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Furious families blast BA for ‘abandoningthem in South Africa

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Furious families blast British Airways for 'abandoning' them in South Africa when Omicron struck as they vent at ignored calls and emails and £12,000 flights - amid fears they'll spend Christmas away from homeFurious...

Parents accused of murdering son ‘argued about abandoning him

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Parents accused of murdering six-year-old son argued about abandoning him: Stepmother, 32, text partner, 29, 'I want you, but not him' before they 'tortured, poisoned with salt and killed boy they branded ''devil chi...

Owners abandoning lockdown puppies are branded ‘shameful

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Dogs on death row: Animal shelter warns that strays and older dogs who struggle to find new owners will end up being put down as homes struggle to cope with influx of lockdown puppiesCo-founder of New Hope Animal Res...