Killer cop's children played near spot Sarah Everard was dumped

Killer cop’s children played near spot Sarah Everard was dumped: How Wayne Couzens took ‘family tripto Kent woods where he burned victim’s body four days after kidnapping her off Clapham street

  • Killer police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, hid Sarah’s body in Hoad Woods
  • A few days later he took his family on a trip to the same area to play
  • His children – 名前を付けることができない人 – played yards from where body was hidden
  • Callous Wayne Couzens took his wife and children to play at the woods where he had burned サラ・エバラード‘s body two days earlier on a family trip out.

    On the way there they had stopped at a service station where he had calmly bought a Lucozade after raping and murdering her.

    Hours later his two children played happily in grass and overgrowth at Hoad Woods in Kent.

    Just yards away was the lake where Couzens had dumped Ms Everard’s burned body in waste bags.

    Prosecutor Tom Little QC told the quiet Old Bailey: ‘He allowed his children to play in relative close proximity to where Sarah Everard’s body had been dumped in a pond.

    ‘It follows that the defendant took his family on a family trip to the very woods where days earlier he had left Sarah Everard’s body, then returned to burn it and then returned again to move it and hide it.

    Earlier the court heard how Couzens had used Covid-19 lockdown regulations to kidnap Ms Everard in a ‘false arrestbefore raping her, strangling her and burning her body.

    He used his Metropolitan Police-issue warrant card and handcuffs to snatch Ms Everard as she walked home from a friend’s house in Clapham, サウスロンドン, on the evening of March 3.

    The firearms officer, who had clocked off from a 12-hour shift at the American Embassy that morning, drove to a remote rural area north-west of Dover in Kent, where he parked up and raped Ms Everard.

    The marketing executive, who lived in Brixton, サウスロンドン, was strangled by 2.30am the following morning.

    Killer police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, hid Sarah's body in Hoad Woods after murdering her

    Killer police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, hid Sarah’s body in Hoad Woods after murdering her

    Marketing executive Sarah Everard, 28, was snatched off the street in Clapham by Couzens

    Marketing executive Sarah Everard, 28, was snatched off the street in Clapham by Couzens

    Police searched waters and woodland to try and find clues and Sarah's remains during probe

    Police searched waters and woodland to try and find clues and Sarah’s remains during probe

    Married Couzens burned her body in a refrigerator in an area of woodland he owned in the woods, near Ashford, ケント, before dumping the remains in a nearby pond.

    He was arrested on March 9 after police trawled through some 1,800 hours of CCTV footage.

    He has pleaded guilty to kidnap, rape and murder and faces a possible full life sentence when he is sentenced by Lord Justice Fulford at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

    Couzens sat in the dock with his head bowed on Wednesday as prosecutor Tom Little QC opened the case in front of a packed courtroom, including Ms Everard’s family.

    He said Ms Everard’s disappearance was one of the most widely publicised missing person investigations the country has ever seen.

    After her body was discovered a week later, it became summarised on social media by the hashtag ‘she was just walking home’, which did not completely describe what had happened, 彼は言った.

    ‘Whilst it is impossible to summarise what the defendant did to Sarah Everard in just five words, if it had to be done then it would be more appropriate to do so as deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, 火,’ said Mr Little.

    Police search woodland in Ashford near Kent (写真) 人間の遺体が見つかった場所

    Police search woodland in Ashford near Kent (写真) 人間の遺体が見つかった場所

    A Metropolitan Police van and a private ambulance at the scene of the woods near Ashford

    A Metropolitan Police van and a private ambulance at the scene of the woods near Ashford

    Killer officer repeatedly exposed himself to women in lead-up to murder

    As Couzens rose through police ranks, the first of a series of escalating incidents and clues began to emerge that would horrifically culminate in the murder of Sarah.

    Kent Policewith whom he volunteered from 2005 に 2009 – received a complaint a man had been spotted driving around Dover naked from the waist down.

    No arrests were made and the fact it was suspected to be Couzens was kept secret until after his conviction when the Independent Office for Police Conduct revealed the crime.

    The IOPC revealed the allegation as it confirmed Couzens was suspected of two other indecent exposures at a McDonalds, which were feared not to have been properly probed by the Met force days before he killed Sarah.


    The court heard Ms Everard was described by a former long-term boyfriend as ‘extremely intelligent, savvy and streetwiseand ‘not a gullible person’.

    He said he could not envisage her getting into a car with someone she did not know ‘unless by force or manipulation’, said the prosecutor.

    Couzens had worked on uniformed Covid patrols in late January to enforce coronavirus regulations, so would have known what language to use to those who may have breached them, 彼は続けた.

    He is thought to have been wearing his police belt with handcuffs and a rectangular black pouch, similar to a pepper spray holder, when he kidnapped Ms Everard as she walked home.

    ‘The fact she had been to a friend’s house for dinner at the height of the early 2021 lockdown made her more vulnerable to and more likely to submit to an accusation that she had acted in breach of the Covid regulations in some way,’ said Mr Little.

    The court heard how Couzens had booked a hire car, 追加する: ‘His movements were consistent with the defendant looking for, or hunting, for a lone young female to kidnap and rape, which is precisely what he did.

    CCTV footage played in court shows Couzens raising his left arm, holding a warrant card, before handcuffing Ms Everard and putting her into the back of the car.

    サンドウィッチでの証拠の捜索, ケント, saw police at a number of key areas during search

    サンドウィッチでの証拠の捜索, ケント, saw police at a number of key areas during search



    There were two items taken away by forensic experts which appeared to be of interest

    サンドウィッチのシーンから様々なアイテムが入ったバッグが持ち去られました, ケント

    サンドウィッチのシーンから様々なアイテムが入ったバッグが持ち去られました, ケント

    A passing couple witnessed the kidnapping but mistook it for an arrest by an undercover officer, 裁判所は聞いた.

