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Queen advertises for new role for ‘correspondence officer

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Could YOU write the Queen's letters? Royal Household advertises for new £23,500 'assistant correspondence officer' to help respond to 'thousands' of notesQueen is recruiting a Assistant Correspondence Officer to work...

Hampton Court Palace advertises £50k role

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Royal family advertises £50,000 Property Contracts Advisor role at Hampton Court 'helping palaces to bounce back from the pandemic' (but you can still work from home)Royal palaces have given a glimpse into the effect...

Brewery advertises ‘dream jobrunning pub that stars in Doc Martin

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Doc Martin's local needs a new landlord: Brewery advertises 'dream job' running traditional pub that stars in Martin Clunes' ITV showSt Austell Brewery looking for licensees to take over Golden Lion Pub in Cornwall t... adverteer gewone Bristol-huis met vier slaapkamers vir £ 30,000

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Die staycation-oplewing kan nie so sleg wees nie! adverteer hierdie somer gewone huis met vier slaapkamers in Bristol vir £ 30,000 vir vyf nagte - verdriedubbel die prys van 'n suite teen die Savoy. Die gemiddelde eiendomsprys op die So ...

Estate agent jokingly advertises IGLOO for sale for £250,000

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N-ice place! Estate agent jokingly advertises IGLOO for sale for £250,000 - then is besieged by househunters demanding viewingsPalmer & Partners posted satirical advertisement for igloo in Clacton-on-Sea Propert...

Royal family advertises design assistant role at their Trust shop

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Could YOU turn your hand to designing the Queen's memorabilia? Royal Collection Trust seeks a design assistant to join its retail team for £23,000 a yearThe royal family is currently looking to hire a Design and Deve...

Home Secretary advertises for a £63,000-a-year speechwriter

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Fancy yourself a Priti good writer? Home Secretary advertises for a £63,000-a-year speechwriter to lead Westminster teamHome Secretary looking for a speech writer to 'reflect her voice and priorities' Job penning 'hi...

Pretty Little Thing adverteer Airpods wat in EARWAX behandel word

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'I want to vomit': Eagle-eyed shoppers spot PrettyLittleThing advertising a wireless headphone case using AirPods covered in EARWAXYasmin Amirah, uit Kent, posted a screenshot of retailer's website on Twitter Images...