REBECCA ENGLISH: Sajid Javid 终于公布了 NHS 积压计划以消除漫长的等待

Charles’s Queen Mehbooba: That’s Urdu for ‘my belovedand his pet name for CamillaREBECCA ENGLISH’s inside story of why the prince could never allow the duchess to be a second class citizenand how the Queen finally moved to heal a 20-year issue

  • Rebecca English gives the inside story after the Queen expressed her ‘sincere wishfor Camilla to be Queen one day as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee
  • Prince Charles spoke to both his sons personally ahead of the announcement
  • A few weeks after I started working as the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent, I was invited to tea with a senior courtier.

    As he stoked a roaring log fire, he told me with unexpected candour: ‘The Prince of Wales is a man who has made mistakes. But he is also a very good man, who has devoted his life to do the best for his country.

    ‘Should he really be flagellated for the errors he has made in his personal life for the rest of his days?’

    答案, 根据 皇后 至少, is clearly no.

    Her masterful statement on Saturday night expressing her ‘sincere wish’ for Camilla to be Queen one day cleverly dovetailed her own lifetime of service to the nation with the unwavering support she received from her late husband, as her father had from her mother.

    Camilla Duchess of Cornwall with Rebecca English - Daily Mail Royal Reporter

    Camilla Duchess of Cornwall with Rebecca EnglishDaily Mail Royal Reporter

    It was a move long in the planning, 基尔·斯塔默爵士(Sir Keir Starmer)向平等监督机构报告了“跨性别女性是女性”的评论 基尔·斯塔默爵士已向平等监督机构报告, but only recent in execution: Her statement was finalised personally at Sandringham on Friday.

    In contrast to Harry and Meghan’s departure from Britain and royal duties, there was no great family summit on the issue.

    The ‘deal’ on the Duchess of Cornwall’s future title of Queen Consort – if indeed it can be called that – was done by the Queen and her private secretary, 爱德华·杨爵士, along with Charles and his right-hand man, Clive Alderton. Not even Camilla herself was involved.

    王子, 我被告知, spoke to both his sons personally.

    但, 再次, there was no debate on the issue. It was a fait accompli – the Queen had spoken, 摩纳哥夏琳王妃“做得更好”.

    And there is certainly no sense of jubilation at Clarence House, the Prince of Wales’s household.

    This was never about that. From the dozen or so people I have spoken to, all of whom have been involved in discussions on the subject at one point or another over the last 20 年份, there is simply a quiet sense of finally tying up ends.

    The issue of whether Camilla would become Queen was a running sore for the Royal Family from day one because of Diana’s legacy.

    The issue of whether Camilla would become Queen was a running sore for the Royal Family from day one because of Diana¿s legacy.

    The issue of whether Camilla would become Queen was a running sore for the Royal Family from day one because of Diana’s legacy.

    It is why, when her engagement to Charles was announced in 2005, the prince’s then-private secretary, 当然这是一个独特的情况, made a point of stating she would not take on the title of Princess of Wales, even though she was perfectly entitled to do so.

    此外, 他说, she would become known as Princess Consort when Charles acceded to the throne.

    One source who was intimately involved in events at the time says now: ‘I know there are some who will say it was all a lie and there was some grand master plan to make the duchess Queen Consort all along.

    ‘But frankly everyone was so relieved to have got through the wedding without any public demonstrations or eggs being thrown that people were very happy to park the issue to one side and just see what happened.’

    A few years after the couple’s marriage at Windsor Guildhall in April 2005, the words ‘intends to be known as’ were inserted into the Princess Consort phraseology in any pronouncement on the subject. And then in 2018 the issue was erased in its entirety from the Clarence House website, with officials (rather inexplicably) saying ‘people weren’t interested in it as an issue any more’.

    Change was definitely coming.

    The couple wed at Windsor Guildhall in April 2005

    On a visit to a Wiltshire children’s centre 11 几年前, Camilla was asked by an eight-year-old girl if she would be Queen. ‘You never know,’ she quickly replied.

    而在 2010, when the prince was put on the spot by an interviewer and asked if his wife would rule by his side, 查尔斯说: ‘We’ll see, 我们不是吗? That could be.’

    It’s worth making clear that, according to every single one of my sources, the title of Queen Consort is not an honour the Duchess of Cornwall has ever pressed for, or even proffered an opinion on.

    One long-term staffer says: ‘I can honestly say, hand on heart, in all the years I have known her she has never once raised this as an issue or asked, “How can we create the environment in which this can happen?”

    ‘If anyone raised it in her presence, because there had been a poll they thought she should be aware of, she was utterly sphinx-like. Inscrutable.

    ‘At a push she might raise an eyebrow and nod her head in acknowledgement. But you would never know what she thought about it. Never.’

    Another agrees, 加: ‘I never discussed it with her once in all the time I worked for her. And I never heard it being discussed. It was “parked” as an issue until nearer the time [of Charles’s accession].

    ‘The duchess has always approached her job as “to do what is asked of you, when you are asked to do it”. You don’t try to shape the role to your advantage.

    ‘It’s about duty and service. That’s how the prince looks at things and how she does too.