    ‘They were in fact witnessing the kidnapping of Sarah Everard,’ Mr Little said.

    ‘She was detained by fraud. The defendant using his warrant card and handcuffs as well as his other police issue equipment to affect a false arrest.

    Couzens worked for the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command after joining the Met in 2018, having transferred from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

    He was sacked by the force after entering guilty pleas.

    Scotland Yard said in a statement ahead of the sentencing hearing: ‘We are sickened, angered and devastated by this man’s crimes which betray everything we stand for.

    ‘Our thoughts are with Sarah’s family and her many friends. It is not possible for us to imagine what they are going through.

    ‘We recognise his actions raise many questions and concerns but we will not be commenting further until the hearing is complete


    行進 3: サラは午後9時頃に友人の家クラパムを離れた後姿を消しました. 彼女は友人の裏門を出て、電話で彼氏に話しかけます。 15 分.

    行進 5: サラの家族は、彼女がまだ家にいないことをますます心配するようになった後、彼女の行方不明のポスターを共有しています, 行方不明の人々の慈善団体へのリンクでオンラインで言葉を広める.

    行進 6: ロンドン警視庁が控訴を発表, サラはクラパムコモンを歩いたと考えられていたと言った, ブリクストンの家に向かって, の旅 50 分. 彼女が家に着いたかどうかは定かではないと彼らは言う.

    行進 7: 警察はエバラードさんの映像を公開し、彼女が最後にCCTVで見られたとき、彼女はタルスヒルに向かってA205ポインダースロードを一人で歩いていたと言います, 警察に釈放されていない.

    行進 8: スペシャリストオフィサーが起草され、 120 公衆からの電話が来る. 訪問販売は警察が話しかけるのを見る 750 家族.

    行進 9: 警察はミシシッピ州のルートと近くのオークランズエステートの近くの庭園を捜索します.


    ポインダースロードのポインダースコート団地周辺のコルドン, 現場の法医学担当官.

    11.59午後: 誘拐の疑いでケントで逮捕された警察官ウェイン・クーゼンスに会った. 30代の女性が犯罪者を支援した疑いで逮捕される.

    近所の人は、2人の男性が2時間前に物件を監視しているランドローバーを見つけたと言います 20 警官が家を襲撃した.

    行進 10: 警察の専門捜査チームがケントに到着. 彼らはクーゼンを検索します’ 家と庭、そして近くのベトシャンガーパークは約2.5です。- 家から数マイル、アシュフォード近くのグレートチャートにある放棄されたレジャー施設.

    8午後: Dame Cressida Dickは、人間の遺体がアシュフォードの森林で発見されたことを確認します, サラを探しているケント. 彼女は遺体が行方不明の女性のものであるかどうかを確認できませんでした.

    行進 11: 10午前: ボリス・ジョンソン首相は、「サラ・エバラードの調査の進展にショックを受け、深く悲しんでいる」と述べた。, 「この恐ろしい犯罪に対するすべての答えを見つけるために、私たちは迅速に努力しなければなりません」と付け加えます。.

    内務大臣プリティ・パテルが追加されました: 「すべての女性は、嫌がらせや暴力を恐れることなく、私たちの街を安全に歩くことができるはずです。. サラと彼女の家族のために考え、祈るこの深く悲しく悲劇的な時期に.

    4午後: 警察は後に容疑者が拘留中に受けた頭部外傷のために病院で治療されたことを確認した, 警察署に戻る前に.

    エバラードさんの家族は、「私たち全員への輝かしい模範」として彼女に敬意を表する声明を発表しました, 彼女は「私たちの生活に大きな喜びをもたらした」と付け加えました.

    メトロポリタン美術館は、容疑者の拘禁の延長が治安判事によって許可されたことを明らかにしました’ 裁判所, 一方、犯罪者を支援した疑いで逮捕された女性は、4月中旬の日に警察署に戻るために保釈されました。.

    6午後: エバラード女史の集会の主催者は、3月に予定されているイベントを許可するという立場を逆転させたと主張した後、メットに対する法的措置を求めていると述べています。 13 先に進む.

    行進 12: クーゼンの周りと下を走るドーバーの白い断崖に刻まれたトンネルで検索が増加します’ 元家族ガレージ.

    チームはクーゼンに残ります’ ディールとアシュフォード近くの森林地帯にあり、人間の遺体が発見されました。.

    2午後: スコットランドヤードは、ケントの森で見つかった遺体がサラであることを確認します. 彼女の家族は知らされています.

    9午後: ウェイン・クーゼンスはミス・エバラードの殺人と誘拐で起訴されています.

    行進 13: ウェイン・クーゼンス, 48, ウェストミンスター治安判事裁判所に初出廷し、拘留されている.


    行進 14: ロンドン南西部での警戒の取り締まりをめぐって政治的嵐が発生し始めた, メトロポリタンコミッショナーのDameCressidaDickの辞任を求める声もありました

    行進 15: クレシダ・デイムは辞任しないと言い、部隊を率いることをさらに決意している. 警察の乗組員がサンドイッチに到着, ケント, 証拠の検索を開始します, 川を含む.

    行進 16: ウェイン・クーゼンス, 48, ミス・エバラードの誘拐と殺人をめぐってロンドンのオールドベイリーに初登場. 彼は10月に4週間の裁判に直面する可能性があると言われています.

    行進 17: サンドウィッチのデルフストリームでの検索, ケント, 警察のダイバーがミスエバードの電話を含む証拠を求めて水を洗う間、3日目は続きます, まだ足りない.