화를 나눴어요. Pretty much told him I can’t be healthy and stay in this,’ 그녀가 말했다.

    그들이 논쟁했을 때, she complained Barry would use Biblical scriptures whenever it suited him to guilt-trip her into forgiving him.

    Sheila also described incidents of domestic violence that included Barry smacking Suzanne into a wall and holding a gun to her head.

    또 다른 보고서에서는 그가 자살 위협을 하기 위해 자신의 머리에 총을 겨누었다고 설명했습니다..

    One piece of evidence that was mentioned was a spy pen which had previously been vaguely referred to in documents.

    The spy pen belonged to Suzanne and Walker said she had it because she suspected Barry of having an affair.

    두 딸을 둔 부부, 말로리와 메이시, 아버지를 부양하는 사람들

    두 딸을 둔 부부, 말로리와 메이시, 아버지를 부양하는 사람들

    Barry Morphew는 보석없이 감옥에 수감되어 있습니다.. 지금까지 검찰은 사건의 상당 부분을 비밀로 해 왔다. - 그의 변호인단은 이에 대해 항의하며 보석금을 내야 한다고 말한다.

    Barry Morphew는 보석없이 감옥에 수감되어 있습니다.. 지금까지 검찰은 사건의 상당 부분을 비밀로 해 왔다. – 그의 변호인단은 이에 대해 항의하며 보석금을 내야 한다고 말한다.

    ‘Barry wasn’t having an affair. Suzanne was having an affair for two years,’ Walker told the court.

    The court was shown screenshots of their text messages where Suzanne called Barry ‘unstable’.

    Suzanne told Sheila that Barry would turn their daughters against her, or try to, when they were arguing.

    The court was also shown bodycam footage of people police spoke to in the early stages of their investigations last May, after Suzanne went missing.

    A neighbor called 911 after Mallory, one of the couple’s daughters, tried texting her to wish her a Happy MothersDay but became alarmed when the texts didn’t go through.

    Barry never called 911.

    Shortly afterwards she was reported missing, police interviewed the other daughter Macy’s boyfriend, 마일, who told them that Barry and Suzanne had ‘problemsand had discussed separating.

    ‘They’ve had some problems in the past. They have talked about separating. I’ve known this through Macy,’ 그는 말했다.

    In another conversation, Suzanne told Sheila how Barry would use Bible scriptures about forgiveness against her.

    She also told her that she and Barry argued when she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment while battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

    Sheila testified on Monday that Macy, the Morphewsyoungest daughter, encouraged her mother to get a divorce and file a restraining order against her father.

    The court also heard that Suzanne had been taking antidepressants before she vanished, and that the pair had argued about money.

    She had inherited the money and the couple used it on a house, according to reporters who were in the court.

    Unlike at past hearings, there were no cameras inside the court for Monday’s hearing and the judge is not allowing it to be live streamed.

    여우 21 reporter Lauren Scharf tweeted on Monday that Barry’s sister approached her in court and told her she was ‘ruining’ 그들의 삶.

    The girls Macy and Mallory cried during some of the testimony.

    At one point Barry turned to his daughters and mouthed: ‘I miss you guys,’ and then teared up.

    The hearing will take several days, after which the judge is expected to rule on whether or not to set bail.