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More than half of Americans think aliens aren’t a threat

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Two-thirds of Americans believe intelligent life exists on other planets but 90% believe we have nothing to fear from UFOsSixty-five percent of all Americans believe that extraterrestrials exist, according to a new s...

Ex-CIA officer claims deadline to evacuate Americans is much shorter

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ESCLUSIVO: 'We're leaving in 72 ore tra la mattina della vigilia di Natale e la fine del giorno di Natale - it doesn't matter who's left on the ground.' Former CIA officer says he's been told the deadline to evacuate Americans from Kabul is far shorter than August 31 cutoffFormer CIA...

'Flow La Movie’ tra 9 morto – Compreso 6 'Flow La Movie

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'Flow La Movie, 'Flow La Movie: 'Flow La Movie, including six Amer...

Biden says ‘lives will be lostbecause of unvaccinated Americans

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Biden says 'lives will be lost' because of unvaccinated Americans catching and spreading the Indian Delta variant but is NOT concerned July 4 parties will cause a 'major outbreak'President warned that more lives will...

The clock is running down for Americans stuck in Afghanistan

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White House CAN'T guarantee getting all stranded Americans out of Afghanistan: uno che ha rilasciato un altro video parodia lunedì 500 want to leave and hints they are on their own in Kabul after August 31 when the Taliban have control of the airportJen Psa...

La morte di Hernandez arriva come un duro colpo per l'industria della musica latina poiché molti hanno pianto la morte del produttore

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La morte di Hernandez arriva come un duro colpo per l'industria della musica latina poiché molti hanno pianto la morte del produttore: La morte di Hernandez arriva come un duro colpo per l'industria della musica latina poiché molti hanno pianto la morte del produttore, vuole altre prove che il Cremlino ha ritirato le truppe dall'Ucraina e dice al popolo russo "tu sei....

Americans celebrate July 4th with a bang as fireworks light the sky

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America is back! Fireworks fill the sky in DC to the backdrop of the Washington Monument and NYC prepares for its biggest display EVER as COVID restrictions are lifted and a weary nation celebrates Americans marked t...

California woman in Afghanistan says Taliban are hunting Americans

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'Taliban are going door-to-door checking for blue passports': Pregnant US woman trapped in Afghanistan says militants are hunting Americans while lawmaker claims six US planes have been stopped from leaving KabulNasr...

Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso

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Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso - Un anno sul Pianeta Rosso.

Clusters of unvaccinated Americans put the entire US at risk

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Five clusters of unvaccinated Americans making up 15 million people across 12 states are putting the entire country at risk of another surge in COVID-19 cases, analysis findsA new analysis from Georgetown identified ...

Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans

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'Your refusal has cost us all': Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans 'overrunning hospitals and ICUs' in speech ordering all federal workers and employees in big firms to get shots President Joe Biden...

More Americans are now killed by GUNS than car crashes

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More Americans are now killed by GUNS than car crashes as shootings become country’s leading cause of death by trauma for the first timeSurgeons at Westchester Medical Centre in New York state released research sugge...

Race track announcer fired for ranting about ‘dark skinned’ Americani

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'Find a different country!' Iowa race track announcer is fired after loudspeaker rant about 'darker skinned' Americans who won't stand for the flag and want their own national anthem - to CHEERS from crowdAnnouncer w...

Due americani sono morti in un'audace scalata in Spagna

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Two Americans die after falling from cliff they were trying to climb on Spanish island of Mallorca and plunging into the Mediterranean seaMark Stiles, 35, e Brandon Burns, 25, entrambi di Baltimora, Maryland died after...

La donna redige una dettagliata "guida della moglie".

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ESCLUSIVO: La donna redige una dettagliata "guida della moglie"..

Biden supplica gli americani non vaccinati di ottenere il loro colpo

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'Dobbiamo': L'appello di Biden agli americani non vaccinati mentre annuncia il piano per dare benefici di disabilità ai malati di "COVID da lungo tempo" Il presidente Joe Biden ha supplicato gli americani di ottenere il loro vaccino in quanto il numero di COVID ca...