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Biden pays respects to families of 1 million Americans killed by Covid

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America records one million Covid-19 deaths: Biden pays tribute to Americans who have died as grim milestone is reached telling grieving relatives ‘I know the pain of that black hole in your heart. It is unrelenting’...

PIERS MORGAN: How many more Americans will die over weak prosecutors?

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PIERS MORGAN: How many more Americans will die because of weak, woke prosecutors seduced by the campaign to abolish cash-bail into letting violent career criminals like the Waukesha Christmas parade killer walk free ...

Race track announcer fired for ranting about ‘dark skinned’ Americani

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'Find a different country!' Iowa race track announcer is fired after loudspeaker rant about 'darker skinned' Americans who won't stand for the flag and want their own national anthem - to CHEERS from crowdAnnouncer w...

Americans celebrate July 4th with a bang as fireworks light the sky

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America is back! Fireworks fill the sky in DC to the backdrop of the Washington Monument and NYC prepares for its biggest display EVER as COVID restrictions are lifted and a weary nation celebrates Americans marked t...

Ex-CIA officer claims deadline to evacuate Americans is much shorter

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ESCLUSIVO: 'We're leaving in 72 ore tra la mattina della vigilia di Natale e la fine del giorno di Natale - it doesn't matter who's left on the ground.' Former CIA officer says he's been told the deadline to evacuate Americans from Kabul is far shorter than August 31 cutoffFormer CIA...

Native Americans did NOT come from Japan but Siberia, study concludes

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Le origini dei nativi americani NON provengono dal Giappone: Scientists debunk popular theory by analysing 15,000-year-old TEETH, and say the group likely originated in Siberia insteadTools used by Japan's Jomon people match tho...

Gli ospiti di Sandals Bahamas si sono lamentati dell'odore in cui gli americani sono stati trovati morti

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I vacanzieri dell'hotel Bahamas Sandals dove tre americani sono morti a causa di una "fuga dall'aria condizionata" si sono lamentati del "forte odore" di INSETTICIDA mentre il resort si trasforma in una "città fantasma" dopo la morteDiversi vacanzieri hanno detto ...

Unvaxxedd Americans blame foreigners, Biden and media for COVID surge

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Unvaccinated Americans blame foreigners, Biden and the 'mainstream media' for the recent surge of COVID-19 cases linked to the Indian 'Delta' variant, poll findsUnvaccinated Americans blame foreigners (36.9%), Joe Bi...

Gli americani "ameranno"’ L'apparizione di Meghan Markle su Ellen

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La routine "Sono solo una mamma" di Meghan Markle su Ellen sarà un successo tra gli americani che "celebrano" la celebrità, affermazioni del corrispondente reale - mentre la Duchessa "riavvia" la sua immagine dopo essere diventata una rivista britannica "troppo politica"..

Biden says US troops will STAY in Afghanistan until Americans evacuate

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Biden says US troops will STAY in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline if there are still American citizens that need to be evacuatedBiden was pressed repeatedly in interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Troop...

Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans

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'Your refusal has cost us all': Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans 'overrunning hospitals and ICUs' in speech ordering all federal workers and employees in big firms to get shots President Joe Biden...

More Americans are now killed by GUNS than car crashes

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More Americans are now killed by GUNS than car crashes as shootings become country’s leading cause of death by trauma for the first timeSurgeons at Westchester Medical Centre in New York state released research sugge...

Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso

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Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso - Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso.

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska rips ‘stupid Americansover FBI raids

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Oligarch Oleg Deripaska slams 'stupid Americans' for raiding his DC and NYC mansions in furious statement: Putin ally claims FBI search is linked to US establishment insisting that Russia meddled in 2016 presidential...

Due americani sono morti in un'audace scalata in Spagna

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Two Americans die after falling from cliff they were trying to climb on Spanish island of Mallorca and plunging into the Mediterranean seaMark Stiles, 35, e Brandon Burns, 25, entrambi di Baltimora, Maryland died after...

The clock is running down for Americans stuck in Afghanistan

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White House CAN'T guarantee getting all stranded Americans out of Afghanistan: uno che ha rilasciato un altro video parodia lunedì 500 want to leave and hints they are on their own in Kabul after August 31 when the Taliban have control of the airportJen Psa...