British psychic reveals how YOU can tap into your sixth sense

Eight steps to unlocking YOUR sixth sense: Psychic who predicted Covid insists anyone can predict the future – and it starts with meditating for just 15 minutes a day

  • Nicolas Aujula, 35, from London, correctly predicted Donald Trump losing
  • Said we all have sixth sense and can develop psychic abilities to live fulfilled life
  • Top tips include keeping a symbol book to understand what signs mean to you
  • A psychic who claims he predicted Covid-19 and Donald Trump losing the presidential election has revealed how anyone can tap into their sixth sense and see the future.

    Nicolas Aujula, 35, from London, believes everyone can develop their psychic abilities to live a more fulfilled life, but warns skepticism prevents some from trusting them.

    ‘We all have this natural intuition. It’s just about fine-tuning it, and letting it flourish more,’ the past life regression therapist told FEMAIL.

    A psychic who claims he predicted Covid-19 and Donald Trump losing the presidential election has revealed how anyone can tap into their sixth sense and see the future. Stock image

    A psychic who claims he predicted Covid-19 and Donald Trump losing the presidential election has revealed how anyone can tap into their sixth sense and see the future. Stock image 

    Nicolas, who has been sensing spirits and experiencing supernatural visions since he was a child believes he has led past lives as an Egyptian queen, African witch doctor, Chinese seamstress, a lion and even an alien. 

    His visions often come to him through clairvoyance and dreams. 

    Most notably Nicolas said he foresaw the Black Lives Matter movement and two years ago had visions of an influenza outbreak and economic downturn affecting the world. 

    Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Nicolas has shared his eight top tips on how you can develop and tune into your sixth sense.

    1. Understand your sixth sense is a muscle you need to flex 

    Nicolas says fear puts people off exploring their psychic abilities – adding that you need to realise your sixth sense is as natural as any other sense.

    Nicolas (pictured) is a past life regression therapist and astrologer 

    ‘It’s just that we are not all fully in sync with them,’ the psychic explains. ‘Children for example are highly psychic as they can sense spirits that many people dismiss as imaginary friends, but due to focus on logical development, they tend to lose their connection.’

    He goes on to highlight the importance of affirming you’re ready and open to exploring your psychic abilities so that it builds trust in what you’re seeing. 

    ‘The more you flex your psychic muscle the stronger it will get, so trusting the information you see is a huge key in allowing more effective accuracy,’ Nicolas adds. 

    ‘The more you do it the better you become!’

    2. Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day to ‘awaken the intuitive side’ 

    The past life regression therapist and astrologer also advises that meditation will help train the mind to be still.

    ‘That is essential to quieten the logical side and awaken the intuitive side to flow more smoothly and quickly,’ he says.

    ‘It will also raise your energetic vibrations. You’ll begin to feel more connected to your Higher Self and the energy of others. Being able to reach you inner center of calm will increase your psychic connection.’

    3. Try and predict what new places look like before visiting 

    Nicolas suggests that next time you visit a place you’ve never been – such as a new restaurant, someone’s home, holiday destination – just close your eyes ahead of the visit and declare that you want to see this location in your mind. 

    ‘See yourself like you are there in this new place, begin by sensing and seeing the bigger picture of where you are, and then focus on smaller details, such as objects, colours and moods around you,’ he explains.

    ‘Make notes or draw on a piece of paper to later compare what you saw in comparison with how the place actually looks.’

    The psychic urges you not to give up as practice helps – and insists you’ll notice the information will become more detailed over time. 

    4. Practise tuning into people’s ‘auric fields’ to feel their energy 

    ‘We are all energy and when we interact with others we are constantly feeling good or even bad vibes, which is our psychic senses picking up their energy,’ says Nicolas. 

    ‘When you meet people in your daily life, try feeling their energy by looking beyond their physical and tuning into their auric field.’

    The astrologer goes on to encourage you to imagine yourself in your mind standing in their presence and says you should begin asking yourself a series of questions.

    ‘Ask how do you feel? What’s the current emotion they are feeling? Ask yourself why are they feeling this? And keep expanding your nosy nature by asking questions to see what else surfaces,’ he says. 


    1. Be open and trust

    2. Meditate daily for 10-15 mins

    3. Try remote viewing exercises

    4. Become aware of people’s energy

    5. Practice psychometry

    6. Make a symbol book

    7. Practice reading family photos

    8. Keep a dream journal 


    ‘Be aware of the thoughts and emotions as these reflect the person in question. When you’re speaking to them, see which intuitive information you picked up was correct.’

    5. Practise psychometry 

    Nicolas also encourages people to practice psychometry, which is reading the psychic energy of an object. 

    ‘Hold an object like a watch, wedding ring, an antique or something sentimental and close your eyes to see what you can intuitively sense about the owner of the object,’ he explains. 

    ‘Pay attention to any emotions and thoughts that surface. Try focusing on understanding the history of the object, where it came from and what it means to the owner.’

    6. Make a symbol book 

    The astrologer explains that psychic information can come through symbolic signs and visions that we see in our mind, and say it’s key to understand what these images mean for you. 

    ‘Some symbols can be literal in their meaning, whilst others may have more subtle meanings,’ he explains. ‘Through experience you will understand what these mean for you.’

    ‘For example, a ring could symbolise marriage or union, a fast car could symbolise sudden movement or a situation that will move very quickly. Also ask to be shown symbols for things like life events and occupations.’

    7. Practise ‘reading’ family photos at home 

    According to Nicolas, you can learn to tap into your inner psychic by looking at people in the photos and then closing your eyes. 

    ‘Begin to feel their personality by asking what kind of person they were and noticing any emotions or behavioural traits,’ he says. ‘Expand your awareness to focus on important life events that shaped their life, ask to be shown their occupation and bring this person to life in your mind.’

    He goes on to instruct you to make notes, before cross checking the information with someone who knows the person in question. 

    8. Keep a dream journal 

    Nicolas advises keeping a dream journal because we can experience prophetic dreams that give us a glimpse of the future.

    ‘It allows you to keep track of your intuitive journey so that you can reflect and learn from it,’ he explains.

    ‘When we sleep our logical is not resisting, so our intuitive abilities flow without questioning which can reveal visions of events to come. 

    ‘We can also go to sleep with the intention of seeing a future vision and see what comes up that night.’




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