Eco-mob block M25 in Essex: Insulate Britain stage 16th protest

Eco-mob are now WALKING along the M25: Insulate Britain activists are drenched by rain as they wander along UK’s busiest motorway in latest tactic to cause rush-hour chaos

Insulate Britain once again blocked the M25 today with 14 of the activists walking onto the motorway in rush hour.

The eco zealots, who were carrying out their 16th day of road demonstrations in less than seven weeks, were on Britain’s busiest motorway between junctions 28 そして 29 near Brentwood in Essex from 8am this morning.

The campaign group boasted that they caused ‘major disruption on the M25 in several locations, by walking on the motorwayand were ‘demanding that the Government gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes’.

Insulate Britain have brought chaos to motorways and A roads across the capital since mid-September with 146 people taking part in the campaign and 739 arrests made so farbut no one has yet been charged.

The activists were effectively banned from all major roads in England on Monday after a major High Court ruling, and a hearing yesterday was told just three days of their protests had an ‘economic costof almost £900,000.

Insulate Britain protesters again block the M25 this morning by walking onto the motorway between junctions 28 そして 29

Insulate Britain protesters again block the M25 this morning by walking onto the motorway between junctions 28 そして 29

Insulate Britain boasted of causing 'major disruption on the M25 in several locations' and are on the M25 in Essex today

Insulate Britain boasted of causing ‘major disruption on the M25 in several locationsand are on the M25 in Essex today

Insulate Britain are on Britain's busiest motorway between junctions 28 そして 29 near Brentwood in Essex this morning

Insulate Britain are on Britain’s busiest motorway between junctions 28 そして 29 near Brentwood in Essex this morning

Police officers stand next to Insulate Britain campaigners who walked onto the M25 between junctions 28 そして 29 今日

Police officers stand next to Insulate Britain campaigners who walked onto the M25 between junctions 28 そして 29 今日

今日, an Essex Police spokesman said: ‘We are on scene of disruption on the M25. We received a call at 8am that a number of people were blocking the road between Junction 28 そして 29. Officers are already on scene and the southbound track has been reopened. We’ll bring you more information when we have it.

Insulate Britain spokesman Liam Norton said: ‘In a couple of days Cop26 will start in Glasgow and the eyes of the world will be on this country. Britain should be leading the world with radical plans to decarbonise our society.

英国を絶縁する: 活動家がどのように法律を嘲笑したか

9月 13 – 78 ジャンクションをブロックした後に逮捕された英国の抗議者を隔離する 3, 6, 14, 20 そして 31 M25の

9月 15 – より多い 50 ジャンクションを標的にした後に逮捕された抗議者 1, 8, 9 そして 23 M25の

9月 17 – 48 ジャンクションを標的にした後に逮捕された抗議者 3, 9 そして 28 M25の, だけでなく、M3

9月 20 – 29 ジャンクションでM25をブロックした後、抗議者が逮捕される 4 そして 18, 同様にA1

9月 21 – 抗議者は、ジャンクション近くの車道を塞ぐために移動する交通にぶつかることによって死の危険を冒している 10. いくつか 38 逮捕される. 国道はM25でのさらなる抗議に対する差し止め命令を取得します

9月 22 – 抗議者は内務省の外で差し止め命令のコピーを燃やす, 省外の道路を封鎖する. 逮捕は行われない

9月 24 – 39 ドーバーの3か所で道路を封鎖した後に逮捕された抗議者. それらはすべて調査中にリリースされます. 国道はドーバーをカバーする2番目の差し止め命令を取得します.

9月 27 – 53 抗議者がジャンクションで滑り道を封鎖したとして逮捕される 14 M25の. それらはすべて調査中にリリースされます.

9月 28 – 国道はそれが「法的助言を取っている」と言います’ その差し止め命令を強制する方法について

9月 29 – 27 ジャンクションでラウンドアバウトを封鎖したとして抗議者が逮捕される 3 M25の2つの機会

9月 30 – 抗議者はジャンクションに戻る 30 エセックスのサロックで, と9人が逮捕されました

10月 1: グループはジャンクションでM4をブロックします 3, ジャンクションのM1 1 ジャンクションでのM25 25. いくつか 39 逮捕

10月 2: 3番目の差し止め命令は、ロンドンとその周辺の高速道路や主要なA道路への交通やアクセスを妨げることを禁止しています。

10月 4: 38 抗議者がロンドンの3つの主要道路を封鎖した後の逮捕 – ブラックウォールトンネル, ハンガーレーンのワンズワース橋とA40とノースサーキュラー.

10月 8: 19 ラウンドアバウトとさらに 16 ジャンクションのM25で 24. ロンドン交通局は、高等裁判所の差し止め命令を受けて、ロンドン交通局の交通を妨害することを禁止しています。 14 ロンドンの場所.

