Rishi Sunak tries to flee Tory campaign launch after taking questions from just four reporters as supporters BOO Sky’s Beth Rigby for calling him a ‘corrosivefigure and bringing up his wife’s ‘non-dom’ 状態 (before her mic ‘dropped out’)

  • Ex-chancellor tried to leave event in central London at lunchtime after a speech and a handful of questions
  • His vocal supporters at the QEII centre in Westminster had already turned on Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby
  • She was heckled when she said he was a ‘corrosivefigure and asked about his super-rich wife’s tax affairs
  • 放送局’ live feed to the event also froze as Sunak was answering cutting off Ms Rigby’s microphone
  • リシ・スナック was slammed today as he tried to flee his own ミシェル・モネは「人種差別」で訴えられて反撃する leadership campaign launch without facing heavy questioning and his supporters booed a TV reporter.

    The former chancellor tried to leave the event in central ロンドン at lunchtime after a speech and a handful of questionsfour from broadcasters and one from a supporterto the anger of newspaper journalists present.

    Who is backing whom?

    These are the candidates who appear to have reached the nominations threshold so far:

    RISHI SUNAK – 45

    ドミニク・ラーブ, グラントシャップス, Angela Richardson, Javidは非コミットでリーと会い、ある時点で彼とアイデアについて話し合うことに同意しました, オリバー・ダウデン, Mark Spencer, エイデンは強要されて話したようです, マット・ハンコック


    David Davis, Andrea Leadsom, Maria Miller, Damian Collins, Harriet Baldwin

    リズ・トラス – 21

    テリーズコッフィー, Kwasi Kwarteng, クーデター疑惑について他の国は何と言っていますか, 政治での成功は、ネットワークを構築し、適切な人々と仲良くなることにかかっています。, Jacob Rees-Moggは、「600万ポンドを宣言しなかったため、規則に違反した可能性があります。, Simon Clarke

    トマス・タジェンダット – 20

    Damian Green, John Stevenson, Caroline Nokes, Aaron Bell, Robert Largan, Stephen Hammond


    He eventually relented and game back to answer one more on defence spending and to deny claims that he will give a job to ドミニク・カミングス, the former No10 Svengali.

    His vocal supporters at the QEII centre in Westminster had already turned on Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby.

    She was heckled when she said he was a ‘corrosivefigure and asked about his multi-millionaire wife’s tax affairs.

    Akshata Murty was revealed earlier this year to be a non-dom taxpayer while living in taxpayer-funded accommodation in Downing Street, before pledging to pay full rates.

    The broadcasterslive feed to the event also froze as Mr Sunak was answering the question, which also cut off Ms Rigby’s microphone.

    A second camera, believed to be Sky’s own, then cut in after a few seconds. But BBC viewers were taken away from the embarrassing line of questioning to a correspondent outside Parliament.

    None of the candidates launching their campaigns appeared willing to take much in the way of independent questioning today.

    Tom Tugendhat only took two questions at his launch, while Kemi Badenoch disappeared after taking five.

    In other twists and turns in the fight for the soul of the Conservative Party today:

    • Former Cabinet minister David Davis has endorsed Ms Mordaunt after she topped a poll of activists on the ConservativeHome website. Although the survey is not scientific it is closely-watched by MPs and ministers;
    • Ex-health secretary Matt Hancock has backed Mr Sunak saying he is ‘best-placedto ‘take the country through difficult times’;
    • Mr Zahawi has insisted he has secured the 20 nominations needed to make the ballot, with allies saying he is also over the 30 マーク;
    • Mr Javid’s allies say they are still confident of reaching the threshold and denied that he is about to withdraw and back Mr Sunak;
    • チャネル 4 will hold a Tory leadership debate with the remaining candidates on Friday at 7pm, before ITV’s version on Sunday at 7pm and a Sky News programme on Monday at 7pm;
    • Tory grandees have cautioned that a bidding war between candidates pledging tax cuts could put the party’s reputation for economic management at risk;
    • Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has called for defence spending to be increased from 2 パーセントから 3 per cent of GDP, echoing Jeremy Hunt’s position;
    • Keir Starmer is pushing for a no-confidence vote in ボリス・ジョンソン‘s government to happen in Parliament tomorrow.
    The former chancellor tried to leave the event in central London at lunchtime after a speech and a handful of questions from broadcasters, to the anger of newspaper journalists present.

