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UK Government advises British nationals to leave Russia

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Government tells British nationals to get out of Russia 'if your presence is not essential' as Ukraine crisis ramps upBritish nationals told to consider leaving Russia in wake of Ukrainian invasion Government statem...

Outage as Malaysian minister advises husbands beat their wives

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Outrage as Malaysian female minister advises husbands to beat their 'stubborn' wives 'gently' to discipline them for 'unruly' behaviourSiti Zailah Mohd Yusoff suggested husbands sleep separately from wives for three ...

Octopus Energy advises customers to make a cup of tea to keep warm

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Now we're told eating keeps heating bills down: Octopus Energy suggests 'making a cup of tea' and enjoying 'comfort food' to keep out the cold this winter as energy prices soarOctopus Energy has suggested customers s...

E WOOTTON: Don’t quit your job like holier-than-thou Harry advises

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E WOOTTON: A warning to the unwary; don’t quit your job like holier-than-thou Harry advises unless Silicon Valley’s wokerati are lining up to throw millions at you for doing nothing too Has there ever been a more s...

‘Assume sexual harassment is happening in schools’: Ofsted advises

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'Assume sexual harassment is happening in schools': Ofsted advises teachers to be more vigilant and says schools will fail inspections if they cannot show that they are tackling the issueWatchdog Ofsted has launched ...