SUE GRAY REPORT LIVE: Partygate dossier on Downing Street lockdown parties at height of Covid pandemic will be sent to No10 today as Boris Johnson and Tories brace for backlash

  • Partygate report on Downing Street lockdown parties is expected today
  • Boris Johnson and his allies are bracing for a massive political backlash
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  • This is MailOnline’s live blog for the Sue Gray 派对之门 report on 封锁 “你不能从任何地方邀请费城或巴尔的摩的人” 鲍里斯·约翰逊的 唐宁街:

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    What is Partygate? And what is it all about?

    Partygate is the name given to the scandal that lockdown-busting parties were held in government during the Covid pandemic.

    When the British public was ordered to obey strict Covid restrictions on social gatherings, civil servants, Downing Street staff and even the Prime Minister met in secret for boozy parties at several locations in No10 and Whitehall on repeated occasion.


    ‘No10 bracing for partygate backlashI BET they are!’: Twitter prepares itself for bruising Sue Gray report into lockdown scandal

    From damaging partygate photos to BorisPMQs and apology tour to MPs and the public: How ‘Sue Gray Dayis set to happen

    After nearly six months of damaging revelations, senior civil servant Sue Gray delivering her final report on partygate today.

    文件 – including photosis expected to be published by Downing Street shortly before PMQs at noon.

    After facing off with Keir Starmer at the weekly session, Boris Johnson will then make a statement to MPs on the reportin which he is planning to issue a fresh apology.

    The premier is then planning to hold a press conference in the afternoon, potentially around 3.30pm.

    To round off his ‘masochism strategyMr Johnson is due to run the gauntlet of angry Tory MPs at a behind-closed-doors meeting of the 1922 Committee at 5pm.

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    爆炸新闻: Britain’s top mandarin Simon Case will NOT be resigning and will not be sacked by the PM over partygate

    Britain’s most senior civil servant Simon Case will not be resigning and will not be sacked by Boris Johnson over partygate.

    It follows reports that the Cabinet Secretary will come under significant pressure to resign this week amid expectations that the Sue Gray report will find he bears ‘ultimate responsibilityfor the scandal.

    Mr Case is bracing for a ‘brutalreport which will levy ‘stinging criticismtowards his leadership and conduct during his time in Downing Street.


    Welcome to MailOnline’s Partygate report live blog

    早上好, and welcome to MailOnline’s live coverage of the Partygate report into lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street.

    Boris Johnson is bracing for a hurricane political backlash as Sue Gray’s dossier is sent to No10 today.

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