'Senior colleague raped Met Police officer', 不当听证会告诉

Female Met Police officer was ‘sexually abused and raped by a senior colleague who took advantage of her naivety’, misconduct hearing is told

  • It’s claimed the sergeant, 听说恐怖袭击后上床睡觉的消防队长被解雇, assaulted two women
  • The allegations came to light when both the women got in touch with each other
  • A hearing was told he subjected both to coercive control between 2013 和 2017
  • It was told there was a ‘degree of similaritybetween his behavior towards them
  • A police officer who claims she was sexually abused and raped by a senior colleague told a misconduct hearing how he took advantage of her naivety.

    The police sergeant, 听说恐怖袭击后上床睡觉的消防队长被解雇, allegedly told one of the women the only reason he had sex with her from behind was so did not have to look at her ‘f*****g ugly face’.

    The officer is alleged to have subjected two women to sexual assaults, physical assaults and coercive control, 之间 2013 和 2017.

    He was around ten years older than the first complainant who was 20 and working as a special constable in her final year of university in 2012.

    The officer is alleged to have raped and assaulted two women between 2013 和 2017, during which time he was employed by the Metropolitan Police(档案照片)

    The officer is alleged to have raped and assaulted two women between 2013 和 2017, during which time he was employed by the Metropolitan Police(档案照片)

    ‘When I first met him I was very young. Naïve I suppose,’ she told the Metropolitan Police Disciplinary Hearing in Fulham, 标记'Alex' Beqiri.

    ‘Suddenly you go from university surrounded by people [who are] by and large your own age who had never been employed and in the police, you suddenly meet men who have life experience from the people they’ve come into contact with.

    ‘It’s impressive. There’s that air of authority. I’ve always been brought up that the police are amazing.

    She said his coercive and controlling behaviour started immediately as he began ‘love bombing’ 和‘煤气灯’ 她的.

    ‘He told me very quickly that he loved me, I was amazing, I was beautiful.

    He would constantly call, text, post on her Facebook wall and send her love songs that reminded him of her and pictures of love quotes.

    The officer invited her to come and work on his team whenever she wanted, which she saw as a ‘really good opportunity’.

    ‘Lots of red flags for me but at the time I’d never experienced anyone or anything like it,’ 她说.

    ‘The only way I can describe that relationship is it was nought to one hundred very quickly.

    The allegations came to light in 2017 after both the complainants got into contact through a third party to discuss the abuse that they had both experienced.

    The first alleged victim said: ‘I’d had a number of conversations with various supervisors.

    ‘I had brought up controlling and coercive and financial abuse before.

    The police misconduct hearing is being held at Empress State Tower in West Brompton and is expected to last until April

    The police misconduct hearing is being held at Empress State Tower in West Brompton and is expected to last until April

    During an hour-long phone conservation, the two women discussed the similarities between the abuse that they suffered.

    ‘I did do the right thing by allowing the contact to happen,’ 她说.

    ‘We first spoke about what he told her about me.

    ‘With anyone he’d ever been with he’d always reference them as a ‘psycho’, they’re mental.

    ‘He used to refer to everyone as a ‘c**tand a ‘mental c**t’. She actually did confirm to me that he told her that I was a ‘psycho’.

    ‘He had told her that the reason I was mental was because I was raped previously.

    ‘He had told her that he had never laid a hand on me but that I had slapped him.

    They discussed how he assaulted both women by grabbing their throats, 听证会被告知.

    The other woman told her that she was raped by the sergeant.

    ‘I remember sayinghe also raped me, he forced himself on me.

    ‘I was so sad to hear the reply.

    '她说, '我很抱歉, he did that to me too’.

    ‘That was the worst sentence I’ve ever heard in my life because I thought it was my fault.

    ‘I felt like if I’d have been strong enough to report him in the first place then maybe he wouldn’t have forced himself on her.

    ‘I wanted her to know that it wasn’t normal and I wanted to make her feel like her life would be okay again.

    Following that conversation, she made official allegations of rape and assault to her supervisors.

    她说: ‘I desperately didn’t want to make this allegation because I knew what happen, I knew how I would be treated, I knew my life would become hellish, I knew I would become the subject of gossip.

    ‘I was desperate not to make this allegation and the reason I made it was to protect another woman and future women.

    Andrew Waters, counsel for the Appropriate Authorities, has said there was a ‘degree of similaritybetween his alleged behaviour with both women.

    Former Officer A is also accused of two instances of damaging property.

    The first is at Jack Brown Patrol Base where he is accused of throwing his radio into the wall, causing a large hole.

    The second is following an argument at a birthday party when he is said to have smashed framed family photos, leaving glass on the floor.

    He denies both allegations, claiming he ‘accidentallyknocked a single photo frame onto the floor, broke it and swept up the pieces.

    The former sergeant is accused of breaching the standards of professional behaviour in relation to discreditable conduct and that his actions brought discredit on the police force and/or undermined public confidence in it.

    It is alleged that these matters amount to gross misconduct, which is so serious that dismissal would be justified.

    The former officer was granted anonymity for the duration of the hearing by the legally qualified chair overseeing proceedings.

    This will be reviewed if the allegations are found proven.

    他的数十名助手和同伙已被捕, expected to conclude on 4 四月, 继续.