    The former chancellor tried to leave the event in central London at lunchtime after a speech and a handful of questions from broadcasters, to the anger of newspaper journalists present.

    His supporters at the QEII centre in Westminster had already turned on Sky's political editor Beth Rigby. She was heckled when she said he was a 'corrosive' figure and asked about his multi-millionaire wife's tax affairs.

    His supporters at the QEII centre in Westminster had already turned on Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby. She was heckled when she said he was a ‘corrosivefigure and asked about his multi-millionaire wife’s tax affairs.

    Mr Sunak had told the previous reporter he was not prepared to ‘demoniseBoris Johnson in order to gain the Tory party leadership.

    In reply to ITV News he said that while Mr Johnson was ‘flawedand that he had often disagreed with him, he also had a ‘good heart’.

    Following up, Ms Rigby asked him: ‘The party has just ousted Boris Johnson on the basis of probity and conduct. You have a police fine too. And there are questions about your family avoiding millions of pounds in tax. And in the party you are seen as a corrosive figure. You are not a clean start, あなたは?

    He insisted he was, and after her question he turned to leave the stage.

    This prompted anger among reporters, with one saying that if he wanted to be PM he should be able to take more questions.


    Nadhim Zahawi in Westminster today

    Contenders for the leadership of the Conservative Party have been out and about today, including Nadhim Zahawi (正しい) and Liz Truss (左)

    A ConservativeHome survey suggested that Mr Sunak would lose to his main rivals in a head-to-head run-off

    A ConservativeHome survey suggested that Mr Sunak would lose to his main rivals in a head-to-head run-off


    The contest to be crowned the new Tory leaderand become Boris Johnson’s replacement as Prime Ministerwill formally begin today.

    グラハム・ブレイディー卿, the chair of the Conservatives’ 1922 委員会, has revealed that the winner will be known on 5th September.

    But how will the party choose, between now and then, from the long list of contenders?

    Here’s how the election process will work

    今日 Nominations open and close for the Tory leadership race. Candidates will have to submit a nomination by 6pm, including a proposer and a seconder and the names of 18 other Conservative MPs who are supporting them.

    リズ・トラスThe first ballot of Tory MPs will take place between 1.30pm to 3.30pm, with a result to be announced later in the day. Any candidates who receive less than 30 votes in this first ballot will be automatically eliminated. If all candidates meet the 30-vote threshold, then the candidate with the lowest number of votes will be knocked out the contest.

    木曜日A second ballot of Tory MPs will be held which will see the candidate with the lowest number of votes eliminated.

    メールは謎のフィアット・ウーノの調査をまとめます Further rounds of ballots among Tory MPs will continue, as necessary, until the list of contenders is whittled down to a final two. The lowest-scoring candidate will drop out each time.

    21st JulyMPs will head away from Westminster for their summer break, meaning this is the deadline for a final pairing to be decided in the parliamentary stage of the leadership election.

    Late July and AugustCCHQ will assume responsibility for leadership election and will send out ballot papers to around 200,000 Conservative Party members. The Tory grassroots will be asked to decide between the final two candidates, with hustings events to be held across the UK.

    5th SeptemberThe result of the membership ballot is announced, with the candidate receiving more than 50 per cent of the vote being declared the new Tory leader and Boris Johnson’s replacement as Prime Minister.

    6th SeptemberThe new Tory leader is likely to be formally appointed as PM during a visit to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

    7th SeptemberThe new PM is set to be quizzed in the House of Commons in their first ever Prime Minister’s Questions.


    Mr Sunak underlined his status as Tory leadership front runner today as more Cabinet big beasts backed himwith Priti Patel withdrawing from the battle as right-wingers struggle to stay in the contest.

