Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley LIVE: YouTube star claims THIRD win

Jake Paul wins AGAIN! YouTuber claims yet ANOTHER career victory over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in split decision win after both fighters go the distance in front of Cleveland crowd

  • Jake Paul won a boxing fight once againthis time against Tyron Woodley
  • The YouTuber, 24, was awarded a split decision victory over the ex-UFC star
  • Paul dominated the first three rounds before Woodley hit a devastating blow
  • The YouTuber went crashing into the ropes in round four to level the match
  • Two judges gave a 77-75 win to both men, before a third gave Paul a 78-74 win
  • Fans claim Paul’s fight with Woodley was RIGGED to help the YouTuber win
  • Latest boxing news, including fight build-up and results
  • At what point do we start saying that Jake Paul is a good boxer?

    はい, he has only managed to beat four athletes who did not belong in the boxing community. The YouTube star who has waltzed into this industry over the past three years is still yet to take on those who were born, bred and been victorious in the sport.

    But against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in front of his home crowd in Cleveland, the 24-year-old showed all the traits needed to be successful in boxing. A fast start, recovery from a near-devastating blow and enough composure in the final rounds to see out a fight he knew he was in control of.

    Jake Paul (上記) beat Tyron Woodley to claim a fourth career victory in the boxing world

    Jake Paul (上記) beat Tyron Woodley to claim a fourth career victory in the boxing world

    The YouTuber-turned-boxer (左) won via a split decision after going the distance in Cleveland

    The YouTuber-turned-boxer (左) won via a split decision after going the distance in Cleveland

    Paul also has the awareness that this win was not an easy ride, describing his own performance as ‘C minus’. The split decision victory, courtesy of a 78-74 call from the deciding judge after both fighters were handed 77-75 victories from the other two adjudicators, was controversial in some aspects.

    Woodley raged afterwards that an aggressive right hand blow in round fourthat sent Paul flying into the ropeswas not considered a knock down nor more important than a series of well-timed jabs from his opponent over the course of eight rounds.

    Yet observers of Sunday night’s Cleveland showdown, whether they be long-time fans of the sport checking out the ever-growing craze of YouTube boxing or the plethora of new supporters becoming more interested in this theme, could tell this fight belonged to Paul.

    Woodley (R) kept his distance from Paul (L) in first three rounds which YouTuber dominated

    Woodley (R) kept his distance from Paul (L) in first three rounds which YouTuber dominated

    Given all the trash talk and pre-fight aggression in the press conferences and weigh-in ceremonies, it was somewhat of a surprise to see the pair standing so far apart in the opening three rounds.

    Paul landed a series of jabs while Woodley looked frozen in front of the expectant crowd. The YouTuber took all three opening showdowns comfortably and the fight looked beyond the former UFC star already.

    突然, Woodley came back to life in round four. The UFC star came into the fight knowing he packed the bigger punch and that nearly proved to be the deciding factor.

    The 39-year-old hit Paul with a fierce right hand on the top of the head that sent the streaming star flying. For the first time in his boxing career, Paul look startled.

    But Paul was closest to hitting the deck as a fierce right hander from Woodley sent him flying

    But Paul was closest to hitting the deck as a fierce right hander from Woodley sent him flying

    The 24-year-old collapsed into the ropes but managed to stay on his feet. Had he fallen to the ground, that crucial split decision may have come out differently.

    Paul managed to recover in a way that showed his boxing ability deserves more praise. 結局, he had never been beyond the second round in his career, but found enough energy in rounds five and six to stay in the fight despite Woodley’s ascendancy.

    In truth, the contest ended slowly, without the killer blow that the first half of the fight set up nicely. Fatigue may have had a role to play considering Paul’s lack of experience of going the distance, and this being Woodley’s first ever boxing showdown.

    The final bell rang after eight rounds of tight boxing, but Paul knew he had won the match, despite similar celebrations from Woodley at the same time. Though the YouTuber, who remains without a single loss to his name so far, was not pleased with his individual display.

    Both fighters disagreed over who actually won the fight after the tight call from the judges

    Both fighters disagreed over who actually won the fight after the tight call from the judges

    ‘It was a tougher fight than I expected, my legs felt weird since the locker room. I don’t know what’s wrong with me,’ the victorious YouTuber claimed in his post-fight interview.

    ‘He’s a Hall of Famer, he had a good fight, he came in shape. I have a lot of respect for him. There’s been a lot of s*** talk, apologies to his team if they were disrespected. This is a dream come true, I want to cry but I’m a little tired.

    ‘He hit me with one shot all fight, it was a good shot and he had more shots, (だが) there was only one real shot. I got eight rounds under my belt, all my previous opponents went in one minute. I’m doing things no-one has done.

