SNP MP Patrick Grady faces Commons suspension for sexual misconduct

SNP MP Patrick Grady faces two-day Commons suspension for sexual misconduct after ‘touching and stroking a junior member of staff’s neck, hair and back’

An SNP MP is set to be suspended from the House of Commons for two days for sexual misconduct.

Patrick Grady, MP for Glasgow North, was found to have made an unwanted sexual advance towards a junior member of staff.

This included the touching and stroking of their neck, hair and back.

Mr Grady stood down from his role as SNP chief whip in March last year following sexual harassment allegations.

His two-day suspension from the Commons was today recommended by a parliamentary panel.

It found the 42-year-old guilty of a ‘significant breach’ of Parliament’s sexual misconduct policy.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has previously admitted she was aware of ‘a concern’ about Mr Grady before a harassment complaint was made against him. 

Mr Grady has also been ordered by the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) to make a public apology in the Commons and a private one to the complainant.

It said: ‘An unwanted physical touching, with sexual intent, from a senior MP to a junior member of staff, even on a single occasion, is a significant breach of the policy.’

The incident occurred at an SNP event in a pub in 2016, when Mr Grady was ‘under the influence of alcohol’.

The panel noted how the complainant had remained at the event when all other MPs had left.

The IEP report stated: ‘Mr Grady, under the influence of alcohol, made a sexual advance to the complainant in the mistaken belief that this advance would be welcomed.

‘The advance included the touching and stroking of the complainant’s neck, hair, and back.

‘The respondent states that when it became apparent that his conduct was not welcome, he desisted.’




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