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Veteraan sê soldate het 'vergeefs gesterf’ terwyl Afghanistan aan Taliban val

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'Het ek my bene verniet verloor?'Koninklike Ingenieur, 32, wat gruwelike beserings opgedoen het in Afghanistan IED-ontploffing sê Britse soldate het 'vergeefs gesterf' toe die land in hande van die Taliban val. Jack Cummings het gesê hy het verloor ...

Obama’s former CIA director trashes Biden’s Afghanistan pullout

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Obama's CIA director Michael Morell says Biden's shambolic retreat from Afghanistan has 'absolutely inspired' jihadist terrorists across the worldMichael Morell, who twice served as acting director of the CIA under O...

Boris Johnson aiming to persuade Biden to extend Afghanistan deadline

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Boris Johnson will use G7 to persuade US President Joe Biden to keep American troops in Afghanistan beyond August 31 so world can continue to rescue desperate localsBoris Johnson will hold virtual meeting of G7 leade...

Afghanistan is a breeding ground for jihadis again, MI5 chief warns

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Afghanistan is becoming a breeding ground for jihadis again just months after the West's withdrawal in the face of Taliban advancements and they will pose a threat to the UK, MI5 chief warnsKen McCallum, Head of MI5,...

More translators fly into the UK as British troops leave Afghanistan

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Hello goodbye! More hero translators fly in for a new life in the UK as British troops leave Afghanistan at lastBritish troops poignantly lowered the Union flag from its mast in Kabul It symbolised the end of their 2...

Afghanistan: Diplomats flee US Embassy in Kabul as Taliban closes in

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Ontsnap uit Kaboel: Diplomats flee US Embassy in Chinook helicopters as Taliban fighters reach outskirts of Afghan capitalHelicopter - believed to be US Air Force Chinook - seen flying over Kabul today The helicopter ...

Trump eis dat Biden om verskoning vra dat hy die onttrekking van Afghanistan verneder het

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Trump eis dat Biden Amerika om verskoning vra vir sy 'vernederende' onttrekking uit Afghanistan, omdat hy op sy horlosie gekyk het tydens die oordrag van gedood troepe en om die Taliban een van die magtigste magte in die woestyn te maak..

Afghanistan blame game begins

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The Biden administration blame game begins: Chaos as the White House, Pentagon and State Department all look to blame each other for the debacle in AfghanistanPresident Biden singled out U.S.-trained Afghan forces wh...

Prince Harry reveals Philip was ‘matter of factabout Afghanistan

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Princess Eugenie reveals sentimental Prince Philip painted her a 'bunch of flowers' as a wedding present as she joins cousins William and Harry in BBC tribute to their grandfatherPrincess Eugenie, 31, revealed Prince...

Sullivan ‘dismissed Afghanistan warnings to do ‘what Biden wanted

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National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan insists he's 'not heard' if anyone will be fired for the Afghanistan mess amid calls for him to resign for 'ignoring Taliban warnings because he wanted to do what Biden wanted'...

56% Afgetrede beampte verbreek stilte nadat hy man by fliekteater vermoor het

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56% Afgetrede beampte verbreek stilte nadat hy man by fliekteater vermoor het, Afgetrede beampte verbreek stilte nadat hy man by fliekteater vermoor het.

Military translator who helped US in Afghanistan beheaded by Taliban

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Military translator, 30, who helped US soldiers in Afghanistan is beheaded by the Taliban sparking new alarm for the interpreters left as the West withdrawsSohail Pardis is reported to have been beheaded by extremist...

Former US forces commander calls Afghanistan withdrawal ‘catastrophic

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'Biden has to own this': Former commander of US forces in Afghanistan David Patraeus says withdrawal is 'catastrophic for the US', a 'serious mistake' and an 'enormous national security setback'President Joe Biden sa...

Dominic Raab: Number of Brits left in Afghanistan in ‘low hundreds

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Dominic Raab says the number of Brits left behind in Afghanistan is in the 'low hundreds' amid claims 9,000 British allies may be strandedDominic Raab said number of British nationals in Afghanistan in 'low hundreds'...

Harry and Meghan say they’re speechless about Afghanistan

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Never fear, the Sussexes are here! Harry and Meghan wade into Afghanistan crisis with woke 'word salad' statement saying they're 'speechless' (if only)Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken their silence on Afgha...

Major General ‘struggled with Britain’s Afghanistan withdrawal

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Former head of the Royal Marines was struggling to cope with Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in weeks before suicide, friends sayMajor General Matthew Holmes CBE was tragically found dead on Saturday Holmes too...