    Woodley, その間, was adamant that he won the fight, demanding a rematch after the contest attracted the second-highest pay-per-view payments of all-time.

    Woodley was adamant he won the fight after the fight due to the major blow in round four

    Woodley was adamant he won the fight after the fight due to the major blow in round four

    ‘I thought I won the fight,’ the 39-year-old said. ‘The fact one judge gave me two rounds? F*** the (トミー) Fury fight, let’s run that one again. Fury’s won’t get the paper views we did.

    ‘The ropes held him up, I landed more power shots. He landed clean shots but he had heavy hands. I didn’t hit the ground. Let’s run it back.

    Speaking to Paul directly, despite harsh words from the victor and his brother Logan, Woodley added: ‘You’re the one that got wobbled, if those ropes weren’t seven foot two, you would have gone through them.

    He may have been held up by the ropes but Paul’s boxing career is far from hanging by a thread. Jake Paul is showing there is a reason why this area of the sport is so widely followed.

    Whether the next chapter brings a break from the sport, A future challenge with Tommy Fury or just supporting his brother Logan in his boxing journey after his Floyd Mayweather success, remaining unbeaten in this industry is already a major feat for this YouTube star.

    Relive the action as it happened with Sportsmail’s SAM BLITZ covering Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

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    The judges scorecards

    Tyron Woodley is not happy, he thought he won the fight. どう思いますか?


    Was Paul surprised that Woodley was handed a win by a judge?

    Paul in his post-match interview: ‘100 per cent. That was buls*** come on. Especially in my home town, where’s that judge at?’



    Jake Paul wins another fight! Two judges gave both fighters a 77-75 win each, but then the deciding judge gave the YouTuber a 78-74 win.

    The YouTuber remains undefeated. And he just about deserves it after this display!


    ROUND EIGHT: Paul vs Woodley

    これです. Tyron Woodley needs a knockdown at least here to steal this fight back from the jaws of Jake Paul.

    Woodley lands a right hand early on, Jake Paul is urging the UFC man onthe YouTuber believes he has this fight in the bag. Paul then lands a right jab but so does Woodley.

    The UFC star tries to get on the offensive in the final minute but Paul is happy to hold onto him. No knockdown after all. Both fighters lift their arms in the air. Jake Paul stands on the ropes, he thinks he has got the win.

    All down to the judges now


    ROUND SEVEN: Paul vs Woodley

    Two rounds and three minutes left of boxing here. This feels much more even after Woodley landed more blows on Paul.

    The YouTuber tries to get back on the jabs but it’s Woodley who hits the combinations. The ex-UFC man is appearing calm but may need to strike soon as there’s no knowing who is leading on points.

    Then Paul lands a right hand! This round is going his way. Could that be enough to get the victory?


    ROUND SIX: Paul vs Woodley

    Woodley begins round six with a few more jabs and tries to get Paul back on the ropes. The UFC star has been better at closing the distance between the pair and Paul does not know how to react.

    Paul misses a few more attempted blows, there’s a feeling of tiredness from the 24-year-old who has never been past the second round in any of his previous fights. Woodley ends the round by landing a right hand to little effect.

    A quiet round from both fighters, fatigue may be hitting both men here.


    ROUND FIVE: Paul vs Woodley

    Now then, round five. Woodley has one round under his belt. Another uppercut and left hand comes from Woodley straight away. He is very much in the ascendancy.

    Jake Paul is moving less and less now. He was bouncing well in the first few rounds but is static and flat-footed. Another right hand comes from Woodley as Paul misses a counter attack.

    Paul lands a few jabs to bring himself back into the round. The YouTuber ends this round well but it looks even. More sparks fly. This is tasty.


    ROUND FOUR: Paul vs Woodley

    Woodley needs to act now, he’s three rounds down against the YouTuber. The UFC icon is looking for that devastating one punch he is capable of.

    Paul hits more combinations and Woodley tries to respond. His combinations aren’t hittingand then there’s a breakthrough!

    What a right hand from Woodley and Paul is in trouble. Then a left hand from Woodley! Paul looks shaken here after dominating the first three rounds. The YouTuber is right up against the ropes.

    It looks like we have a contest after all!


    ROUND THREE: Paul vs Woodley

    This is new territory for Jake Paul, who is fighting in the third round of the first time in his career.

    Woodley tries to advance but isn’t getting the combinations in. ポール, その間, is making those ‘one-two-onejabs and then an uppercut edges the YouTuber even further in front.

    Woodley is frustrated and a few more sparks fly as the bell goes. Paul is boxing well here.


    ROUND TWO: Paul vs Woodley

    Woodley tries to come out strongly and advances on Paul early on, who is startled but then regains composure.

    Both fighters exchange a few jabs and then there’s a first real sighting of what Paul can do. His team scream ‘one-two-oneand he responds well. As the bell goes, there’s a feeling that Woodley has not really got going.


