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The mega sniper rifle Ukraine is using against Putin’s soldiers

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See ya's an Alligator! The mega sniper rifle Ukrainian forces are using against Putin's soldiers (which is bigger than some of the marksmen pulling the trigger!)The Ukrainian-made Snipex Alligator is a fear...

Keys vows to take legal action against Gabby Logan over book claims

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Richard Keys vows to take legal action against Gabby Logan over claims in her book that he and Andy Gray are 'cruel dinosaurs' who joked about refusing to have sex with pregnant women, while she was expecting twinsGab...

Woman jailed for five years for 10 false rape claims against two men

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Woman is jailed for more than five years for making 10 false rape claims against two different men who were able to prove they weren't even in the areaCathy Richardson, 35, from Essex, made 10 false rape claims agains...

Experts advise against giving children melatonin over poisoning fears

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Why you should NOT give your restless child melatonin: Experts warn pediatric poisonings have risen SIX-FOLD in last decade as it becomes go-to sleep supplementMelatonin should not be parents' go-to for their children...

Russia’s is forcing Ukrainians to fight against their own side

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Russia's monstrous new tactic: This week, Moscow rigged polls to claim vast swathes of Ukraine. Now, families fleeing for their lives reveal Vladimir Putin's latest act of barbarism - forcing Ukrainians to fight again...

Byron Allen goes ahead with discrimination lawsuit against McDonalds

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Media mogul Byron Allen goes ahead with $10B racial discrimination lawsuit against McDonalds - accusing it of only spending $5M advertising with black-owned firms out of $1.6B budgetMedia mogul Byron Allen's alleges M...

‘Rewildingcities could protect humanity against climate change

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'Rewilding' cities by creating nature corridors and wild spaces could protect humanity against the worst impacts of climate change, report suggestsGlobally, two-thirds of people are set to live in cities and other are...

Russia paves the way for full mobilisation against Ukraine

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Lawmakers pave the way for Putin to declare full mobilisation against Ukraine while occupied regions prepare referendums on joining Russia as Moscow responds to latest defeatRussian MPs pass new law writing 'mobilisat...