PM told 'in person' about Pincher complaint, 元最高の公務員は言う

Boris was told ‘in personabout Chris Pincher complaints, 元公務員の主張: Dominic Raab is ambushed in BBC interview with ‘bombshell letteras Boris faces mutinous Cabinet TODAY with MPs ready to launch new no confidence vote ‘in autumn

  • Dominic Raab reveals he ‘spoke toshamed Chris Pincher about past complaint
  • MP quit as Tory deputy chief whip after claims he drunkenly groped two men
  • A slew of further allegations have also now emerged against the 52-year-old
  • Questions are being asked about the PM’s knowledge of Mr Pincher’s conduct
  • Boris Johnson to chair Cabinet today amid Tory backlash over latest sleaze row
  • Dominic Raab was this morning ambushed in a TV interview with claims Boris Johnson had been told ‘in person’ 過去の「正式な苦情について’ 恥ずべきMPについてクリス・ピンチャー.

    The Deputy Prime Minister faced a grilling on BBC Breakfast after former top civil servant, Simon McDonald, hit out at Number 10’s handling of the latest Westminster sleaze scandal.

    Mr Pincher last week resigned as ミシェル・モネは「人種差別」で訴えられて反撃する deputy chief whip following claims he drunkenly groped two men.

    彼は現在、保守党議員としても停止されています, 数年にわたる52歳の人に対して、さらに多くの主張が浮上しています。.

    The latest row has threatened to imperil Boris Johnson’s political future yet again, with questions being asked about what the Prime Minister knew of Mr Pincher’s conduct before handing him a top role.

    Downing Street has insisted the PM was not aware of ‘specific allegations being looked at’ ピンチャー氏について, but admitted Mr Johnson knew of ‘media reportsand ‘some allegations that were either resolved or did not progress to a formal comlaint’.

    No10 also stressed the PM took advice on naming Mr Pincher as deputy chief whip in February, but found it was ‘not appropriateto block the appointment because of ‘unsubstantiated allegations’.

    Lord McDonald gave critics of Mr Johnson further ammunition today when he wrote to a parliamentary watchdog to detail how the PM was told ‘in personabout a ‘formal complaintconcerning Mr Pincher in the summer of 2019.

    基準のための議会長官への手紙の中で, 彼が書きました: 「元のNo10行は正しくなく、変更はまだ正確ではありません.

    ‘Mr Johnson was briefed in person about the initiation and outcome of the investigation.

    「「正式な苦情」がありました. 申し立ては、調査が完了したという意味でのみ「解決」されました; ピンチャー氏は免罪されなかった.


    マクドナルド卿がツイッターで彼の手紙を発表した直後, ラーブ氏は今朝、テレビとラジオのインタビューを続けていたときに、クロスベンチピアの主張についてクイズを受けました。.

    The Deputy PM had earlier revealed he ‘spoke toshamed MP Chris Pincher ‘in no uncertain termswhen a past complaint was made about his behaviour.

    Mr Raab admitted he had been forced to look into an allegation of inappropriate conduct about Mr Pincher in October 2019.

    But he insisted the matter was found not to warrant any formal action as Mr Raab defended Mr Pincher as an ‘exceptional’ 大臣.

    Tory rebel MPs, who last month attempted to use a no confidence vote to oust Mr Johnson from Number 10, 新鮮なスリーズ列をきっかけにPMを取り除くための別の取り組みを開始するために大胆になりました.

    だが, with MPs due to go on their summer break later this month, ジョンソン氏は、秋までの別の広範な反乱から安全に設定されています.

    The PM will chair a Cabinet meeting this morning after being stung by a backlash from among his top ministers over his handling of the Pincher row.

    It follows claims that Mr Johnson joked about ‘handsyMr Pincher being ‘Pincher by name, 本質的にピンチャー」.


    PMは、国民保険のしきい値の変更を予告します – 明日発効予定 – 「10年で最大の減税」として.

    Dominic Raab admitted he had been forced to look into an allegation of inappropriate conduct about Chris Pincher in October 2019

    Dominic Raab admitted he had been forced to look into an allegation of inappropriate conduct about Chris Pincher in October 2019

    Questions are being asked about what the Prime Minister knew of Chris Pincher's conduct before handing him a top role

    Questions are being asked about what the Prime Minister knew of Chris Pincher’s conduct before handing him a top role

    ジョンソン氏がウェストミンスターから9日間離れて連邦に出席した後、先週英国に戻ったときに発生した新鮮なトーリー党のスリーズ列から移動するのは、ジョンソン氏の最新の試みです。, G7とNATOの首脳会議.



