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Incredible 180-year-old photos reveal Rome’s ancient treasures

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Kyk, geen toeriste nie! Incredible 180-year-old photos reveal Rome's ancient treasures before hordes of selfie-snapping visitors ruined the historic viewsGroup of 78 images date back to between 1840 en 1860 and taken by ...

Antieke Amazones het hul dorpe soos 'n horlosie uitgelê

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Antieke Amasone-dorpies wat soos 'n horlosie uitgelê is, dui daarop dat antieke Acreërs hul wonings georganiseer het om die inheemse Amerikaanse kosmos voor te stel 700 jare gelede Eksperts onder leiding van Exeter het die landskap van Acre State gescand..

Ancient Jewish manuscript analysed using state-of-the-art cameras

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Ancient Jewish manuscript containing chapters from the Hebrew Bible is analysed using state-of-the-art camera technology to reveal how it has degraded over timeResearchers from Romania used various imagine techniques...

Ancient wolf pup mummy unearthed in Canadian permafrost

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Mummified wolf pup dating back 57,000 years with its head, tail, fur paws and teeth perfectly preserved by permafrost is unearthed in CanadaMummified seven-week-old baby was found by a gold miner in Yukon, Canada The...

Archaeologists unearth ancient ‘salad barat Pompeii

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Archaeologists unearth ancient 'salad bar' at Pompeii revealing goats, varke, fish and snails were on the menu for ancient RomansArchaeologists have unearthed a termopolium during a dig at Pompeii, Italy Plant and ani...

Ancient grinding tool found in northern Israel predates modern humans

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Oldest ever tool used by early humans dating back 350,000 years is found in an Israeli caveA tool used for 'delicate abrading' dates back some 350,000 years Such implements were previously thought to be introduced 20...

Spectacular fossil of an eight-foot ancient shark found in Germany

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Spectacular fossil of an eight-foot SHARK that roamed the seas 150 million years ago and was one of the largest of its time is unearthed in GermanyThe well-preserved skeleton of the Asteracanthus shark were found in...

Ancient Greek inscription of ‘Christ, born of Maryfound in Israel

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Ancient Greek inscription of 'Christ, born of Mary' that was used to ward off evil eye is found above the doorway of a once-magnificent church built in Israel 1,500 years agoA 1,500 inscription that reads 'Christ, Londense onluste verskyn in die hof om te ontken dat hulle deel was van Selfridges-mesgeveg waar twee mense gesteek is Marlon Duggan.

Lockdown-besoekers verwoes een van die ou woude van Brittanje

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Lockdown-besoekers verwoes een van Brittanje se belangrikste antieke woude deur troues te hou, rommel agterlaat en mos van bome verwyder vir hul hangmandjies Devon County Council sê dat besoekers Wistma 'verwoes'..

Ancient purple thread from Israel is of shade worn by Biblical royals

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A glimpse into the wardrobe of King Solomon: 3,000-year-old purple dyed thread discovered in Israel matches descriptions of the shade worn by royalty from the BibleArchaeologists found scraps of purple thread from a ...

Jamie Oliver wil 600 jaar oue brug oor 'n ou MOAT herstel

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Jamie Oliver wil 'n 600 jaar oue brug herstel oor 'n antieke MOAT rondom sy landhuis van £ 6 miljoen in Essex. Wil die 15de-eeuse brug oor rooi bakstene rondom Spains Hall in Essex herstel Planne wys dat Jamie wil ...

Archaeology: Ancient Chinese noblemen used cave ‘milkcosmetics

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Fancy some moonmilk moisturiser? Analysis of 2,700-year-old face cream reveals ancient Chinese noblemen used cosmetics made from animal fat and cave 'milk'Researchers excavated a tomb at the site of Liujiawa, the cap...

Ancient Roman payslip shows he was left penniless after deductions

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Ancient soldier's payslip, found during excavation of 1,900-year-old Roman Empire camp in Israel, reveals the infantryman was left BROKE after military deducted his uniform and food Payslip of a Roman soldier shows t...

Ancient paintings of human-animal hybrids discovered in Tanzania

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Mystery of the eerie humanoid paintings discovered in Tanzania which are hundreds of years old yet DON'T match up with the traditions of its Sandawe peopleAncient paintings been uncovered in Tanzania that was made by...

Archaeologists discover ancient statue is sporting modern hair style

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The Iron Age FADE: Archaeologists unearth 1,900-year-old inch-tall statue in East Anglia revealing hairstyle trend among 1st Century BritonsThe two inch high figure of deity was found on Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshir...

Duke of Marlborough’s sister blushes over Blenheim’s ancient loos

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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Duke of Marlborough's sister blushes over Blenheim's ancient loos The birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is so impressive that it was chosen as the venue of a lavish banquet w...

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