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United Airlines worker PUNCHES passenger before he’s smacked to ground

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RAAAAGE! Insane moment United Airlines worker punches passenger at airport check-in before he's smacked so hard he flies into the luggage carousel!Brawl at Newark Airport saw passenger and United worker trading heavy...

Passeggero della United Airlines arrestato per aver camminato su WING a Chicago

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Il passeggero della United Airlines viene arrestato per aver aperto l'uscita di emergenza dell'aereo e aver camminato sulla sua WING mentre l'aereo stava rullando verso il gate di Chicago O'Hare Un uomo non identificato ha aperto la porta di emergenza e ha attraversato il ...

Il passeggero dell'American Airlines è stato colpito con del nastro adesivo $82,000 bene

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Il passeggero dell'American Airlines che è stato fissato con del nastro adesivo al suo sedile con la bocca sigillata dopo aver tentato di aprire lo sportello dell'aereo e aver dato una testata e sputato all'equipaggio è stato colpito con $82,000 bene - il più grande fino ad oggiLa donna era res...

Southwest Airlines hosts TOILET PAPER race while delayed in Chicago

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On a roll! Flight attendants entertain passengers by staging a toilet roll race while Southwest flight is delayedPassengers were stuck on plane waiting to take off in Chicago on Sunday, aprile 3 Hilarious footage sho...

Covid slows down search for China Eastern Airlines crash blackbox

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How Covid is slowing down the search for China Eastern Airlines blackbox with rescue workers forced to wear full PPE as they comb the hillsWorkers searching for second MU5735 black box forced to wear Covid protection...

Behind the scenes at Turkish AirlinesIstanbul factory kitchen

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How Turkish Airlines' meals are made: Behind the scenes at the carrier's Istanbul kitchen, with footage showing kebabs grilled over charcoal and cheese sandwich assembly linesNicky Kelvin, from The Points Guy website...

Now we need to get rid of all travel curbs writes Airlines UK boss

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Now we need to get rid of all travel curbs... and show the world we are open for business in the wake of Covid pandemic, writes Airlines UK boss TIM ALDERSLADE On Thursday, at long last, it seems the final Covid curb...

Ryanair launches airlines price war as losses hit £375m

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Il colosso della difesa BAE prende di mira le aziende spaziali per rafforzarle: Boss Michael O'Leary says budget airline is still struggling to fill planes as losses hit £375m Ryanair has kicked off a price war as it battles to win back customers after Omicro...

Airlines lobby Government to scrap remaining Covid travel restrictions

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Airlines lobbying Government to scrap remaining Covid travel restrictions as they battle to repair finances Airlines are lobbying the Government to scrap remaining Covid travel restrictions as they battle to repair f...

Airlines slash 945 flights for a SIXTH day and delay 3,917

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America's never-ending travel nightmare: Airlines slash more than 900 flights for a SIXTH day and delay close to 4,000 as chaos continuesStaffing shortages led United to cancel 162 flights on Wednesday while Delta sa...

Delta Airlines Karen si è paragonata a Rosa Parks prima della lotta virale

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'Cosa sono, Rosa Parks?"Karen" della Delta Airlines, che una volta era una modella di Playboy e attrice di Baywatch, si è paragonata all'icona dei diritti civili quando le è stato detto di aspettare per sedersi sull'aereo prima della lotta virale Patricia Cornwa...

Jewish couple ‘kicked off American Airlines flight over prayer shawl

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Elderly Jewish couple are suing American Airlines after they were ‘kicked off flight for refusing to put their sacred prayer shawl under the seat' because placing it on the floor would be a 'disgrace' to their religi...

L'assistente di Moment Spirit Airlines fa scherzi ai passeggeri con una proposta falsa

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"Abbiamo un annuncio fantastico": L'assistente di Moment Spirit Airlines fa uno scherzo ai passeggeri con una falsa proposta di matrimonio durante il volo per Miami Un'assistente di volo ha sorpreso i passeggeri su un aereo per Miami con una falsa proposta..

CDC orders airlines to give names of travelers from 8 paesi

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CDC orders all airlines to turn over names of passengers who've been in eight African countries facing travel restrictions due to the Omicron variantThe CDC is ordering airlines to turn over the names of passengers w...

Southwest Airlines passenger is fined $40,000 for unruly behavior

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Southwest Airlines passenger escapes with $40,000 fine for drinking duty free alcohol on flight, sexually assaulting a flight attendant and then smoking marijuana in lavatoryThe FAA said in April it issued a $40,823 ...

American Airlines cancels another 634 flights on Sunday

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American Airlines cancels a QUARTER of its entire Sunday schedule - 634 voli - and blames strong WIND in Dallas and staff shortages for ongoing chaos that's seen 1,500 flights axed this weekendAmerican Airlines ha...