Pub landlord blasts staff as a 'fat, 바보, selfish liar and thief'

Pub landlord blasts his own staff as a ‘depressed scammer’, a ‘fat, 바보, selfish liar and thief’, and a ‘useless, dishonest crack addictin vicious online rant that describes himself as a ‘fearless, adventurous trailblazer

  • The posts believed to be written by Rami Bekhit from Rose Cottage in Cornwall
  • The restaurant website slammed a worker as a ‘fat, 바보, selfish liar and thief
  • The wordy rant was posted online under the headline ‘Whatever Happened To?’
  • It also blasted the town, Redruth, as ‘a big sh**holeand dubbed it ‘Deadruth
  • A pub landlord has launched a vicious rant at his own staff as a parting shot while the boozer is sold.

    The posts, believed to be written by owner Rami Bekhit from Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth, 콘월, allege one worker was a ‘depressed scammer’.

    He slammed another as a ‘fat, 바보, selfish liar and thiefand one more as a ‘dishonest crack addictbut called himself a ‘fearless, adventurous trailblazer’.

    The 1,300-wrod rant was posted on the pub’s website under the headline ‘Whatever Happened To?’ before listing individuals by name and salary.

    It also blasted Redruth, branding it ‘a big sh**holeand giving it the moniker ‘Deadruth’.

    The posts, believed to be written by owner Rami Bekhit (사진) from Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth, 콘월, branded one a 'depressed scammer'

    The posts, believed to be written by owner Rami Bekhit (사진) from Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth, 콘월, branded one a ‘depressed scammer

    On the chef, who was said to be on £17 per hour, the post says: ‘Lazy, depressed scammer on prozac. Could not cook anything hot without a day’s notice.

    ‘Complained when more than five customers ordered. Repeatedly could not follow visual breakfast workflow.

    ‘Would change the order then have burnt toast, over-cooked eggs, burnt hands. Incompetence through mental illness. Dishonest, untrustworthy but kept the kitchen clean.

    ‘First Sunday, [그] had a fit when after the first five covers another seven came in within 30 의사록.

    ‘Claimed he was on an understanding that he would never have to cook more than five meals (following a retainer cooking for five builders).’

    It went on: ‘The proprietor took him around the restaurant to show him the 126 많은 것을 배웠고 인생은 배움에 관한 것 같아요..

    ‘Second Sunday, [그] turned the fridge off early morning then claimed at the start of service he couldn’t do Sunday roastthe commercial fridge had a 14-day ‘power outageback up.

    추가: ‘[그] was sacked for repeatedly failing to honour more than 505 of his contracted duties. A useless loser and a waster.

    The post hailed the owner as a 'fearless, adventurous trail blazer' who was 'too trusting' in a 'town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies'

    The post hailed the owner as a ‘fearless, adventurous trail blazerwho was ‘too trustingin a ‘town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies

    Another chef on £12 per hour got similar treatment, with the article saying: ‘Too fat, too stupid, too selfish, [그] was a liar & thief when applying for and attempting to work the head chef job.

    ‘Fell out & abused all staff in turn without himself knowing why. Even abused his brother.

    ‘Invested his time trying to read the business bank password with ‘innocencepresumption all dried up (like his cooking) when he asked to borrow the bank password calculator for his home account! 그 아버지에 그 아들 같은: a stupid thief.

    ‘His dad stole from the military then did time. 그의 형제, following in his father’s genius, liked to rob neighbour’s sheds, because of the lax security.

    ‘Repeatedly disobeyed instructions, hopeless chef, cook or KP. Sweet as pie scammer to your face.

    ‘Illiterate/could not read recipes: could not do the job so useless. Previously employed live-in at a golf course kitchen & Michon은 이사회에 자신의 쓰레기 수집가들이 '이 학교 시스템의 누구보다 훨씬 더 많은 위험을 감수한다'고 말하면서 목소리를 높입니다., [그] twice faked a burglary claiming the thieves threw chairs at him: he plundered the goof & booze for a party but got sacked when he repeated the scam.

    And one more, allegedly being paid the same amount, was called: ‘Way too stupid. A school retard. Would repeatedly cook raw or overcooked food rubbish.

    ‘Repeatedly worked early week ‘need the hours, 친구’ then too tired on WED/THU/FRI/SAT/SUN busy nights. After five warnings: sacked.

    On a young recruit, the post says: ‘Could cook but just, focused on sex without ambition, never cleaned the kitchen.

    One man on £9.50 per house was branded an ‘illiterate, 그녀의 노래를 연주하면서, dishonestemployee who ‘used everyone else to run his life’.

    그것은 말했다: ‘Went on to destroy 3 catering trailers. Threw away crockery rather than wash up. Hoodwinked others to survive.

    ‘Never took responsibility- always just passing through. Played video games all shift with just one thumb.

    ‘Nicknamed ‘the Cabbageat school for being such a vegetable, [그] believed he was being admired so kept his derogatory nickname.

