Look radiant (when it's the last thing you feel!)

Hannah Betts’s Betternot younger: Look radiant (when it’s the last thing you feel!)

  • Hannah Betts shares advice for luminous skin throughout the social season
  • UK-based beauty columnist reveals a selection of perfect pine products
  • Moroccan oil Extra Volume Shampoo is this week’s cosmetic craving
  • Wel, it is a cruel irony that our most social season occurs when we are most over-worked, over-committed and completely bl**dy exhausted.

    Hierdie jaar, despite predictions that we’d be partying like it was 1921 and there would be a national sequin shortage, the lure of the sofa has never felt stronger.

    The only way I can eject myself from the house is by pairing my party skirt, heels and big earrings combo with a cashmere roll neck, then piling on slap so incredible I feel compelled to show it off.

    Luminous skin is very much the focus. Should you have time, a spot of prep repays the effort. A mild chemical exfoliant will unstick dead cells, giving you smoother and more radiant underpinnings.

    UK-based beauty columnist Hannah Betts, shares advice for luminous skin throughout the social season (lêer beeld)

    UK-based beauty columnist Hannah Betts, shares advice for luminous skin throughout the social season (lêer beeld)

    Cult U.S. brand Youth To The People’s new Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant (£32, cultbeauty.co.uk) is particularly effective. Or pick up Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads (£17, sainsburys.co.uk) next time you’re in the supermarket.

    In the summer, if I need to de-death-mask myself, I use an ice roller to remove puffiness.

    In winter, it’s a slick of facial oil — Neom’s Great Day Glow Face Oil (£ 42, neomorganics.com), say — and a massaging device to boost circulation.

    I like Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Body Massage Beauty Roller (£ 125, net-a-porter.com), a Y-shaped vibrating tool that firms — or, in my case, creates — cheekbones and jawline.

    Amirce’s cheap 2-in-1 Face Massager Roller and T-shape Massager set (£19.98, amazon.com) is also a good investment. Five minutes whizzing these vibrating wands about one’s features really does provide a short-term lift.

    Next in my pre-bash prep comes Guerlain’s Midnight Secret (£ 26, guerlain.com). A science-obsessed friend scoffed at me the other day for relying on something I’ve used for 25 years when recent innovations abound. Al wat ek kan sê is: dit werk vir my. It plumps the complexion marvellously.

    I’ll then deploy an illuminating fluid. The best one of all time was Becca Cosmetics’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter, maar, hartseer, the brand is no more.

    Charlotte Tilbury’s Brightening Youth Glow Primer (£ 39, charlotte tilbury.com) is the closest thing on the market.

    Chanel’s array of illuminators are also top notch. The Iridescent Illuminating Fluid in Or Ivoire (£40, chanel.com) from its Christmas collection is a cracker on warm and cool colourings alike. I’m also enjoying Kevyn Aucoin’s Glass Glow Liquid Illuminator (£ 26, spacenk.com). Play about and see which texture works for you.

    Onlangs, I haven’t had time to do any of the above in my lurch soiree-wards.

    No matter, for I have discovered Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation (£61, patmcgrath.com).

    ‘Sublime’ is the right word. Luminous liquid foundations could be my Mastermind specialist subject but, steeds, this knocked my socks off.

    Sheer-seeming, while giving great coverage, it offers the lightest, most miraculous, second-skin-like, satiny sheen that blends beautifully. En, seuntjie, does it last, even when you take a face-down disco nap.

    Hannah (op die foto) claims it's a myth that ageing lids can¿t take shimmer or glitter

    Hannah (op die foto) claims it’s a myth that ageing lids can’t take shimmer or glitter

    Many women like to use a darker foundation colour to look tanned. A trick I use to appear both better and younger is to err on the paler side.

    Byvoorbeeld, streng gesproke, I’m a cool shade two in Charlotte Tilbury’s fantastic Airbrush Flawless Foundation (£34, charlottetilbury.com). Egter, when I knocked myself down to a not-entirely-unfeasible cool shade one this summer, I found my skin had never received more compliments — at 50! I reckon it’s because infant skins are pale. Hoe dit ook al sy, radiance is a cert.

    The modern festive face equals avoiding heavy lipstick (too finished — besides, a woman’s got to eat, drink and snog), and opting for scintillating eye make-up instead.

    It’s a myth that ageing lids can’t take shimmer or glitter. To incentivise myself to leave the house, I went on a quest to my local Mac counter to score some new Dazzleshadows (with their twinkling sheen) and Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (rich shimmers) (£17.50 each, maccosmetics.co.uk).

    I emerged equipped with Try Me On (a mermaidy blue-green), Joie de Glitz (an extraordinary green gold), Discotheque (a metallic silver), Ready to Party (a lambent lilac), Grand Galaxy (a gorgeous sooty violet) and Lunar (a stunning silver blue).

    Thus bribed, I am now far more up for a party.


    Prai’s Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme proved a bestseller: now it turns its attention to the hands, another neglected-yet-giveaway area. Boasting Volpura EP, which is clinically proven to plump skin, the hydrating Ageless Night Hand Creme will be flying off shelves from the first week in December.


    £18 Winkel



    Kate Beckinsale, 48, (op die foto), used SPF70 in her youth, as she was paranoid about developing ¿freckles in a moustache formation¿

    Kate Beckinsale, 48, (op die foto), used SPF70 in her youth, as she was paranoid about developing ‘freckles in a moustache formation’

    The 48-year-old actress has become the face of MRVL Skin Solutions, which uses Blue Scorpion Peptide as its anti-ager. In her youth she used SPF70, as she was paranoid about developing ‘freckles in a moustache formation’. Deesdae, she loves the bargain buys of Cetaphil’s gentle cleansing bar (£10.65, amazon.co.uk), Pantene shampoo and conditioner (£ 5, boots.com), and strawberry Chapstick (£1, savers.co.uk).


    I subjected Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo & Conditioner (£18.95 and £19.96 for 250ml, moroccanoil.com) to the rigorous test I put all expensive shampoos and conditioners through.

    Would they make it look as though my hair had been expertly styled merely by washing it, letting it dry, then giving it a brush for two seconds? They did!

    Behold: my lacklustre, limp, hormonal hair was transformed into such a gorgeous, springy mane that I genuinely walked into a lamppost while admiring it. Perfect for party season.



    Weleda Pine Reviving Bath Milk

    This bath milk is invigorating, like a dip in a forest pool or a hike up a mountain.


    £15.75 Winkel

    Hetkinen Pine Lip Balm

    Pine oil gives this balm a cooling effect to soothe lips.


    £19.42 Winkel

    Noble Isle Scots Pine Bath & Shower Gel

    The blend of pine, violet, cedar and oakmoss pays tribute to the Scottish Highlands.


    £15.75 Winkel

    Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Room Spray

    Christmas in a spritz. The scent is bright and bracing, creating an instant winter wonderland.


    £48 Winkel

    Diptyque Sapin Pine Tree Candle

    I crave Diptyque’s refreshing scent of pine set off by that of a smoky open fire.


    £60 Winkel





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