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Vigs het gevrees dat Lewinsky-aangeleentheid Blair kan beskadig as hy Clinton besoek

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No10 het gevrees dat Monica Lewinsky-aangeleentheid Tony Blair kan skade berokken as hy Bill Clinton besoek het terwyl die skandaal voortgedreun het., argiefdokumente wys Bill Clinton het 'n verhouding gehad met die destydse 22-jarige intern Monica Lewinsky in 1998 Hulpverleners ...

Yorkshire preparing to wield the axe in the wake of Rafiq affair

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Yorkshire prepare clear out of up to SIXTEEN members of staff - including coach Andrew Gale and cricket director Martyn Moxon - as county club wields the axe in the wake of Azeem Rafiq affairYorkshire are preparing t...

Matt Hancock apologises again in first TV interview after affair

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‘I’ve blown up every part of my life’: Shamed Matt Hancock apologises again in first TV interview since losing his job and wife over office affairMatt Hancock was caught on CCTV cheating on his wife with his aide Gin...

Accountant and colleague win tribunal over colleague’s affair claims

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Senior accountant on £150,000-a-year and his £100,0000-a-year younger female colleague win payout from Grenfell council for sex harassment after workmate told colleagues they were having an affairAccountant Francis A...

Abidal se vrou doen aansoek om egskeiding ná sy beweerde verhouding

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Vrou van die voormalige Barcelona- en Frankryk-ster Eric Abidal doen 'n aansoek om egskeiding ná sy beweerde verhouding met PSG se vrouester Kheira Hamraoui.. nadat die polisie gevind het sy gebruik die simkaart in sy naam terwyl sy horro ondersoek het..

Woman ‘stalked librarians and accused them of having a lesbian affair

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Vrou, 66, 'stalked two straight, married librarians and accused them of having a lesbian affair, sexual assault and trying to involve her in their trysts', court hearsLousia Carlton allegedly hid behind hedges and p...

Prison nurse, 30, who had affair with an inmate is struck off

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Petite prison nurse, 30, whose affair with violent 6ft inmate was exposed on Facebook before he accused her of stalking him when their relationship crumbled on the outside is struck offAshleigh Naylor was working at ...

Has YOUR friendship crossed the line into an emotional affair?

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Has YOUR friendship crossed the line into an emotional affair? Expert shares a 5-question quiz to find out - and reveals how to repair the damageSometimes close friendships cross the line into becoming an emotional a...

How Linda Tripp exposed the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair

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The betrayal that nearly brought down a president: How Monica Lewinsky's friend Linda Tripp secretly taped her confessions about 'fooling around' with Bill Clinton - as drama on scandal that shook the world airs on B...

Princess Diana’s brother warns Met Police over Bashir affair

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Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer warns Met Police of plan to launch a private prosecution over the Martin Bashir affair after detectives drop probe into deception that landed BBC reporter his Panorama interviewE...

Case against woman ‘dropped after she had affair with Met officer

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Case against woman accused of harassing her ex-husband was dropped after she had a sexual affair with senior Met Police officer, tribunal hearsProbe against woman was dropped 'after starting with affair with Met offi...

Man beats wife of three years after she FaceTimed having affair

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Man beat his wife of three years after she FaceTimed him while having sex with another guy in a parking lotWilliam Atkinson, 34, admitted to beating his wife after she video called him while having sex with another m...

Wife recalls Lewinsky’s affair with her husband before Clinton tryst

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Wife of man who had affair with Monica Lewinsky when she was their babysitter reveals they were in couples' therapy when news of the Clinton tryst broke - but it failed and they split up shortly afterwardsKate Nason ...

Matt Hancock’s Covid-hit wife at ‘breaking pointover his affair

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Matt Hancock is being a 'complete a*******' to his long Covid-hit wife who is at 'breaking point' over his affair - but was cheered up by Sarah Vine column about his 'throbbing ego', friend revealsMatt Hancock was sa...

JFK’s student mistress reveals affair after decades of silence

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Mistress reveals her four-year affair with JFK and compares him to Harvey Weinstein: Psychotherapist, 83, says president 'singled her out' as a student and promised her 'fame and fortune'Diana de Vegh, 83, has opened...

Police inspector ‘hanged himself after having affair

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Married Met Police inspector, 43, hanged himself after having an affair when he struggled to cope with pressures of job as head of knife crime taskforce, inquest hearsPaul Davey, 43, was found dead by police at his f...

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