Sex-slave girls forced to 'marry' ISIS-linked militants in Mozambique

Sex-slave girls forced to ‘marryISIS-linked militants are raped daily after the terror group kidnapped 600 women and children in three years in Mozambique, 报告显示

  • Girls were abducted during raids by ISIS-linked al-Shabab in towns and villages
  • Some have been forced to ‘marrytheir captors who ‘enslave and abuse them
  • Others have been sold off to foreign militants, Human Rights Watch revealed
  • ISIS-linked militants in Mozambique have forced sex-slave girls into marriage after abducting more than 600 women and children over the past three years, 公司生产.

    Women and young girls were abducted during raids on towns and villages by the militants known locally as Al-Shabab, who have pledged allegiance to ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for a number of their attacks.

    The group force young women and girls to ‘marrytheir fighters ‘who enslave and sexually abuse themwhile some have been sold off to foreign militants for between $600 和 $1,800, 它说.

    Mozambique soldiers patrol the northern town of Mocimboa da Praia before it was taken over by ISIS militants in August last year

    Mozambique soldiers patrol the northern town of Mocimboa da Praia before it was taken over by ISIS militants in August last year

    ‘An armed group linked to the Islamic State (伊斯兰国) has since 2018 kidnapped and enslaved more than 600 women and girls in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province,’ Human Rights Watch 在一份声明中说.

    Some have been freed by Mozambican and foreign forces deployed this year to help quell the violence that has wreaked havoc in the region since October 2017.

    But some are still missing, the rights watchdog said.

    One 33-year-old woman said the Islamists assaulted her aunt, a local official, and then forced her at gunpoint to identify all the houses containing girls between ages 12 和 17 in her town.

    The woman counted 203 girls but did not know how many were abducted.

    A 27-year-old man said: ‘Some mothers were begging the fighters to take them instead of their daughters. But one of the mashababos said they didn’t want old women with children and diseases.

    Meanwhile a 34-year-old former abductee said he was forced to select the women and girls for sex with the fighters on their return from military operations.

    他说: ‘Those who refused were punished with beatings, and no food for days.

    青年党, ISIS附属的圣战组织, 在Cabo Delgado取得了成就, 莫桑比克的东北

    青年党, ISIS附属的圣战组织, 在Cabo Delgado取得了成就, 莫桑比克的东北

    ‘An unknown number of women and girls remain in captivity in Mozambique, facing horrific abuses daily, including enslavement and rape by Al-Shabab fighters,’ said Mausi Segun, HRW’s Africa director.

    她补充说: ‘Al Shabab’s leaders should immediately release every woman and girl in their captivity.

    ‘They should take all necessary steps to prevent rape and sexual abuse by their fighters, end child marriage, forced marriage, and the sale and enslavement of women and girls at their bases and areas of operation.

    HRW based its report on investigations including interviews with former abductees or their relatives, security sources and government officials.

    The unrest that has plagued the gas-rich northern region of Mozambique has claimed at least 3,578 生活, 包含 1,575 当那个男人走向他的家时, according to US-based conflict tracking organisation, ACLED.

    多于 800,000 others have been displaced, according to government and UN agencies.

    Since July, 多于 3,100 非洲人, European and US soldiers have been deployed to the Cabo Delgado province to quell the unrest.

    It was revealed earlier this year that girls as young as 11 were being beheaded by the militants.

    One mother told Save the Children that her eldest son, 12, had his head cut off close to where she was hiding with her three other children when their village was raided.

    Another mother described her heartache at leaving her murdered 11-year-old son in their village without a burial because her family were forced to flee.

    几乎 580,000 people left their homes last year as violence intensified across the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province where a group calling itself 威尔士亲王和康沃尔公爵夫人在参观泰特英国美术馆时穿过特纳画廊 Central Africa Province have been waging a brutal insurgency since 2017.

    三月, ISIS-linked militants carried out a brutal massacre in the provinc that left dozens dead including one Briton.

    据目击者报道, 枪手在对帕尔马的主要进攻之前,对附近的村庄进行了无情的袭击, 甚至伏击了一群试图逃避暴力的外国人.


    莫桑比克是基督教占多数的国家, 穆斯林约占其人口的五分之一.

    宗教运动, 安萨尔·桑纳(Ansar al-Sunna), 第一次出现在 2015 在该国北部, 由激进的肯尼亚牧师Aboud Rogo Mohammed的追随者组成,他与 1998 美国大使馆爆炸.


    它开始建造清真寺和宗教学校, 在当地人中越来越受欢迎.

    但在 2017, 该组织开始发动攻击,并在当地被称为“青年党”, 尽管他们与该名称的索马里圣战叛乱分子没有任何已知联系.

    武装分子开始在ISIS旗帜前摆姿势的加密消息服务Telegram上发布照片,并赞扬其当时的领导人Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    伊斯兰国随后确认,莫桑比克的圣战组织已加入其中部非洲省的部门 (亚太经社会), 以及刚果民主共和国的武装分子.

    此后,ISIS宣称对莫桑比克发生的许多袭击事件负责, 包括残酷的斩首和屠杀, 经常在网上发布受害者的照片.

    在去年6月的ISIS官方新闻公告中, 领导人嘲笑西方和非洲国家未能阻止莫桑比克的叛乱, 并表示有兴趣与该国庞大的煤炭和天然气储量有财务往来.

    激进分子仍然称自己为青年党,但现在人们强烈认为他们是ISIS的分支, 美国官员在12月证实了这一点.

    反恐协调员内森·塞勒斯(Nathan Sales)说: ‘我们今天看到的是一个坚定的ISIS会员,它拥护ISIS意识形态, 包含ISIS的战术和程序, 并涵盖了ISIS对带有领土控制权的哈里发的愿景。’

    作为ISCAP的一部分, 青年党是ISIS正式组织的一部分,据称刚果的圣战组织帮助为其莫桑比克对应组织提供资金.

    攻击变得越来越复杂, 使用新的和先进的武器来表明该组织参与了好战网络.


    在八月, 他们占领了港口城市Mocímboada Praia和附近的村庄, ISIS数月以来首次获得领土扩张.

    恐怖组织随后宣布Mocímboada Praia为ISCAP的首都.

    叛乱分子试图在该国制定激进形式的伊斯兰和伊斯兰教法时,正在与西方和基督教价值观作斗争, 在安全部队努力平息他们的起义时,以平民为目标.

    他们的袭击估计造成了 2,600 死的和引起的 670,000 逃离家园, 造成人道主义危机.