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Alan Sugar slammed for moaning about Scouse accents in The Responder

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'My wife gave up watching': Alan Sugar comes under fire after complaining he can't understand the Scouse accents in Liverpool-based BBC drama The Responder, as locals defend Martin Freeman's twang as 'spot on'The App...

Inter-abled couple get candid about dealing with cruel criticism

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Disabled man in a wheelchair and his able-bodied wife strip down to their underwear as they open up about ignorant comments they receive from straight men - who insist she cannot be sexually satisfied in their marria...

Could this podcast about Siegfried and Roy be the next Tiger King?

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The next Tiger King? Podcast explores whether big cat attack which left legendary illusionist Roy Horn critically injured and unable to perform with Siegfried Fischbacher 'may have been attempted murder'New podcast e...

Boris Johnson DID NOT tell Cabinet about police party probe

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Boris Johnson DID NOT tell Cabinet about the Met Police launching an official investigation into Partygate despite being told about the probe BEFORE the meeting took placeBoris Johnson was told before yesterday's Cab...

What dentist can tell about you by looking at your teeth

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What do YOUR teeth say about you? The surprising things a dentist can tell about you in seconds - from which hand you write with to anxiety levelsDentist know if patients smoke, are pregnant and the hand they use to ...

Wat 'n politikus se VERJAARDAG verklap oor hul persoonlikheid

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Kan Boris Johnson en Keir Starmer se BIRTHDAYS leidrade bied oor hul ware persoonlikhede? Astroloog sê die premier se geboortedatum maak hom 'kinderlik en hoogs dubbelsinnig' terwyl die Arbeidersleier 'vervelig' is Theresa..

Are you sick of women moaning about how hard it is to be pretty?

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Is it just me? Or are you sick of women moaning about how hard it is to be pretty? asks LIBBY PURVESTikTok trend of 'pretty privilege' is an age-old complaint that has risen again Libby Purves says that looking 'hot...

Disney No1 We Don’t Talk About Bruno is more catchy than Let It Go

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Cover your ears! Disney No1 We Don't Talk About Bruno is more catchy than Let It Go As every parent will testify, few songs have proved more appealing to youngsters than Let It Go from the Disney blockbuster Frozen. ...

People share the very weird things about children’s book from the past

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Parents reveal the books they loved as children that seem VERY bizarre reading them back to their own little ones - from a sheep vomiting the world to The Factory Made Boy arriving in a tinBritish parents on Mumsnet ...

Queen stepped in after Prince Andrew rowed with Charles about TOILET

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Throne a wobbly! Queen had to step in after Prince Andrew rowed with Charles about Royal TOILETA former Buckingham Palace maid said the Queen had to step in to resolve a row Janette McGowan said Prince Andrew and Pri...

Prince Andrew’s ex-maid says she has no regrets about speaking out

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EXCLUSIVE 'I don't give a toss what Prince Andrew feels… he is a horrible, nasty man': Duke's ex-maid says she has no regrets about speaking out over his 'demanding and entitled' foul-mouthed rantsFormer Buckingham P...

Third of councils in Scotland boycott survey asking children about sex

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Third of councils in Scotland boycott controversial survey which asks schoolchildren 'intrusive' questions about underage sex - but SNP still refuses to withdraw itScottish Government's Health and Wellbeing Census ha...

Pharmacy worker boasted about the size of his manhood, tribunaal verhoor

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'Vulgar and obscene' worker at a London pharmacy selling Viagra online 'groped colleague, boasted about the size of his manhood and insisted colleagues call him 'Big D', tribunal hearsMedExpress worker Darshan Achary...

Princess Diana asked photographer Anwar Hussein about Islam

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Royal photographer reveals Princess Diana asked him about Islam and 'how marriage between a Muslim and Protestant works' while she was dating Hasnat KhanRoyal photographer has revealed how Princess Diana asked him fo...

Teachers complain about parents‘abusive languageover coat row

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Parents blast teachers with 'abusive and inflammatory language' over school's ban on non-branded coats as children shiver outside in plunging temperaturesAn argument between parents and teachers over strict coat role...

British synagogue terrorist rants about ‘f***ing Jewsin last call

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'I'm coming home in a body bag': British synagogue terrorist, 44, ranted about 'f***ing Jews' in disturbing final phone call with his family as they tried to persuade him to end siegeMalik Faisal Akram, 44, said he w...

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