Manchester terror attack victim, 8, asked medics 'am I going to die?'

Manchester Arena terror attack’s youngest victim, 8, asked paramedics ‘am I going to die?’ after she enjoyed ‘the night of her lifeat Ariana Grande concert, public inquiry hears

  • Youngest victim of Manchester terror attack asked medics ‘am I going to die?’
  • 萨菲·罗斯·鲁索斯, 八, suffered shrapnel wounds and died after losing too much blood from leg injuries
  • Public inquiry heard Saffie-Rose had ‘night of her lifewatching idol on stage
  • Schoolgirl was one of 22 5月被Salman Abedi杀死的人 2017 攻击
  • The youngest victim of the Manchester Arena terror attack asked paramedics ‘am I going to die?’ after she enjoyed the ‘night of her lifeat the Ariana Grande concert, a public inquiry has heard.

    萨菲·罗斯, 八, suffered massive blood loss from shrapnel wounds to her legs caused by the explosion in the City Room foyer of the venue.

    她父亲, Andrew Roussos, said his daughter was on ‘cloud ninebefore she left their family home in Leyland, 兰开夏郡, for the performance.

    她是最小的 22 people killed in an horrific terror attack carried out by Salman Abedi after an 格兰德阿丽亚娜 concert in May 2017.

    萨菲·罗斯·鲁索斯 (图为)

    萨菲·罗斯·鲁索斯 (图为)

    萨菲·罗斯·鲁索斯 (图为), 八, 来自利兰, 兰开夏郡, suffered massive blood loss from shrapnel wounds to her legs caused by the explosion in the City Room foyer of the venue

    The Manchester Arena bombing carried out by Salman Abedi in May 2017 (图为)

    The Manchester Arena bombing carried out by Salman Abedi in May 2017 (图为)

    The schoolgirl had travelled to the concert with her mother Lisa and sister Ashlee Bromwich, who were also both also injured in the blast, before Abedi detonated a bomb inside the venue’s foyer.

    The youngster had earlier enjoyed ‘the night of her lifesinging and dancing, 询问被告知, as she watched her idol perform.

    A member of the public, Paul Reid, initially tended to and reassured her as the girl asked for her mother and about what had happened.

    He went on to stay by her side for more than 30 minutes before she was eventually placed into an ambulance outside the adjoining Victoria railway station.

    An off-duty nurse, Bethany Crook, also joined them as Saffie-Rose started to slip in and out of consciousness before they, with a number of British Transport Police officers, carried her out of the City Room on an advertising board.

    Ms Crook stated she was ‘surprisedto find no ambulance or additional medical staff waiting when they arrived outside at the Trinity Way exit of the station, 询问被告知.

    萨菲·罗斯(Saffie Rose)的母亲丽莎(Lisa), 兄弟Xander和姐姐Ashlee Bromwich在恐怖袭击后参加了八岁孩子的多彩葬礼. 毁灭性的报告分享了萨菲的最后时刻, 公众对袭击的调查准备听到有关紧急服务响应的更多信息

    萨菲·罗斯(Saffie Rose)的母亲丽莎(Lisa), 兄弟Xander和姐姐Ashlee Bromwich在恐怖袭击后参加了八岁孩子的多彩葬礼. 毁灭性的报告分享了萨菲的最后时刻, 公众对袭击的调查准备听到有关紧急服务响应的更多信息

    警方不顾一切地呼吁帮助,因为只有一名军医首先访问了恐怖现场 43 分钟

    晚上11点02分在市厅前厅的PC Matthew Hill, 爆炸发生在半小时前, 并在他的广播中听到他对同事说: ‘我们需要护理人员, 就像昨天的f *****。’

    晚上11.08, 个人电脑Mark Kay走到他的同事个人电脑Michael Ball并说: ‘没有人可以动弹,真的在那里?’

    PC Ball回答: ‘不是真的不, 他们真的受了重伤. 如果我们开始移动人们, 我们基本上需要医护人员。’



    A number of police officers discussed putting Saffie-Rose into the back of a police vehicle and driving her to hospital but Ms Crook said the youngster would not survive the journey without ‘proper care and stability’.

    Eventually a passing ambulance en route to an agreed rendezvous point, situated away from the arena, came after it was flagged down by an officer shouting and waving on the pavement.

    The inquiry heard that North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) paramedic Gillian Yates recalled Saffie-Rose asking her in the back of the ambulance: ‘Am I going to die?’

    她说: ‘That was all Saffie-Rose said. She was not engaging in conversation with us.

    ‘I tried to reassure her but when people ask this question it is a bad sign as it is usually asked by people who are really ill, and the fact she was asking it concerned me greatly.

    Her colleague, NWAS emergency medical technician Gemma Littler, said she knew as soon as she saw the patient on the ambulance that they would lose her.

    She stated: ‘I reassured her she was safe, that we were going to hospital and we would look after her. I did what I could for her. I reassured her as much as I could even when she asked me if she was going to die.

    ‘I responded in what I hope is the most reassuring way possible for her to hear.

    The ambulance arrived at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital at 11.23pm – 52 轰炸后几分钟 – but Saffie-Rose was pronounced dead at 11.40pm.

    Ms Bromwich stated to the inquiry that her younger sister had ‘the night of her lifewatching Grande perform.

    她说: ‘She was elated. She partied the night away and she was in her element.

    Saffie-Rose’s father, Andrew stated he had never seen his daughter so excited to see her idol perform.

    他说: ‘She was on cloud nine.

    The inquiry is looking into the circumstances of Saffie-Rose’s death this week, with a number of experts in disagreement about whether she could have survived her injuries.

    In January the inquiry heard that two victims, including Saffie-Rose, '可能有’ 如果早点治疗还活下来.


    Saffie-Rose Roussos将于五月在曼彻斯特竞技场离开Ariana Grande音乐会 2017 和她的母亲丽莎 (一起画) 和她的妹妹阿什莉·布罗姆维奇(Ashlee Bromwich), 萨尔曼·阿贝迪(Salman Abedi)在会场门厅引爆炸弹时

    但是,尽管至少有八辆救护车参观了该地区, 只有一名护理人员帕特里克·恩尼斯(Patrick Ennis), 五分钟后离开.

    保罗·格瑞尼(QG), counsel to the inquiry at the time said: ‘值得注意的是 40 爆炸后几分钟, 尽管有许多西非经共体工作人员, 帕特里克·恩尼斯(Patrick Ennis)是进入市政厅的唯一NWAS护理人员.


    ‘根据我发表开幕词以来产生的材料, 对于萨菲来说,生存能力是一个问题。’

    ‘直到晚上11点14分,NWAS危险区域响应小组 (哈特) 到达车站, 成立于 2009 并配备有专门的设备和技能,以便在恐怖袭击后进入处于困境和危险状况的患者并进行治疗.

    ‘One of the issues the inquiry will want to consider is why a team with obvious specialist skills to bear did not arrive until 43 爆炸后几分钟。’

    Saffie’s family had initially believed the youngster had died instantly in the blast, but a report commissioned by them revealed in January she may have survived for up to an hour, 因腿部受伤失血致死.