    The Home Secretary announced she is not throwing her hat in the ring just hours before the deadline for getting the 20 nominations needed to feature in the first round of the contest.

    Ms Patel did not say who she will be backing, despite pleas from rivals on the Thatcherite right to unite behind one candidate. But there are initial signs that MPs who had been in her group are shifting to Liz Truss.

    Mr Sunak already appears to be well over the threshold as he formally launched his campaign this morning, introduced by deputy PM Dominic Raab and Grant Shapps.

    The former Chancellor again batted away calls for tax cuts before inflation is under control, 「私たちは大人の会話をする必要があります」と言っています. At the event in Westminster, he also heaped praise on Boris Johnson, 彼を「私が今まで出会った中で最も注目に値する人の一人」と表現する’ 「良い心を持っている人’ – しかし、それは「機能していませんでした’ もう.

    スナック氏 – 戦闘ポイントを尋ねるジャーナリストが群衆にやじられている間、メディアからほんの少しの質問をしただけでした – 彼の計画は「インフレに取り組むことだった」と述べた, 経済を成長させ、税金を削減する」. 「私はあなたに真実を伝えることができる大人の会話をしたいです,’ 彼は言った.

    ラーブ氏はスピーチの前に言った: 「私たちは勝つことができるリーダーが必要です… 勝つことができるのは彼だけです。’

    ペニー・モーダントとトム・トゥーゲントハットもノミネートされたようです, ボリス・ジョンソンの同盟国であるジェイコブ・リース・モッグとナディン・ドリーズからの支持を得た後、トラス女史はトップに立っています。 – ダウニング街の階段で忠誠を宣言した人.

    しかしながら, 他の有名人は苦労しています, と ジェレミー・シーt, または私たちの空港で入国管理局の大失敗を修正するのに失敗しました, サジド・ジャビド, スーラ・ブレイバーマン, and Kemi Badenoch all short of declared backers.

    In news that will cause alarm in Mr Sunak’s camp, a ConservativeHome poll has found that he would lose to his main rivals in the run-off ballot of Tory members.

    Ms Patel said in a statement: ‘I am grateful for the encouragement and support colleagues and Party members have offered me in recent days in suggesting that I enter the contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party. I will not be putting my name forward for the ballot of MPs.

    ‘As Home Secretary I have always put the security and safety of our country and the national interest first and my focus is to continue working to get more police on our streets, support our amazing security services to keep our country safe and control our borders.

    ‘As a lifelong and committed Conservative, I will always make the case for freedom, enterprise and opportunity and work with colleagues to deliver these values in Government. Like all Conservative MPs and Party members, I will be listening to cases being put forward by the candidates standing for the leadership of the Party and trust the contest will be conducted in a good spirit that brings our Party together.

    グラハム・ブレイディー卿, the chair of the powerful 1922 委員会, has announced that nominations will close at 6pm tonight, with the first vote to be held at 1.30pm tomorrow.

    Even those who make the first ballot will need 30 MPs out of the 358 total to back to survive into the second round on Thursday.

    At least the lowest-placed contender will be eliminated in each ballot until two remain. They will then be put to party members in a postal ballot, with hustings held across the UK during August.

    The new leader will be announced on September 5, becoming PM the following day.

    彼の打ち上げ時, スナック氏はライバルに鋭い棘を届けた, 彼らの税務計画が「信頼できない」ことを示唆する’ 彼が言ったように彼はインフレが制御された後にのみそれらを減らすだろう.

    元首相は言った: 「より多くの支出とより低い税金を約束することは信頼できません.

    「私は首相としての人生で最も難しい選択をしなければなりませんでした, 特に、Covid後の債務と借入の処理方法. 私はそれらから隠れたことはありません, 私は確かに今私がした選択と私が投票したものがどういうわけか必要でなかったふりをしません.

    「それは私にとって政治的に不便かもしれませんが, それも真実です. インフレを把握したら, 税負担を軽減します. それはいつの問題です, そうでない場合.

