Joanne Hegarty: Why I give Jen ten out of ten

Joanne Hegarty: Why I give Jen ten out of ten

My capsule wardrobe inspired by Jen. Coat, Toteme,  ; knit, Cos; leather trousers, J brand, and boots, Acne Studio

My capsule wardrobe inspired by Jen. Coat, Toteme,; Knit, Cos; Leather Trousers, J brand, and Boots, Acne Studio

In an age of constant reinvention, it’s refreshing to see an actress who stays true to her personal style. And with age, hones it and owns it. I’m talking about Jennifer Aniston, who has reached peak chic in Apple TV’s brilliantly addictive The Morning Show as news anchor Alex Levy.

Season two is now on and I love her character’s subtle but big-impact wardrobe, which uses clothes in such a clever, beautiful way to navigate the dog-eat-dog battles and sexism of US TV.

谢天谢地, there are no lingering shots – think Meghan in Suits – of bottom-hugging pencil skirts. 事实上, you can tell there’s a large contingent of women working on the show by how the female characters are dressed.

Sisters Clare and Nina Hallworth (@nina.clare) are costume designers on the show and have been styling Jennifer for the past decade. Clare says: ‘Alex Levy lives in New York and is one of the top network journalists. She’s esteemed and probably the most intelligent person in the room. We wanted her clothes to look strong and precise. So the tailoring alterations, the length of her shoe, the fit of her trousers, all make her believable as someone at the top of her field.’

Looking sharp: Jennifer Aniston in the morning show

Looking sharp: Jennifer Aniston in the morning show

Jennifer’s Morning Show look is a terrific example of how a capsule wardrobe can work seamlessly together – with pieces constantly mixed and matched through the fast-paced episodes. The show’s script is so sharp and buzzy it’s like having a double shot of espresso. But Jennifer’s clothes are stylish without being shouty. ‘We went with beautifully tailored men’s fabrics in shades of grey, blue and brown. It was a conscious decision not to be in fuchsia or cobalt blue,’ says Clare.

Naturally Clare and Nina got to choose pieces from the cream of the crop, snapping up some luxe coats when they heard Céline’s creative director Phoebe Philo was leaving. There’s also an elegant scattering of Valextra bags, Italy’s equivalent to Hermès.

In The Morning Show her capsule wardrobe is stylish not shout

Big labels aside, Jennifer’s look is primarily the perfect example of how clothes can make you look in control even when everything else is falling apart.

Alex uses black to pack a punch and occasionally red to stand out in a crowded room. And to win power battles with the executives who, at the start of the show, were trying to sack her for the crime of being a woman over 50. 什么时候, 当然, it’s her life experience – reflected in the self-confidence of her wardrobe – that’s her greatest asset.

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