    It followed claims the MP drunkenly groped two men at an elite Conservative members’ クラブ.

    In his first appearance before the House of Commons since 22nd June, Mr Johnson yesterday steered clear of renewed questions over his leadership in the wake of the latest scandal.

    代わりに, the PM told MPs of his determination to continue the UK’s support for Ukraine.

    Mr Johnson also reiterated a pledge on defence spending and outlined his continuing ambition to strike post-Brexit deals with non-EU countries.

    The Prime Minister recently spent nine days away from Westminister as he attended Commonwealth, G7とNATOの首脳会議

    The Prime Minister recently spent nine days away from Westminister as he attended Commonwealth, G7とNATOの首脳会議

    The PM told the Commons that Ukraine must prevail against Russia’s invasion otherwise Vladimir Putin will ‘find new targets for his revanchist attacks’.

    He detailed how the G7 summit in Germany had seen the world’s leading democracies pledge nearly 30 billion dollars of financial support to Ukraine this year.

    Mr Johnson also confirmed the Government’s intent to ban the import of Russian goldpreviously a top revenue-raiser for the country’s economy.

    And he spoke of onging international efforts to extract around 25 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine in the face of Russia’s blockade in the Black Sea.

    The PM suggested the G7 is looking at the possibility of using the Danube river through central Europeas well as railwaysto get the crop out of Ukraine in ‘smaller quantities’.

    At last week’s NATO summit, Mr Johnson announced the UK would be spending 2.5 per cent of GDP on defence by the end of the decade.

    He reiterated that pledge today, although MPs will be concerned that the PM appeared to lessen the promise to a ‘predictionor ‘protractionof inceased defence spending under the terms of recent international commitments.

    ‘These are gigantic commitments. I think they’re the right thing for the UK. They will take us up to that threshold,’ ジョンソン氏は言った.

    ‘Of course much depends on the size of our GDP at the time. Much depends on the growth in the economy.

    ‘I think we’re going to pay for it out of steady and sustained economic growth.

    The PM told MPs that the recent Commonwealth summit in Rwanda had allowed him to ‘counter the mythsabout Russia’s actions in Ukraine and ‘point out that food prices are rising because Putin has blockaded one of the world’s biggest food producers’.

    There are concerns within Whitehall at Moscow’s attempts to convince African countries seeing disruption to their food supplies that they are the result of Western sanctions on Russia, rather than Mr Putin’s war.

    Mr Johnson also outlined how post-Brexit freedoms were allowing the UK to ‘sign free trade or economic partnership agreements with as many Commonwealth countries as possible’.

    And he repeated his aim of striking a trade agreement with India by the time of the Diwali festival in October.

    Boris Johnson this afternoon steered clear of renewed questions over his leadership in the wake of the latest scandal

    Boris Johnson this afternoon steered clear of renewed questions over his leadership in the wake of the latest scandal

    今日の初め, amid growing pressure over the new Tory sleaze row, Downing Street admitted that Mr Johnson was aware of claims about Mr Pincher before appointing him as Tory deputy chief whip in February.

    Following Mr Pincher’s resignation from that role, a slew of fresh allegations have since emerged against the 52-year-old.

    Questions are now being asked about what Mr Johnson knew of Mr Pincher’s conduct prior to appointing him to the key role in charge of party discipline in February.

    It has even been claimed Mr Johnson referred to the Tamworth MP as being ‘handsyand joked he was ‘Pincher by name, pincher by naturebefore making him a senior whip.

    The PM’s official spokesman today insisted Mr Johnson was ‘not aware of any specific allegations being looked atand pointed to how Mr Pincher had previously already served in Government under Theresa May.

    But the spokesman also admitted that the PM was ‘aware of media reports that others had seen over the years and some allegations that were either resolved or did not progress to a formal complaint’.

    ‘He did take advice on some of the allegations that had been made, but there was no formal complaint at that time and it was deemed not appropriate to stop an appointment simply because of unsubstantiated allegations,’ 彼らは付け加えた.

    The spokesman did not deny the claimsmade by the PM’s estranged former chief adviser Dominic Cummingsthat Mr Johnson had previously joked about Mr Pincher’s reputation.

    ‘I’m simply not going to comment on content of what was or wasn’t said in private conversations,’ 彼らは言った.

    Asked if Mr Johnson regretted appointing Mr Pincher as deputy chief whip, the PM’s spokesman said: 「明らかに, we wouldn’t want anyone working in the Government to behave in the manner as he is alleged to have done so.