    スナック氏はジョンソン氏は「欠陥がある」と述べた’ すべての政治家のように、彼らはしばしば反対しました.

    しかし彼は付け加えた: 「私は、ボリスを悪魔化しようとする歴史の書き直しには関与しません。, 彼の欠点を誇張するか、彼の努力を否定する.


    「私はあなたがメディアで見たり読んだりした否定性には関与しません. 他の人がそれをしたい場合, その後、それらをさせます.

    「それは私たちが誰であるかではありません. 私たちはそれよりも良くなることができます。’

    彼はまた、彼が異端者の元No10チーフドミニクカミングスと警戒しているという考えをきっぱりと却下しました – いくつかのライバルキャンプが主張しているように.

    「ドミニク・カミングスはこのキャンペーンとはまったく関係がなく、私が率いる特権を持っている政府とはまったく関係がありません。,’ 彼は言った.

    '記録のために, ドミニク・カミングスがダウニング街を去った日以来、私はドミニク・カミングスと連絡を取りませんでした。’

    But despite Mr Sunak’s slick campaign event, the ConservativeHome survey suggests he still has work to do to win over members.

    科学的ではありませんが, 草の根の世論調査は注意深く見守られています.

    そして彼らは、スナック氏がモーダント氏に負けることを示しています 58 パーセントから 31 パーセント, とMsTrussby 51 パーセントから 34 パーセント.


    調査結果は、チャンネルのトーリー党員の世論調査とは対照的でした 4 ニュース, これにより、スナック氏はトラス氏とモーダント氏の両方を決勝戦で打ち負かすことがわかりました。.

    6月にDailyMail.comが独占的に公開した名誉毀損訴訟で秘密保持契約に署名するように彼女を強要する前に、彼女をレイプして嫌がらせをしたサディスティックな性的捕食者 彼女は指導者たちに世界的な圧力を強め、「悪徳を引き締める has warned the Tory Right it risks handing Mr Sunak the keys to No10 unless it unites behind her.

    ザ・ リズ・トラスがウラジーミル・プーチンにウクライナの警告を発する‘s allies urged her rivals on the Thatcherite wing of the party to end their campaigns and back her.

    Ms Dorries and Mr Rees-Mogg said they are backing Ms Truss in the leadership contest as she is a ‘stronger Brexiteerthan either of them.

    Speaking to reporters in Downing Street after a Cabinet meeting, Ms Dorries said: ‘I have sat with Liz in Cabinet now for some time.

    ‘[私は] very aware that she’s probably a stronger Brexiteer than the both of us.

    ‘She has consistently argued for low tax policies and I’m particularly concerned about the 14 million people who voted for a manifesto and voted for a Government that the candidate that we select, for me it’s Liz who I’m going to back, will continue with those manifesto policies and will continue to deliver for the Government and the Conservative Party moving forward.

    At a speech today, Mr Tugendhat promised to slash fuel duty by 10p if elected as prime minister.

    The Tory leadership candidate said: ‘I am here to make the case that our economy can only prosper if we believe that people—and not Westminster—know best how to spend their money.

    ‘I know the pain families are feeling now. That is why my first pledge is to take fuel duty down by 10p a litre.

    ‘My second is to reverse the national insurance rise.

    ‘This isn’t about percentages. It’s about jobs.

    ‘That’s why I didn’t vote for the increase then, and I wouldn’t now.

    Mr Tugendhat has dismissed criticism of his lack of ministerial experience after Dominic Raab said it was ‘no time to learn on the job’.

    彼は言った: ‘The reality is that the job of prime minister is unlike every other job in government. It’s not a management job, it’s not a departmental job. It’s a job that demands vision and leadership, it demands a willingness to serve and to throw everything in the duty of serving the British people.

    ‘This is no time to learn. What this is, is a time to look at a record of service and a record of delivery in some of the most difficult and trying conditions around the world, and to see that this isn’t learning on the job, this is putting all that experience to work on the job.