10月 13: 抗議者はジャンクションでM25に戻る 31 と近くの工業団地, と 35 逮捕された人々.

10月 25: 活動家はサザーク橋周辺の地域を標的にしている, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street station. いくつか 53 are arrested.

10月 27: Protesters blockade the A40 in North Acton, 西ロンドン, and a major roundabout next to the Dartford Crossing in Kent. Kent Police arrested 32 抗議者, while the Metropolitan Police detained 17.

10月 29: 14 activists from Insulate Britain walk onto the M25 between junctions 28 そして 29 エセックスで


‘What we have instead is a budget that is yet another act of treason by this government upon its own people. It is a plan that facilitates mass murder. The citizens of this country should be in open revolt. We need change and we need it quickly.

‘It is clear that this government has no intention of getting on with the job that they were elected to do. No intention of protecting the country from climate collapse. Our children’s futures have been trashed.

‘Our country sold out. We have been betrayed by the traitors now in power. We ask all decent ordinary people to join us, to rise up and take part in nonviolent civil resistance against tyranny.

グループ, which is an offshot of Extinction Rebellion, has demanded that Boris Johnson ‘gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes which is the best first step to cutting our carbon emissions’.

They claim this will avoid 8,500 deaths due to fuel poverty and help struggling families pay their energy bills this winter.

Another spokesman for the group, Tracey Malligan, 前記: ‘ I wish I didn’t have to cause disruption, but nonviolent civil resistance is the only thing that will get the job done, it is the only thing that has a hope of working within the short time that we have. Within a few years, we will face rising levels of disruption, chaos and tragedy.

‘Extreme weather, floods and crop failure are just the start. Do you have any idea what happens to society and law and order when the food runs out? It’s going to get ugly. Vulnerable elderly folk, families with kids and the disabled will be the first to die.

‘It’s time to stop passively expecting your government to take care of this. They do not have your best interests at heart. It’s time to get off the sidelines and join us. It’s black and whitewe either resist this criminality or we are complicit in it

It comes after the High Court was told yesterday that three days of Insulate Britain protests had an ‘economic costof almost £900,000. Activists from group have blocked major roads on 16 days since September 13.

Demonstrations which took place in different junctions on the M25 and A20 on September 13, 15 そして 24, were ‘incredibly dangerousand ‘unpredictable’, according to National Highways.

The protests, one of which lasted for over seven hours, had an estimated cost of £883,962, 裁判所の文書は明らかに.

It came as part of a written submission by the agency’s barrister, who was seeking continuation of an interim injunction at a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday.

The injunction bans the group from obstructing traffic and prevents access to 4,300 miles of motorways and major A-roads.

Saira Kabir Sheikh QC argued: ‘The estimated, lower bound, costs of these protests on drivers are substantial, with the lowest still causing £20,124 in loss and the most impactful, これまでのところ, costing an estimated £324,107.

‘This does not account for any costs associated with missed appointments, disruption to manufacturing or retail, missed transportation slots at airports or ports, or the direct cost to police or National Highways of managing the incidents.

Ms Sheikh said Duncan Smith, the acting executive director of operations of National Highways, warned in a witness statement it is ‘only a matter of timebefore a ‘serious incidentoccurs as the result of the road blockades.

She went on to say ‘there is a real and imminent riskof larger scale and wider ranging protests from the group which will ‘cause significantly more disruption’.

Ms Sheikh added: 'さらに, it is stated that the unpredictable nature of the location of the protests and lack of advance warning together with the increasing public safety risk is preventing NHL (National Highways) from carrying out its statutory duty as the highway authority for the SRN (strategic road network) – particularly in regard to the safety of the travelling public.

At the end of yesterday’s hearing, Mr Justice Lavender adjourned the decision on whether to grant a continuation to the injunction, after Insulate Britain activists argued they were not given enough time to gain legal representation.

ダイアナワーナー博士, a member of the group, 裁判所に言った: ‘We are talking about an existential emergency, not about people being late to their jobs or losing a bit of money, we need to change what we’re doing for everybody’s future.

‘This is an example of bullying, no other groups are being singled out for doing worse, it’s bullying and I hope this court doesn’t sanction it.

Activist Mr Norton argued that more time should have been given to the group ahead of the hearing for activists to gain legal representation.

Another member of the group declared: ‘This is unfair, it is bullying and a questionable politicisation of the legal system.

Mr Justice Lavender told the court: ‘What I’m minded to do is adjourn my consideration to a later date to give the defendants a bit more time to gain legal representation.

It means the order remains in place until a hearing on November 11.

Members of Insulate Britain have also been made subject to three other injunctions granted to National Highways, M25でのデモの禁止, ドーバー港周辺とロンドン周辺の主要道路.