Monaco Grand Prix - F1 LIVE: Lap-by-lap updates and result

Monaco Grand Prix LIVE: Racing resumes again after a nasty crash involving Mick Schumacher as Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is left FURIOUS after a pit-stop causes him to lose the lead to Red Bull’s Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez won a stop-start, rain-hit, crash-punctuated Monaco Grand Prix on a day Ferrari and Charles Leclerc would rather forget.

Leclerc started on pole but Ferrari first messed up their strategy – not matching Red Bull when they brought in Perez to move from wet tyres to intermediates – and then botched his second stop, when he switched to slicks, to send him tumbling from first to fourth on his home track.

There was also a shocking-looking crash involving Mick Schumacher. He caught a damp patch as he hurtled through the swimming pool complex and kissed the barrier on the right and was sent into a 360-degree spin. He banged into the barrier on the other side and his Haas split in half. It looked awful, but the 23-year-old German radioed in to say he was fine and walked away.

The race was red-flagged for 20 minutes as a result.

It was one of several delays – the first of them amounting to 70 minutes at the start. Rain fell and the race director Eduardo Freitas, taking charge for only the second time, was slow getting them going even as the conditions improved and the track began to dry. He finally started them under a safety car – pretty cautious.

He later resumed the race after the Schumacher incident with a rolling start – very cautious.

There were 40 minutes left following the red-flag delay. By then the track was almost entirely dry.

Perez held on despite a late Carlos Sainz charge to claim his first win at Monaco and third in all. Sainz was runner-up for Ferrari, defending champion and championship leader Max Verstappen third, and Leclerc fourth.

Just two seconds separated the top four as they chequered flag was waved.

Leclerc’s fate was sealed when his second stop saw him told to come in and then to stay in. Too late! He was already in by then and had to wait a moment for Sainz to clear the box, losing valuable time.

He let out an unintelligible message of anger over the radio.

Lewis Hamilton started and finished eighth, 50 seconds off the winner, after for a while duelling with Alpine’s Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman was handed a five-second penalty for causing a crash as the two of them went wheel-to-wheel.

George Russell finished three places ahead of Hamilton, having started two places above him and made one stop fewer than his Mercedes team-mate.

Lando Norris was sixth for McLaren when the three-hour limit was up after 64 of the intended 77 laps completed.


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Perez wins!

Sainz second. Verstappen third.


Final lap

3 minutes remaining

perez is holding on despite his tyres. Almost there now.


6 minutes remaining

The front four are all bunched up together now. Could be an extremely exciting end to a unique race.


10 minutes remaining

Perez is now coming under real pressure. Can Sainz make a move?


Sainz radio: “Try to put pressure on him [Sergio Perez]. Lapped cars in front.”


16 minutes remaining

Alex Albon retires the Williams and joins the two Haas lads on the sidelines.


20 minutes remaining

Zhou with a fabulous save to prevent a spin.


23 minutes remaining

Hard to see any change in order without an incident here…


26 minutes remaining

Leclerc running out of ideas and time…


29 minutes remaining

The Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton hasn’t gained enough traction yet to catch Fernando Alonso in the Alpine and move up into seventh spot.


32 minutes remaining

Monaco living up to its reputation as the hardest track to overtake on.


35 minutes remaining.



We won’t be getting the full 77 laps.

Red Bull tell Max will be 29 more.


LAP 33/77

Leclerc has made a bad restart. He’s fallen further behind Verstappen.


LAP 31/77

Perez leads the cars back out.


Lapped cars can overtake once the race has resumed: Lance Stroll, Yuki Tsunoda, Guanyu Zhou, Nicholas Latifi and Alex Albon.

Should be going again in about one minute.


The debris has finally been cleared. Almost time to get back underway.


Red flag

A red flag now to repair the barrier. 


LAP 30/77

The marshals are sweeping away the remaining debris as the safety car continues to lead the drivers around the circuit.


Some words from Horner

“It’s a very dynamic race out there – we’ve got the call right onto the inter at the right time. Great lap from Checo on his out lap and we managed to get both Ferraris so that was great team work.

“I would be surprised if they red flag this – we should get going again.

“We’re not even half way so there’s a long way to go in this race – we’ve just got to be on our toes.”


Safety car

a proper safety car is now deployed.


Virtual safety car

A big crash!

Schumacher loses the rear and flies into the barrier. His car is literally split in two but fortunately he’s OK.


LAP 26/77

Both Mercedes are flying. 


LAP 25/77

Leclerc must be fuming. It was all going so well and now he finds himself fourth. 


LAP 24/77

Sainz produces a stunning save to prevent himself spinning into the barrier. 


LAP 23/77

The front four all pit and it’s worked perfectly for Red Bull.

Perez leads, ahead of Sainz, and Verstappen has moved ahead of Leclerc in third.


LAP 22/77

Verstappen si really gaining on Leclerc.


LAP 21/77

Hamilton has a bit of damage on his wing but he’s still right behind ocon, who is just about managing to hold him off for now.


LAP 20/77

Albon has gone on to slicks. The second driver to do so.


LAP 18/77

Leclerc and Verstappen pit.

Sainz stays put and leads the race.


LAP 17/77

Norris pits as well. Hamilton setting fast times now.


LAP 16/77

Perez pits from third. The intermediates come on,. Verstappen is still out. 


LAP 15/77

Gasly is driving a fine race and overtakes Ricciardo at Tabac for 12th, just as Perez tells Red Bull team radio that it is “definitely” time for the Intermediate tyres.


LAP 13/77

Leclerc has over a five-second lead up front with Sainz 2.1 ahead of Perez and Verstappen 1.5 back from the Mexican.


LAP 12/77

Gasly passes Zhou to move up to 13th.


LAP 11/77

Ocon has really divided the grid. He’s fallen  14 seconds behind eighth placed Hamilton, causing a real backlog.  


LAP 10/77

Leclerc with a lead of 3.30s. He looks very comortable.


LAP 9/77

Norris is managing to hold off Russell, for now.


LAP 7/77

Won’t be long until one of the three big teams switches to inters. It’s clear they’re faster.


LAP 6/77

Vettel is overtaken by Ocon, who moves up to ninth.

Gasly, on the intermediates, has set the fastest lap of the race. 


LAP 5/77

No more rain for the next 30 minutes… could mean a switch to intermediates for some.


LAP 4/77

Leclerc and Sainz definitely seem to be finding it easier than the Red Bulls.


LAP 3/77

Almost a collision between Latifi and Stroll as they head into the pits.

Leclerc is already starting to break away.


LAP 2/77

The safety car is about to head into the pits and then we’ll be racing.


LAP 1/77

An incident already as Laitfi goes into the barrier. He went in lightly and i able to continue.


Here we go

The race has started We’re underway behind the safety car.


10 minute warning

Looks like we could be racing soon…


The rain has cleared up but there is another huge rain cloud in the horizon…



The rain has got too heavy now. The red flags are out and it could be a while until this one gets underway.


The formation lap in underway. Heavy rain now. There could be a few of these.



Leclerc radio

“This intensity will be like this for another 10 minutes then lighter for another three minutes.”


One by one, they’re all changing to the wets.

It’s barely spitting with rain but it looks like we could be starting behind a safety car.

And that means everyone is obliged to run the full wet tyres.


Frantic scenes now as the teams decide what to do in terms of tires. Most have intermediates at the moment but some are now switching to wets.


The rain has arrived

The formation lap is due to start at 2.09pm with the teams expecting heavy rain.




Hamilton: ‘I have been having bad luck all year’:



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Charles Leclerc starts on pole with the race due to get underway at 2pm.