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British vaccine could give strong protection against new Covid strain

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British vaccine could give strong protection against new super-mutant Covid strain: Tweaked version of AstraZeneca jab is in final trial stages and may be ready within weeksImmunologist Sir John Bell said its too lat...

NHS England medical director warns parents against hoax Covid jab form

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NHS boss issues warning to parents over hoax Covid vaccine consent form circulating in schools which claims jab may cause blindnessThe letter, which includes a fake NHS logo, contains a hoax 'consent checklist' Claim...

Antibody drugs might not work against new Covid variants

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Promising antibody drugs that are being trialled in the UK and were used on Donald Trump during his Covid battle might not work against new variants, scientists sayThe monoclonal antibodies are derived from cloning h...

British firm creates jab aimed at protecting against all Covid strains

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Porton Down scientists are 'confident' that all mutant strains of coronavirus can be beaten with vaccinesPorton Down scientists increasingly confident vaccines will counter new strains Research lab says this include...