    ‘That is not the behaviour that you’d want to see in any walk of life.

    Boris Johnson is under pressure over his decision to appoint Chris Pincher as the Conservative deputy chief whip in February

    Boris Johnson is under pressure over his decision to appoint Chris Pincher as the Conservative deputy chief whip in February

    The fresh sleaze scandal has emboldened Tory rebels in their plot to oust the Prime Minister from 10 ダウニング街

    The fresh sleaze scandal has emboldened Tory rebels in their plot to oust the Prime Minister from 10 ダウニング街

    ピンチャー氏は先週、カールトンクラブで「飲み過ぎ」た後、「自分や他の人を困らせる」ことを認めた後、副院内総務を辞任した。, 保守党に人気の豪華なロンドンの水飲み場

    ピンチャー氏は先週、「自分や他の人を当惑させた」と認めた後、副院内総務を辞任した。’ 飲み過ぎた後’ カールトンクラブで, 保守党に人気の豪華なロンドンの水飲み場

    Can Boris face another Tory confidence vote?

    Haven’t we just had a Tory confidence vote?

    はい. 後 15 per cent of Conservative MPs wrote to backbench 1922 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady, he triggered a vote last month.

    The PM won, だが 148 –ハックニーのバルコニーから落下して重傷を負った7年後 359 MPs backed kicking him out in the secret ballot.

    Mr Johnson and his allies hailed that as a clear victory and urged the party to unite behind him.

    Can MPs just call another vote?

    理論的には, party rules mean that because Mr Johnson secured 50 per cent of the vote he cannot be challenged again for 12 月.

    But notably Theresa May also won a confidence battle, and was later threatened with a rule change to enable her to face another voteforcing her to resign.

    Are they likely to change the rules?

    Some of the PM’s leading critics have warned against ‘tinkeringwith Tory leadership rules to oust Mr Johnson.

    But upcoming elections to the executive of the 1922 委員会 – expected next weekare becoming a key battle between Tory rebels and Johnson loyalists.

    If the rebels win a majority of the 18 positions up for grabs, they could push through their attempt to change party rules.

    そして, since last month’s no confidence vote, opinion against Mr Johnson has hardened among some MPs following the two bruising by-election defeats in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton.

    The PM is now also having to face another Tory sleaze scandal.

    Is there any other way for the leader to be evicted?

    Mr Johnson has defiantly insisted he will not entertain the ‘crazyidea of resigning.

    そして – barring the Opposition winning a vote of no confidence in the Housethere is no formal mechanism to get rid of him before the next general election.

    しかしながら, a withdrawal of support by the Cabinet would make his position untenable.

    What happens if the leader is ousted?

    The leader is sacked if they lose a Tory confidence vote, そして、彼らが立つことができないリーダーシップコンテストが始まります. Resignation would also trigger a contest.

    しかしながら, the outgoing chief typically stays on as Prime Minister until a replacement is chosen.

    Are there any other big moments coming up that could fuel the Tory revolt?

    The cross-party Privileges Committee is about to kick off an inquiry into whether Mr Johnson misled the House over Partygate.

    It is expected to report in the Autumn, when the PM will also have to run the gauntlet of Tory conference.


    The PM is facing the fresh Tory sleaze scandalwhich has caused a Cabinet backlashjust ahead of what could prove to be critical internal elections within the Conservative Party.

    Tory MPs are next week set to decide on key positions on the powerful 1922 委員会 – which are now being seen as a proxy vote on Mr Johnson’s future, amid plans to change party rules to allow another no confidence ballot on the PM’s leadership.

    But Mr Johnson, who will face the House of Commons for the first time this afternoon after his recent nine-day foreign trip, will be expected to hit back against the continued plotting by Tory rebels.

    The PM is due to report back this afernoon to MPs on his attendance at last week’s Commonwealth, G7とNATOの首脳会議 – in which he will be keen to stress the role he is playing in international efforts to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and in support ing Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

    The upcoming contest for places on the 1922 Committee’s executive has led to a battle between rebel MPs and those loyal to Mr Johnson to fill those 18 positions.

    When the PM won last month’s no confidence vote over his leadership he was granted 12 months immunity from having to face another contest.

    But there are rebel plans to change that rule and allow Mr Johnson to face a fresh vote if they win a majority on the 1922 そういうことでサークルが完成したと思います.

    One rebel told タイムズ the row over Mr Pincher had ‘100 per centstrengthened the campaign to oust the PM.

    別の追加: ‘It has certainly sharpened minds to act because it all goes back to the Prime Minister.