    ROUND ONE: Paul vs Woodley

    Both fighters begin this contest by just feeling each other out. A couple of body shots shared by either side. Paul tries to get on the offensive with a few combinations. Woodley is just froze a little bit, not looking to make any moves just yet.

    The former UFC man tries to end the round by landing a right glove but is put back in the corner by Paul. Slow start.

    More strikingly, Paul’s shorts contain a LED banner with the words ‘Jake Paulmoving across across.



    We’re underway. The cameras show Logan Paul in the crowd with Jake’s mother Pam, both look in tears of pride.

    Fight predictions?


    Reminder of the rules

    Just a recap of the regulations. This is a cruiserweight bout, eight rounds.

    YouTuber Jake Paul is looking to defend his unbeaten start to boxing. Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley is looking to avoid an upset here tonight.


    and here’s Paul

    This is a bigger and better reception. Jake Paul is out in front of a home crowd in Cleveland.

    The 24-year-old YouTuber is wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers top and is singing along to his ring walk tune.


    Poirier in the house

    And Woodley is well backed here in Cleveland. Dustin Poirier, fresh off his victory against Conor McGregor, is in the house to support his fellow UFC star.


    Out comes Woodley

    Here we gooooooo!

    Tyron Woodley is the first out for the ring walks. He has a rapper alongside him, a slightly muted reception from the Cleveland crowd.


    The big one is nearing

    Right are we ready for some boxers? The Cleveland arena is starting to get nervy, but they’re going to go mental in a matter of minutes.

    Don’t think we’re too far away from some ring walks


    Woodley looking to avoid an upset

    So what do we know about Jake Paul’s opponent, Tyron Woodley?

    The 39-year-old is a former UFC Welterweight champion, but his recent record has been sketchy.

    While Woodley has claimed solid victories against the likes of Darren Till and Kevin Gastelum, his last UFC victory came three years ago. He has since lost four on the bounce and this is his boxing debut.


    Serrano wins!

    That’s that, Amanda Serrano has retained her unified featherweight championship. 27 wins in a row and completely dominant over the last decade. The 32-year-old looks chuffed with that one.


    Serrano and Mercado go the distance

    The unified women’s featherweight clash between Amanda Serrano and Yamileth Mercado has gone the distanceand it looks like the former has done enough to claim the crown.

    The Puerto Rican dominated every single round, while Mercado ended the fight with several blows to the face. The Mexican raised her arms in the air, grateful that she managed to survive all ten rounds I suppose.

    That result will be confirmed in the next few minutes, then it’s the big one.


    Paul’s solid start

    So how has Jake Paul done so far in his boxing career?

    The YouTuber has won three fights so far. The first was against British streaming star AnEnsonGib, before he knocked down former basketball star Nate Robinson in November 2020.

    今年の初め, he took on former UFC star Ben Askren in the first round. Three wins, three knockdownsand another MMA star in front of him this evening.


    The undercard

    Here’s tonight’s running order and the results we have seen so far. It’s been a good evening so far for the Brits.

    Tommy Fury was taken all the way to four rounds by boxing novice Anthony Taylor but was handed the victory via unanimous points decision. Daniel Dubois also managed a quick victory in Cleveland this evening.

    The unified women’s featherweight clash between Amanda Serrano and Yamileth Mercado is half-way through with no breakthrough. Five rounds to go on that one, then it’s the big one.

    • Daniel Dubois def. Joe Cusumano via first-round knockout
    • Montana Love def. Ivan Baranchyk via seventh-round TKO (corner stoppage)
    • Tommy Fury def. Anthony Taylor via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)


    Paul preparing as fight edges nearer

    Jake Paul is getting ready, skipping rope at the ready as the final fight of the undercard gets underway.

    ‘A dream come truehe tells US media. Then ‘have you ever seen shorts like this?’

    It’s fair to say he will entertain this evening, but which way will his fight go?


    Sparks have been flying all week

    This contest is exciting for several reasons. Jake Paul is on a high and is yet to be beaten. Tyron Woodley is a former UFC champion. But there’s more to this fight that simple form.

    The pair have been embroiled in several wars of words in recent weeksand everything came to a head in their press conference on Thursday.

    Here’s all the drama that happened


    What will Jake Paul do next?

    Good evening (or morning, depending on where you are!) to the next instalment of Jake Paul’s boxing career.

    The 24-year-old YouTuber is unbeaten in three professional fights and has never been past the second round in each of his contests.

    Yet today, he takes on his biggest challenge yet. Former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley is known to have a major punch, can Paul avoid being on the wrong end of one of those?

    Ring walks are expected in the next half hour or 45 分, looking at how the undercard has been so far.




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