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Allotment holder left quaking after eviction over ‘personal vendetta

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Allotment holder is left 'quaking' with fear after committee strips her plot of plants and kicks her out as long-running 'personal vendetta' explodesNicki Dixon says she was trembling during a confrontation at Mirfie...

Camden gardener waited 18 years for an allotment

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18 YEAR wait for an allotment: Gardener in Camden was awarded plot after 6690 days with London borough topping the list of longest waiting times in UK, figures showOver 100,000 Britons are waiting for a plot, as dema...

Gemeenteraad verbied kinderoppasser om kleuters na 'n lot te neem

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Parish council is slammed as 'the meanest in the country' after banning a childminder from taking TODDLERS to an allotmentHannah Lovelock, 43, van Stoke Poges, says she has 'meanest parish in Britain' Childminder...