Cibo: A true taste of India

Cibo: A true taste of India

Nothing beats home-cooked food, says chef Maunika Gowardhan, whose stunning dishes showcase the country’s vibrant ingredients

Garlic and cumin dal with tomato, chilli and coriander

Garlic and cumin dal with tomato, chilli and coriander

Slow-cooked lamb and chickpea curry

Spicy aubergine raita

Slow-cooked lamb and chickpea curry; Spicy aubergine raita


Chaat masala

A powdered spice mix (including dried mango powder) with a sharp and tangy finish, often sprinkled over dishes before serving.


A type of unrefined sugar. It can be made either from the boiled-down juice of cane sugar or the sap of date palms. It has a rich, caramelly flavour.

Kashmiri chilli powder

Mild, fruity chilli powder that is revered for the bright red colour it imparts to dishes.

Panch phoron

is also known as Bengali five-spice mix. You can make your own by combining 1 tbsp each of black mustard seeds, fennel seeds, nigella seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds and storing in a clean, airtight jar.


Thali by Maunika Gowardhan is published by Hardie Grant, price £22. To order a copy for £18.70 until 14 novembre, go to oppure chiama 020 3308 9193. Consegna gratuita nel Regno Unito per ordini superiori a £ 20.




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