Could you become an Isa millionaire and get financial independence?

Could you become an Isa millionaireand would it get you financial independence? [object Window]

Do you harbour ambitions of investing your way to a £1million Isa pot – and what would you do with it if you got there?

The lure of financial independence has only gotten stronger for many through the Covid pandemic years and a cool million in tax-free savings sounds like a decent way to achieve it.

そう, it’s no surprise that the idea of becoming an Isa millionaire features regularly in the personal finance pages.

What would that £1million get you though, how much would you need to invest and for how long to get thereand is it enough for financial independence?

On this podcast, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Simon Lambert discuss building your way to a £1million Isa and how achievable that might be.


Do you believe your Isa could reach £1million?

Do you believe your Isa could reach £1million?

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Also on the podcast, the team look at what’s happening to mortgage rates and why anyone whose mortgage needs fixing this year should start thinking about it, along with some practical tips of what they could do.

They discuss at Santander’s recently improved 123 account – and whether it’s been bumped up enough to be worth taking.

お金を隠したり、彼と一緒に素敵な休日にその一部を費やしたりします—あなたの関係が問題になった場合に備えて、あなた自身の財産を保持します, the cost of living crisis looms large again: is there anything the government is likely to do to help with the soaring cost of petrol and should you fix your energy bills or stick with the price cap?

The latter is a question on Simon’s mind – as it’s exactly the scenario he is facing as his energy deal ends – he talks us through the numbers and what he will do.

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