Conspiracy theorist teacher who called Catholics 'evil' is sacked

Conspiracy theorist teacher who claimed on YouTube that homosexuals have the ‘DNA of Satan’, called Jews and Catholics ‘eviland discussed flat earth theory with students is sacked for gross misconduct

  • Robert Headley taught Design and Technology at Rokeby School, Newham
  • Tribunal heard he would discuss flat-Earther conspiracy theories with pupils
  • He also put videos on Youtube claiming Catholics were ‘eviland gay people have the ‘DNA of Satan
  • Colleague alerted the school sparking investigation that led to his dismissal
  • He attempted to sue but a tribunal threw out claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination
  • A teacher who discussed conspiracy theories with pupils including that the Earth is flat and claimed gay people have the ‘DNA of Satanwas sacked for gross misconduct.

    Robert Headley also claimed Catholics were ‘eviland preached about it on his social media channel which had a following of almost 300,000, an employment tribunal heard.

    The Design and Technology secondary school teacher from East 런던 said he would discuss the theories such as that the Moon landings were ‘fakedwith students in a bid to teach them ‘perspective’.

    He also made and posted videos on YouTube that made similarly ‘deeply offensive’ 주장.

    But when a colleague alerted the school about the offensive nature of his video called ‘DNA of the Wicked’, he was investigated and sacked for gross misconduct.

    A teacher at an East London school who discussed conspiracy theories with pupils including that the Earth is flat and claimed gay people have the 'DNA of Satan' was sacked for gross misconduct

    A teacher at an East London school who discussed conspiracy theories with pupils including that the Earth is flat and claimed gay people have the ‘DNA of Satanwas sacked for gross misconduct

    He attempted to sue but a tribunal concluded the school had sufficient reason to restrict his rights to express his views publicly in such a ‘trenchant’ 방법.

    It also found that Mr Headley was ‘evasiveat the tribunal about whether he actually believed the earth was flat, instead he ‘simply acknowledgedthe weight of scientific evidence pointing against that conclusion.

    The hearing held in East London heard Mr Headley is Christian with orthodox beliefs who also believes ‘the chosen peoplewere from Africa.

    Mr Headley began working at Rokeby School, an all-boys secondary school in Newham, 에 2008 before being promoted to Head of Graphic Products.

    The panel heard the school has been affiliated with LGBT charity Stonewall in an effort to combat intolerance of sexuality and had strong emphasis on inclusivity and tolerance.

    에 2013, he wrote a book called ‘Scattered not Lostwhere the premise of the book was that the true ‘Children of Israelwere black Africans who were then enslaved forming Black Diaspora throughout the world.

    이 무렵, he also began making and posting videos on YouTube talking about religion and a complaint was made that these videos were discriminatory and contradicting the school’s values.

    In one of the videos, he was in his classroom wearing the school logo sitting in front of a noticeboard which included pictures of staff members, a panel heard.

    Deputy head Emma Hobbs was alerted to this by a member of staff. She told him filming in school was unacceptable and he then took down all the videos filmed in school or those which displayed the school logo in 2018.

    But he continued making the videos for his 274,500 subscribers and followers.

    The tribunal heard in cards given to him by students, some had included the words ‘subscribeand the YouTube logo indicating some pupils were aware of his channel.

    The following year, the headteacher Charlotte Robinson learned that some students had been overheard discussing Mr Headley and flat earth theory during a walk in Epping Forest, 에 섹스.

    Several students were then interviewed who confirmed that Mr Headley had been discussing flat earth theory and whether the moon landings were faked but that he had asked for these chats to be ‘confidential’, a panel heard.

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    Ms Robinson was then told of Mr Headley’s ‘DNA of the Wickedvideo published in May 2019.

    A teacher had been ‘very offendedby Mr Headley claiming LGBTQ+ people were from ‘the seed line descended from the antichristafter which he was investigated for gross misconduct.

    He was sacked for using language that refers to LGBTQ+ people as having the DNA of Satan and equating Jews and Catholics as being satanic or evil on a public forum which might be seen by students.

    Mr Headley then unsuccessfully made claims at an employment tribunal which included unfair dismissal and discrimination.

    Dismissing his claims, Employment Judge John Crosfill concluded: ‘The school was entitled to conclude that its own interests in promoting pluralism and the welfare of its students were a sufficient reason for restricting [Mr Headley’s] rights to manifest his religious beliefs and/or express his opinions in public in the manner that he did.

    Mailonline has contacted Rokeby School for comment.