HENRY DEEDES sees the Home Secretary getting stuck in

Priti Patel kicks MPs right in the glockenspiels, then stands back and sees how they squeal: HENRY DEEDES sees the Home Secretary getting stuck in during Queen’s Speech debates

普里蒂·帕特尔(Priti Patel)’s never one to shilly-shally when it comes to getting stuck in to her opponents.

She’s much like a cage fighter in that respect.

Go low, go hard and go early tends to be her mantra.

Sweep the legs away, kick ’em right in the glockenspiels.

Then stand back and see how they squeal.

Such were her tactics yesterday on day two of the week-long Queen’s Speech debate.

She was leading the Government’s case for its law and order proposals.

The Home Secretary rose to the dispatch box looking more bling-bling than Zsa Zsa Gabor after a trip down Rodeo Drive – white skirt and jacket, clunky watch, her wrists and neck dripping with pearls.

Almost immediately she declared the Conservatives were the ‘party of law and order’.

Puckering one of those sharp eyebrows, 她补充说: ‘Those on the benches opposite prefer to defend the murderers, rapists, thugs and paedophiles who have no right to be here…’

From Labour’s benches came an eruption of outrage. Carnage.

Perched opposite Priti was her shadow, Yvette Cooper, whose face until that point had been buried in her mobile phone.

Bling-bling: Priti Patel yesterday

Bling-bling: Priti Patel yesterday

Yvette Cooper attacks Priti Patel over 'astonishing refusal' to take questions in a Commons debate yesterday

Yvette Cooper attacks Priti Patel over ‘astonishing refusalto take questions in a Commons debate yesterday

No sooner had the word ‘murderers’ tumbled from her opponent’s mouth than her head suddenly jerked upwards.

Ms Cooper was apoplectic.

She made a frenzied grab for the dispatch box in front of her, tap-tap-tapping away at it to indicate her desperation to intervene.

‘Will she give way?’ she yammered. ‘Will she give way?

Priti was having none of it. ‘I will not give way,' 她回应, thrusting an outstretched palm at Yvette like a prop forward giving an opponent the handoff.

‘She will have her chance to speak.’

She then proceeded to irritate Yvette further by taking interventions from everyone else.

顺便, a little background: tension between this pair has been bubbling for weeks.

Yvette Cooper recently described Priti as the worst Home Secretary she had ever seen.

快点, 与此同时, regards Yvette as a leading torchbearer for the patronising, finger-wagging, double-cream elite.

As the Home Secretary continued her speech, Yvette continued to protest to the Speaker at her rival’s refusal to give way, shaking her head and thrusting her arms out wide in exaggerated disbelief.

Jurgen Klopp doesn’t put this much energy into his penalty appeals.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘her ball, her game, luv’.

Poor Yvette!

By the time she rose half an hour later, all crumpled and boggle-eyed, she looked ready to blow.

The tension between the pair has been bubbling away for weeks

The tension between the pair has been bubbling away for weeks

绝不, never in her 25 years of participating in Queen’s Speech debates had a minister refused to take an intervention from their opponent.

‘All my questions would have been really factual – maybe that is what she was frightened of,’ she hissed.

Priti rolled her eyes and jabbed her biro into her folder as though stabbing a Voodoo doll.

At this point shadow justice minister Steve Reed shouted something across the chamber.

It sounded as though he was comparing the Home Secretary to ‘blancmange’ which, as Priti pointed out to him, seemed remarkably sexist.

奇怪, none of the three women seated beside Reed on Labour’s front bench appeared remotely bothered by their colleague’s remark.

So much for the sisterhood

I don’t recall much about Yvette’s riposte to Priti’s speech other than a dig she made about Boris’s lockdown indiscretions.

Tory MPs cried out this was a bit glass houses what with her own leader currently being investigated by Durham Constabulary.

If Starmer goes, would Yvette have a tilt at the leadership?

There are some who think her husband Ed Balls would make a better leader, which is interesting because I seem to recall him being universally loathed when he was in Parliament.

Amazing what prancing around under a glitterball on TV can do for one’s image.