Neil Parish WILL resign as MP after watching X-rated clip in Commons

‘Porn MPNeil Parish WILL resign: Tory claims he accidentally opened X-rated video while looking at tractors in a ‘moment of madness’ – then looked at it again in Commons

  • ‘Porn MPNeil Parish has said he will resign from Parliament after being caught looking at porn in the House of Commons
  • He confirmed his exit in an interview outside his local conservative association
  • The move will trigger a by-election in the constituency of Tiverton and Honiton
  • He bizarrely claimed the first time he was caught, he was attempting to look at tractors
  • Neil Parish has confirmed he will resign as an MPadmitting that he watched pornography in the House of Commons.

    Parish told the BBC that the incident was a ‘moment of madnessand that ‘he was not proud of what [彼] was doing’.

    He claimed in an interview with the Corporation that the first time he viewed pornography in the Chamber was accidental when he had been searching on his phone for tractors.

    Parish told the BBC that the incident was a ‘moment of madnessand that ‘he was not proud of what [彼] was doing

    He did admit that the second time he viewed the content, that it was deliberate.

    He was suspended by the 保守派 on Friday under investigation.

    His resignation will trigger a by-election in the South West seat of Tiverton and Honiton in Devon.

    In an interview with BBC South West, 彼は言った: ‘The situation was thatfunnily enough it was tractors I was looking at.

    ‘I did get into another website that had a very similar name and I watched it for a bit which I shouldn’t have done.

    ‘But my crimebiggest crimeis that on another occasion I went in a second time.That was deliberatethat was sitting waiting to vote on the side of the chamber.

    ‘What I did was absolutely wrong.

    He appeared outside his local Conservative association to make the announcement of his resignation.

    彼が追加した: ‘I was wrong, I was stupid, I lost sense of mind.

    The resignation follows Parish’s wife, Sue Parish, promising to stand by her husband in an interview with the Times.

    Ms Parish, said the incident was ‘very embarrassingbut added that ‘if you were mad with every man who looked at pornography, you would not have many wives in the world.

    昨日, the 65-year-old farmer said he will resign if found guilty by standards commissioner Kathryn Stone, who is yet to say whether she will open an investigation.

    Several MPs had called for Parish to resign, including Labour grandee Harriet Harman.

    Ms Harman called on Mr Parish to stand down amid a ‘new low for the House of Commons’.

    She told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: ‘If this is what he has done, he should stand down from Parliament right away. It is not right for him to go through the investigation processes if that is what he has done.

    ‘Clearly he is not fit to be in Parliament. He should accept that and not drag the processes out.

    Liberal Democrat deputy leader Daisy Cooper called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to order Mr Parish to ‘resign immediately’.