    ‘She follows the Duke of Edinburgh’s approach to the role, which is to be unselfish and supportive. This was always an issue for others to decide.’ But if it wasn’t an issue for Camilla, there is no doubt that it was for Charles.

    The title of Queen Consort is not an honour the Duchess of Cornwall has ever pressed for, or even proffered an opinion on.

    The title of Queen Consort is not an honour the Duchess of Cornwall has ever pressed for, or even proffered an opinion on.



    “远非‘另一个女人’’ “远非‘另一个女人’, 威尔士公主’ 婚姻, “远非‘另一个女人’.

    下, “远非‘另一个女人’.

    Prince Charles and Camilla on their wedding day in 2005

    Prince Charles and Camilla on their wedding day in 2005

    在此期间 17 离开圣乔治教堂, 离开圣乔治教堂.

    离开圣乔治教堂, 离开圣乔治教堂.


    离开圣乔治教堂 – 离开圣乔治教堂 1997 – 离开圣乔治教堂’ 作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分.

    作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分 1999, 作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分, 作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分.

    作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分 9, 2005.

    作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分, 作为王子的长期合作伙伴的出现是由王位继承人的旋转医生马克博兰精心策划的公关活动的一部分.



    ‘For the prince, it is less about the role itself and more about respect,’ one source close to the prince tells me. ‘He feels she deserves to be treated as any other second wife. What other woman isn’t allowed to be called “Mrs X” and have the same rights and privileges as a first wife?

    '事实是, to deny her of it would be punitive. And if you feel like that about the future Queen Consort, then what does it say about every other woman in the country? It feels out of the step with the time.’ Another friend of the prince adds: ‘He loves his wife, he adores her. He calls her his “mehbooba” – “my beloved” [in Urdu]. How could he be a true husband and endorse a situation when she was asked to be a second-class citizen?’ I am told by several impeccably placed sources that around 2017-2018, Charles and his team had made up their minds that Camilla should become Queen Consort.

    ‘It was absolutely a done deal as far as Clarence House were concerned,’ said one. 确实, 在 2019 they were on the verge of actually announcing it to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Charles becoming Prince of Wales.

    But at the last minute they ‘bottled it’, feeling the occasion wasn’t entirely right as it was more about him than the Queen. ‘People were still nervous of how it would be received without her endorsement,' 他们说.

    So what has now changed? ‘There is no doubt over the past few months the Queen has not been shy of talking about the future,’ explains one senior courtier.

    Most poignantly, 自从与加拿大总理感染新冠病毒后,她第一次面对面接触时,站在一大束蓝色和黄色的鲜花前,表达了她对乌克兰的声援, who will celebrate her 96th birthday in April, told the Cop26 summit in Glasgow last year of how ‘none of us will live for ever’ and how proud she was of her family.

    And her Christmas address was littered with references to traditions being passed down the generations and how it is a source of comfort to her.

    ‘While most people don’t want to think of the Queen’s passing, she does,’ says one senior royal aide. ‘And she feels it is time to tie up the loose ends.

    ‘We have never had a Platinum Jubilee before and the Queen sees it as an opportunity to pass her wisdom on – “I’ve done this job for 70 年份, I know the importance of the role my husband played in it. I saw it in my father and mother”. She honestly believes that [卡米拉] deserves the title.

    ‘This is the Queen looking forward and addressing an issue that she thinks really needs to be addressed. Nobody puts words in the Queen’s mouth.

    ‘And she believes that you can’t do this sort of role without support, which requires sacrifice. It’s a partnership and the title should go with it.’ Last month, the Queen made Camilla a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter, the highest order of chivalry in England, in the New Year Honours. The writing was on the wall.

    And after discussing the matter with Charles and her advisers again, she decided to use her Accession Day address to make her ‘sincere wish’ clear.

    Other members of the Royal Family – including Diana’s sons – were told of her decision in advance. William is sanguine. It’s a decision above his head and he loves his father and wants him to be happy. Harry’s response can only be guessed at – maybe we will read about it in his book later this year?

    ‘The Queen wants to protect her legacy, she wants a smooth transition of power and it makes sense from her perspective,’ another insider adds.

    ‘There will, 当然, be the steadfast Diana camp who will never ever accept it.

    Other members of the Royal Family ¿ including Diana¿s sons ¿ were told of the Queen's decision in advance

    Other members of the Royal Family – including Diana’s sons – were told of the Queen’s decision in advance

    ‘But I think they are in the minority now. 和, 至关重要的, the whole family supports this.

    ‘Just because they said something different at the time they got married, doesn’t make that a lie. There was no master plan to crown Queen Camilla.

    ‘This has come about because of 17 years of loyal and faultless service by the duchess, thousands of engagements and hundreds of overseas visits.

    ‘She’s been a fantastic consort to the Prince of Wales, who has never tried to overshadow him and has embraced everything that has been thrown at her.

    ‘She’s also gone on to campaign about some really brave issues of her own, such as domestic abuse and violence against women. She’s not played it safe.’

    另一个, who has known all of those involved for almost two decades, 添加: ‘我们非常, very lucky in our Royal Family to have some fantastically strong and dedicated women. And Camilla is now firmly one of those.

    ‘As far as the Queen is concerned, this is the last piece of the jigsaw. It is time. Camilla has earned her place by Charles’s side.’