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Sales of vinyl albums hit 30-year high

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It's been a record year for vinyl! Sales of retro albums hit 30-year high as music fans rediscover the joy of decksThe revival of vinyl records has gone from strength to strength in 2021 Sales figures are set to show...

Da Stephen Hough a London Brass, i migliori album dell'anno

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Da una nuova interpretazione dei vecchi brani preferiti dal coro di King a Chopin Nocturnes di Stephen Hough e l'ultimo di London Brass, i migliori album dell'anno Il mio album di Natale dell'anno è In The Bleak Midwinter: Caro di Natale...

La cima 12 albums of 2021

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From Billie Eilish's decisive electro-pop to Prioritise Pleasure by Self Esteem and a break-up memoir from Afterlight, [object Window] 12 albums of 2021 Grim though it has been in most ways, the pandemic has done recorded mu...

TOM LEONARD: How rock’s greatest albums erupted from a volcanic island

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TOM LEONARD: The Police fell out, the Stones made up, Macca went jamming and Elton stayed for Christmas - droghe, rows and how some of rock's greatest albums erupted from a tiny volcanic island Whether it was the cann...

Government impose export ban on £1.2million John Gould albums

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Government impose export ban to stop £1.2million photo albums by famous English ornithologist John Gould from being sold to overseas buyersThe 129 images are at risk of leaving the country if a UK buyer is not found ...

Jacob Collie, bids to win Grammy with FOUR consecutive albums tonight

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Il miglior musicista britannico di cui non hai mai sentito parlare? Brit Jacob Collier, 26, bids to win a Grammy with FOUR consecutive albums tonight – potentially out-performing the Beatles and Bowie – yet still lives at home with his...

Sinfonia of London albums review: Some of the finest string playing

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English Music For Strings by Sinfonia of London embraces some of the finest string playing ever put on disc by a British orchestra English Music For Strings Sinfonia of London, conducted by John Wilson Chandos, o...

The best albums of the year

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From Fiona Apple's Fetch The Bolt Cutters to Imploding The Mirage by The Killers and Taylor Swift's latest, the best albums of the year Annus horribilis? Not for pop. This has been a year when music has meant more th...