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può consentire ai dischi in crescita di assorbire i monomeri dalla soluzione e di modellarli automaticamente su superfici 2D: Tiger sharks aren’t loners after all, reperti di studio

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Tiger sharks aren't loners after all! Deadly predators choose to form social groups — but humans break up their friendships with food, study findsExperts studied the predators at Tiger Beach, off the coast of Grand B...

Albatrosses can plunge up to 62ft underwater after prey, lo studio rivela

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Talk about a deep dive! Albatrosses can plunge up to 62ft underwater to pursue prey—more than twice as deep as previously thought, study revealsUniversity of Oxford-led experts studied the dives of black-browed albat...

Earth’s ‘solidinner core may not be so solid after all, affermazioni di studio

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Earth's 'solid' inner core may not be so solid after all! Ball-shaped mass 3,200 miles beneath the surface contains both mushy and hard iron, study claimsEarth's inner core is not solid but actually contains mushy an...