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Liz Truss sparks cabinet row with plan to increase migrant numbers

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Gung-ho PM Liz Truss splits cabinet with plan to increase migrant numbers in bid to boost UK economy amid labour shortagesThe PM will increase numbers coming to UK amid demand from industry Downing Street did not den...

학생이 선호하는 대명사 사용 거부한 수학 교사 해고

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10대 학생이 선호하는 대명사 사용 거부한 '마녀사냥' 수학 교사 해고에 분노, 먼저 케빈 리스터, 59, 부당한 이유로 고용주를 상대로 법적 조치를 취하고 있습니다..

Liz Truss defends Chancellor’s revolutionary mini-Budget

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Liz Truss plans MORE tax cuts in the New Year: PM eyes up reforms to income tax, savings and child benefits in bid to unleash a 'decade of dynamism' after her Chancellor's mini-Budget sparked panic among markets and c...

Senior Herald FORGOT to say ‘God Save the Kingat Queen’s committal

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Fluffed his lines! 'Frazzled' senior Herald FORGOT to say 'God Save the King' while reading out proclamations at Queen's committalGarter King of Arms David Vines White read proclamations at Queen's Committal Forgot to...

Family of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims says they’re ‘retraumatized

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Family of Jeffrey Dahmer's 11th victim slams Netflix's reenactment of victim's sister's emotional 1992 courtroom breakdown - say streaming giant has 'retraumatized' them by failing to notify them it was making the ser...

Iranian FA tried to BAN reporting at a World Cup warm-up match

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Iran's latest chilling attack on freedom of speech: How Ayatollahs tried BANNING our reporter from reporting a World Cup warm up match after latest hijab protest over death of woman in police custodyMOS reporter Ian H...

전 '공공의 적 1호'’ 개 산책 중 '심장마비'로 사망’

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'공공의 적 1호'이자 전직 은행강도였던 존 맥비카가 '후즈 로저 달트리' 주연의 영화로 만들어졌다. 82 '강아지 산책 중 심장마비' 이후 전직 강도 존 M..

King Charles’s aide at centre of the monarch ‘cash for honoursprobe

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King Charles's scandal-hit aide once hosted a lavish masked ball for his daughter's 21st birthday at Scottish estate at the centre of the monarch's 'cash for honours' probeMichael Fawcett held a party for daughter to ...

Jeremy Corbyn blasts Keir Starmer’s plan to sing national anthem

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Jeremy Corbyn blasts Keir Starmer's plan to open Labour party conference by singing God Save The King as 'very, very odd'The Labour party will sing God Save The King at its annual party conference Jeremy Corbyn sugges...

Lawrenson claims he was sacked by the BBC because he is a ‘white male

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'I was sacked because I'm 65 and I'm a white male': Former BBC presenter Mark Lawrenson takes a swipe at the 'woke' broadcaster after more than 30 years of working as a pundit... as he claims they are 'terrified of up...

Michael Gove among Tories urging ministers to hold PayPal to account

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Michael Gove among senior Tories urging ministers to hold PayPal to account after the US online payment giant abruptly cancelled the accounts of free speech campaignersLeading figures in Conservative Party are demandi...

Holliday Grainger는 BBC 쇼에서 공연 후 할리우드로 향합니다.

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Tinseltown을 밝히는 영국 여배우: Holliday Grainger는 BBC의 스릴러 The Capture에서 연기로 비평가들을 열광시킨 후 할리우드로 향합니다. BBC 이후 할리우드를 정복할 기회를 포착합니다...

Rookie police officer brings 8in SNAIL to calm nerves (but it died)

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Rookie police officer brought a giant 8in SNAIL with him to work... to calm his nerves (but it died)New recruit was permitted to bring 'Sid' the snail into work in a ventilated box Some fellow officers were not impr...

에밀리 프레스콧: Annie Cardone이 Dodi Fayed와의 관계를 밝혔습니다.

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에밀리 프레스콧: 나, 도디와 디.. 전 모델 Annie Cardone이 Dodi Fayed와 관계를 가졌다고 밝혔습니다., 25 Dodi와 Diana 공주를 죽인 자동차 사고 후 몇 년 사람을 죽인 교통사고 이후 25년...

Loyal corgis Muick and Sandy ‘were with late monarch at Balmoral

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Queen's beloved Corgis remained by her bed side in her final hours: Loyal pets Muick and Sandy 'were with the late monarch at Balmoral'Her beloved corgis were at the Queen's deathbed, according to Palace sources She h...

Did Meghan carefully plot her own exile from the Royal Family?

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Meghan's aides branded her a 'narcissistic sociopath' over her demanding behaviour - and gave themselves the name 'Sussex Survivors Club', new book claimsNew book claims that Meghan Markle's aides, the 'Sussex Survivo...

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