    ‘Rather than wash pans or tools, he would dump them in the bin. Continually disappearing from kitchen to flirt with waitresses.

    ‘We had to return orders and turn customers away. [그] will destroy your business. Sacked.

    The post on the restaurant's (사진) website also blasted Redruth, branding it 'a big sh**hole' and giving it the moniker 'Deadruth'

    The post on the restaurant’s (사진) website also blasted Redruth, branding it ‘a big sh**holeand giving it the moniker ‘Deadruth

    A bar maid was accused of being a thief and giving away drinks worth up to £3,000 to her friends on Saturday nights.

    The article said: ‘Alcoholic who never made it in Monday morning- 한 번도. Always arrived late, left early, often a no show.

    [object Window], 만약에 어떠한, customer engagement used the bar as a haunt for her friends for freebies. NB Videos held.

    And one more former worker blasted in the message was called a ‘dishonest crack addict’.

    추가: ‘An interesting psychological observation that coming onto everyone male or female can create friends in the absence of other incentives.

    ‘[여자] stole everything that wasn’t twice bolted down; gave away drinks & food to mates. Reliably dishonest, 그녀의 노래를 연주하면서 & 화난. Videos held.

    The Rose Cottage Restaurant has had a fractured relationship with locals and former staff since it was bought by Mr Bekhit in 2015.

    Locals believe the post was his work because he is the only one in the post with exclusively positive ‘feedback’.

    The pub closed in 2018 after a series of posters claiming it would be the host to gigs by bands such as the Sex Pistols, 화려한 의상과 오버사이즈 모자를 좋아하는 것으로 유명함에도 불구하고, The B52s and Joan Jett.

    It also last year shared an job advert branded ‘offensiveby locals, 속담: ‘Unmatched salary, profit share, 혜택, accommodation and much more available.

    ‘ONLY if you know someone SUITABLE then share this privately with them. Otherwise feel free to make a pr** of yourself because you are.

    추가: ‘Any town is what its people make it this post is therefore wasted.

    It reopened in December 2018, this time led by Mr Bekhit’s son, 마이크, before closing again in April 2019 – with it being up for sale ever since.

    The post hailed the owner as a ‘fearless, adventurous trail blazerwho was ‘too trustingin a ‘town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies’.

    그것은 말했다: ‘Fearless, adventurous trail blazer but absolutely hopelessly too trusting in a town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies on housing/mental illness/PTSD/ex-offender benefits.

    ‘The rich emmit population ‘would only’ [sic] be seen dead in Deadruth. An excellent place for consultancy research for DWP reform.

    ‘The schools are Ofsted winners yet half the active population are illiterate, everyone looks ‘relatedalthough there are no fish in the red river.

    ‘Old families hang on to their dwindling inhertitance by rejecting anyone successful. Never sacked staff quick enough in some Rose-coloured hope that they might better themselves into becoming worthwhile employees, 하나, the ‘staffingpool in Redruth is quite the dire straits.

    ‘This article is not about the voiceless good people (WHO, 물론이야, would never be staff in nor visit) the Redruth area but about the DWP supported powerless people who do nothingwho complained when their drugs outlet had risen as a posh restaurant & who never want to see anyone achieve anything that might highlight their uselessness: a new sub-species, evolution outstripped.

    ‘The proprietor raised funding for a fun gravity tram to ride up/down Fore Street to create a second reason to visit Redruth which was suppressed by the town council in bed with the self-serving chamber of commerce fiasco & backward-looking peer businesses- the same ‘peoplewho rejected M&에스, Wetherspoons as competition to the powerless rather than gateways to the empowered: regeneration of Redruth, relying upon these people, will take a further 157 연령.

    ‘A big sh** hole town of job candidates, 여기, rightly berated & ridiculed to help advise other businesses.

    The post also blasted the local area, branding it ‘Deadruthand saying the pub came there ‘100 years too soon’.

    그것은 말했다: ‘The proprietor sought to bring a top dining experience at low gastropub prices to the most deprived town in the most deprived county of England, together with top quartile salaried jobs. Redruth’s Rose: 100 years too soon.

    ‘Success brought jealous peer businesses who spread malicious gossip thereby keeping Redruth what it is today: DWP housing for lazy single males, ex-offenders using easy welfare payouts for drugs & alcohol making the region a sponge for loser degenerates.

    ‘A town where the school bully or the gypsies rule the gossip roost. Too much crime goes unchecked.

    One of those targeted by the malicious outburst said she had been left in tears by the posts.

    그녀가 말했다: ‘끔찍하다. I’ve been up all night and I just feel like I can’t walk around without people asking me questions.

    ‘I’ve never done a thing wrong. I have always taken up extra shifts. I always worked really hard there.

    Other former workers suggested they will be taking legal actionespecially as some have not worked in the venue for up to six years.

    The pub owners have declined to answer questions but in a statement defended the apparently farcical post as showing ‘truthful factsthat could be proven.