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Teacher took his own life after ‘serious sexual offence’ bewering

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'Popular' English teacher at £30,000- a-year Berkshire prep school once attended by Prince Charles took his own life after being accused of a 'serious sexual offence' at a Devon school where he previously taught, inq ...

Couple who run recruitment firm arrested on modern slavery allegation

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Care staff 'were kept like slaves by nurse agency': Couple who run recruitment firm for nursing homes are arrested on modern slavery allegationA 31-year-old British-Indian man and 29-year-old Indian woman were arrest...

Boston Ballet’s ex star dancer is hit by FIFTH sex attack allegation

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Boston Ballet's former star dancer is hit by THREE new sex attack claims: Lawsuit says ballerina pointed gun at underage girl while husband raped her in weapon-filled roomAn expanded lawsuit was filed late last week ...

Onfatsoenlike aantyging vir blootstelling dae voordat Everard verdwyn het

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Indecent exposure allegation that Sarah Everard murder suspect Wayne Couzens was also arrested over was reported to police four days before she vanished – as watchdog launches probe into officers' responseWayne Couze...

Shia LeBeouf ‘denies each and everyassault allegation by FKA twigs

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Shia LeBeouf 'denies each and every' assault allegation by his ex FKA twigs - and wants her to pay his legal costs after she accused him of 'relentless abuse' which 'left her with PTSD'The singer – real name Tahliah ...