    The newspaper reported that one plan by Tory rebels was to change the party’s rules to allow a new no confidence vote in Mr Johnson’s leadership if 90 MP – 25 per cent of the parliamentary partysubmit letters to 1922 chair Sir Graham Brady.

    The plan is being portrayed as a ‘compromise proposalas it increases the threshold from 15 パーセント – 54 MP – that triggered last month’s vote.

    Will Quince, the children and families minister, this morning dimissed the claim by Mr Cummings that Mr Johnson previously joked about Mr Pincher being ‘Pincher by name, 本質的にピンチャー」.

    He told LBC Radio: ‘I think that quote came from Dominic Cummings, who’s not someone who I give a huge amount of credibility to, given past experience.

    In a series of TV and radio interviews, Mr Quince said he had been given ‘categorical assurancethat Mr Johnson was ‘not aware of any serious specific allegationabout Mr Pincher before appointing him as deputy chief whip.

    He also denied claims that junior ministers such as himself were having to face media interviews about the ‘indefensibleallegations about Mr Pincher, due to Cabinet ministers refusing to go on the airwaves.

    彼はスカイニュースに語った: ‘I’m certainly not going to defend the former deputy chief whip.

    ‘The allegations are incredibly serious and I’m appalled by them.

    ‘But that isn’t the case today, because I was booked in four days ago, in fact five days ago I think it was, to talk about a very important childcare announcement.

    ピンチャー氏は先週、「自分や他の人を当惑させた」と認めた後、副院内総務を辞任した。’ 飲み過ぎた後’ カールトンクラブで, 保守党に人気の豪華なロンドンの水飲み場.

    He has referred himself for ‘professional medical supportand vowed to ‘cooperate fullywith a parliamentary investigation into his actions.

    But the MP, who will now sit as an independent after having the Tory whip suspended, has denied other allegations to have emerged against him.

    Labour Party chair Anneliese Dodds has written to the PM demanding to know what Downing Street knew of allegations about Mr Pincher before his second appointment as a Tory whip.

    The Tamworth MP had previously resigned from the whipsoffice in 2017 after being implicated in the ‘Pestminstersleaze scandal after being accused of making an unwanted pass at former Olympic rower and Conservative activist Alex Story.

    But Mr Pincher was later cleared by an investigation.

    ‘Only Boris Johnson could have looked at this guy’s record and thoughthe deserves a promotion”,’ Ms Dodds said.

    ‘This PM is clearly happy to sweep sexual misconduct under the carpet in order to save his own skin.


    クリストファー・ピンチャーは先週、「飲みすぎた」と認めた後、トーリー党の副院内総務を辞任した。’ と「自分自身と他の人を困惑させた」.

    それは彼がカールトンクラブで2人の男を酔っぱらって手探りしたという主張に続いた, 保守党員’ 水曜日の夜にロンドンのクラブ.

    タムワースMPは、「完全に協力する」と誓いました。’ 議会の番犬による公式の調査で.

    しかし、ピンチャー氏については、他にも多くの主張が浮上しています。, 彼はそれを否定します, 含む:

    – 周りの事件で 2012, 20代前半の男性は、ロンドンでのイベントでピンチャー氏から望まない性的関心を受けたと述べました

    – 元議会の研究者は、ピンチャー氏が保守党大会で若い男性のせせらぎを阻止しようとしたときに、ピンチャー氏が彼女を上司に報告すると脅した方法を語った。 2013

    – で別の疑惑の事件 2013 ピンチャー氏のロンドンのアパートで亡くなった若い男性を巻き込んだ. 彼は彼の上に政治家と一緒に目が覚めたと主張されています

    – A 2017 ピンチャー氏が別の国会議員の内腿に手を置いたと主張される事件.

    – 慈善募金活動は、ピンチャー氏が写真を撮るためにポーズをとったときに太ももと下を手探りしたと主張しました 2018

    – 若いトーリー党の活動家は、MPが彼の肩をマッサージし、の私有地で彼のシャツを元に戻そうとしたと主張している 2019

    – ピンチャー氏が次の党の会議で若いトーリー党員に望まない前進をしたという主張 2019, 彼が彼の政治的キャリアをどのように助けることができるかを説明しながら

    – 党の若いトーリー党活動家に向けてMPが行ったとされる望ましくない前進 2021 または未成年者向けに設計されたイベントに参加するブランド。

    – トーリー党の若い活動家は、彼が「修正された」と主張しました’ の車の中でピンチャー氏によって 2021