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Row over demolishing Highlands home where Jimmy Savile abused victims

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Planning row over bid to demolish Highland cottage where Jimmy Savile abused up to 20 victims and turn it into tribute to mountaineering legend - as objectors say it doesn't blend in with landscape Jimmy Savile used ...

Gang ‘sexually abused eight girls as young as 12’, hof verhoor

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Gang of six men 'raped and sexually abused eight vulnerable girls as young as 12 after luring them over Facebook with drink and drugs', court hearsThe group are accused of forcing underage victims to engage in sexual...

A woman whose husband has sex with her in his sleep feels abused

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Woman who 'can't help feeling used' because her husband gropes and has sex with her in his sleep due to a rare disorder is warned she's being abused and not to share a bed with himA mother on Mumsnet asked what to do...

Virginia Roberts’ ex-boyfriend claims Prince Andrew abused her

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Virginia Roberts' ex-boyfriend claims Prince Andrew abused her: Childhood sweetheart of Duke's accuser says she confided in him about her time as a 'sex slave' in Epstein's 'house of horrors' Florida mansionAnthony F...

’n Vrou wat deur haar versorger mishandel is by 15 sien haar mishandelaar tronk toe

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Vrou wat deur versorger mishandel is, 35, by raadsbeheerde kindereenheid toe sy was 15 onthul hoe haar tienerdagboek waar sy die mishandeling gedokumenteer het, gehelp het om hom voor die gereg te bring 10 jare later het Holly Hamilton gely by die ...

Paedophile sexually abused boy on webcam and loaned him to pervert

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Vroulike pedofiel, 62, who sexually abused seven-year-old boy on webcam and loaned him to a pervert who flew from Canada to the UK to molest him is jailed for more than six yearsAstrid Hilton sexually abused boy on w...

Women desperate for an IVF baby reveal how they’re abused

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Women desperate to be mothers claim they're being harassed for sex and abused by sperm donors who 'hold all of the power' in unregulated Facebook groups that provide an alternative to costly fertility clinicsBBC Soun...

Michelle Mone denies claim she racially abused man of Indian heritage

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Geopenbaar: Monaco-based financial consultant who accused Michelle Mone of racism after fatal private yacht crash - as she denies being racist and says she was 'calling out white privilege' because she believed he was ...

Polisieman, 62, who sexually abused young girl avoids jail

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Paedophile police officer, 62, who sexually abused young girl while he volunteered at children's home in 1970s avoids jail after two failed suicide attempts left him in a wheelchairPaedophile cop who sexually abused ...

Woman reveals how cousin, 35, abused her from the age of 14

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Woman reveals how cousin, 35, she looked on as her 'best friend' abused her from the age of 14 after grooming her at family parties and assaulted her for the first time while sharing a taxi with her parentsEmily Hodg...

Killer abused more than 100 bodies in a mortuary over 30 jare

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A special place in hell for one of Britain's most hideous criminals: Warped killer abused more than 100 bodies in a mortuary in a calculated pattern over 30 jare ... and his youngest aged just NINEDavid Fuller, 67, s ...

Father of ‘murderedson told police interviewers how he abused boy

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Vader, 29, of 'murdered' boy made the six-year-old 'stand in the hall from the moment he got up until bed time, told him to sleep on the floor and cut up his favourite football shirt in front of him', court hearsTho...

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary whinges he’s being abused online

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Hate preacher Anjem Choudary whinges that he's being abused online and demands government does more to stop internet 'hatred' - despite inspiring 100 UK jihadis on social mediaChoudary claimed to be the subject of 'v...

Teacher who ‘sexually abused pupil offered her £10,000 to keep quiet

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Female grammar school teacher, 46, 'plied girl pupil with sweets before sexually assaulting her then offered her £10,000 when she said she was going to the police'Carly Dear, 46, first met the girl at Maidstone Gramm...

Russian spy commanders allegedly beat and sexually abused soldiers

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Russian intelligence officers are accused of subjecting soldiers to sexual violence and beatings in new abuse scandal days after 'torture conveyer belt' was revealed in Putin's prisonsTwo GRU commanders under investi...

'N Sokkerondersteuner wat een van sy eie span se sterre rassisties misbruik het, is tronk toe gestuur

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'N Voetballiefhebber wat een van sy eie span se spelers op Facebook rassisties misbruik het deur te sê dat hy die' Baboon d'Or 'moet wen, word agt weke tronk toe gestuur nadat die polisie bewys het dat sy verskoning om voorspellende teks te blameer ONMOONTLIK is..

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