Beauty: Let me tell you about big little buys… 

Beauty: Let me tell you about big little buys…

I’m talking about the small heroes that deliver mighty effects. Here are my current favourites

Lately, I’ve been wondering about decision-making. It’s easy to think that the macro options are the only ones that matter: do you take that job transfer to the other side of world? Do you marry this person? Do you buy that house? And yes, of course, they are super important… But really, it’s the small decisions we make every day that shape much of life. The micro actions – do I make my bed, wash the dishes immediately, call a friend I’m thinking about – can all shift our mood, perception and quality of life.

Unsurprisingly, it’s no different with beauty. Yes, there are the big treatments, tweakments or spa breaks that have seismic effects, but little things can still transform – and sometimes they are all that you need.

Top of my big-little-things list is the new Laura Mercier RoseGlow Caviar Stick Eye Colour (£25, These twist-up creamy shadow sticks are not new, but a collection of rose-gold shades is. They’re a perfect mix of everyday and glamour – dressing up the eyes just the right amount and adding light and polish to the face. They’re super-easy to use – just wipe on and smudge in – and last well, too. My favourite is Strike a Rose, a bronze-y shade of pink.

My dryness-prone lips mean I’m a bit of a balm obsessive, so when I find a new one that I love, it’s a good news day for me. The new Nudestix Nudeskin Hydra-Peptide Lip Butter (£16, is excellent. It contains shea and avocado, so it’s super nourishing and, although clear, it leaves a lovely, almost gloss-like sheen. I use it before bed and once in the morning to keep my lips in great shape.

For a lip balm with a hint of colour, there’s Givenchy Rose Perfecto Lip Balm (pictured here in shade Milky Nude, £28, This is a new alternative formula to the brand’s classic balm and has a marbled vein of colour running through it. Once applied, it gives a wash of colour as well as some great nourishing elements, too. It also comes in a very elegant pink leatherbound case.

Lastly, there’s the new L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Plumping Tinted Serum (£11.99, It’s a bit like a very lightweight and easily blendable foundation (just nine shades can match 99 per cent of skin tones in the UK). Though I realise foundation is possibly more of a ‘big’ decision, because you only need a few drops of this to even out skin tone – and, thanks to some hydrating hyaluronic acid, get a lovely fresh finish – it feels like a very small and easy win.





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