Hilarious memes show parents celebrating children going back to school

Peace at last! Relieved parents officially sign off homeschooling, sharing hilarious memes to celebrate pupils going back to classrooms in England for the first time since December

  •  Schools across England have re-opened this morning with all primary schools back and secondary schools offering a staggered start
  • For many pupils, it’s their first time in a classroom in nearly three months
  • Parents finally off the hook with homeschooling have been sharing memes 
  • On Friday, parents celebrated signing off almost nine weeks of homeschooling 
  • For many children returning to the classroom this morning, it’s the first time they’ve set foot on school grounds since mid December. 

    And for parents charged with educating their own offspring for two long months, Monday March 8th at 9:01am offered perhaps 2021’s biggest reason to celebrate so far.

    Many took to social media to find a comedy meme to express the unbridled joy of no longer being forced to homeschool their children, often while juggling full-time jobs.   

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    One parent revealed how the peace that had descended had proved a ‘revelation’. 

    @StarkeyStardust wrote: ‘I can hear the radio! I can’t hear anything else other than the tippity-tap of my keyboard. This is a revelation. Parents of school-aged children, enjoy your day!’

    @moonla26 penned: ‘The sun is shining and I’m enjoying a cup of tea in blissful peace #BackToSchool #Peace’ 

    @totalkharnage wrote: ‘Any other parents working from home feel slightly weird with an empty house? Not complaining….!’

    The Twitter account for BBC soap EastEnders shared an gif of its cast dancing the conga around Albert Square to express the newfound freedom of many parents.

    Elsewhere, others pondered how their little darlings would fare without access to the constant steam of snacks they could access at home. 

    On Friday, parents rejoiced that it was the last day of homeschooling as Ofsted’s chief inspector said families have been stretched ‘almost to breaking point with remote education’.

    Hundreds took to social media to express their relief that months of juggling children, work and chores will end from Monday.

    Schools also congratulated ‘exhausted’ mothers and fathers for their endurance in keeping their young ones occupied during the winter lockdown.  

    Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman said the last few months has left many families stretched ‘almost to breaking point’ with remote education.

    She said it had been a ‘sticking plaster’ that had left a large proportion of children ‘bored, lonely and miserable’.

    But CEO of Childcare.co.uk Richard Conway said a ‘year of home-learning won’t have a huge effect on a child and could lead to greater skills in other areas’.

    It comes as parents branded plans to segregate pupils who wear masks and those who do not as ‘mask apartheid’.

    Meanwhile Britain’s biggest teaching union was urged to show its ‘collective strength’ by threatening to strike over schools reopening next week 

    Maria Brown, a librarian at Nottingham University Hospitals, said: ‘I don’t know about anyone else but for me the last two weeks of homeschooling have been the toughest yet.

    ‘I have lost my motivation and am exhausted. To all teachers, parents and kids out there give yourselves a great big pat on the back. Well done. We did it! Onwards and upwards!’

    Poornima Nayar from Slough, Berkshire, said: ‘Last day of homeschooling…. whoop whoop.’

    Jo Watson from London wrote: ‘We did it! Last day of homeschooling. Hopefully back to some normality next week.’

    Isla Young from Southampton posted: ‘Hand up who else is bunking off homeschool today?’

    Gareth Elliott from Whitton, London, said: Is it the last Friday of homeschooling? This is me and I imagine all other parents who have been with our little darlings throughout this pandemic. #schoolsreopeninguk NEXT WEEK!!!!’

    Government announced it's roadmap out of lockdown with schools heading back on March 8

    Government announced it’s roadmap out of lockdown with schools heading back on March 8

    Twitter user Kate Lewis said: ‘Happy last day of pretending you were actually homeschooling.’

    A woman called Georgina put: ‘The last day of homeschooling and it better bloody stay that way otherwise my kids will just be stupid adults cos I’m not cut out for this, sorry babies.’

    Stephen from Kent added: ‘Homeschooling finishes today,so would be a nice treat to celebrate that.’

    Meanwhile some schools across England also expressed their sympathies with tired parents.

    One teacher, going by the Twitter name Mrs Ramsell, posted: ‘A big ”shout out” to parents for your support, dedication and resilience in homeschooling your child/ren during the last couple of months. THANK YOU.’