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Schools to get picture of Queen, flags and national anthem lessons

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Tories call for schools to fly the Union flag, display a portrait of the Queen and teach children to sing the National AnthemOldham councillors plan for hundreds of schools to show a picture of the Queen, fly Union J...

Trump calls YMCA the ‘gay national anthem,’ reveals he loves Broadway

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Trump calls YMCA the 'gay national anthem' and says he always plays it at Mar-a-Lago because he has a 'high aptitude for music' and is a 'Broadway fan'The ex-president sat for a wide-ranging interview with the Full S...

Euro 2020: England football fans boo Scottish national anthem

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Both national anthems are BOOED by opposing fans at England vs Scotland Euro 2020 scontrarsi - before fans greet players taking the knee with a mixture of cheers and boosScotland's players opted against taking the knee be...

Chi è Simon Konecki, l'uomo al centro dell'inno di Adele

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The man at the centre of Adele's heartbreak anthem: Friends insisted split would 'not turn nasty', but what will old-Etonian charity boss Simon 'Swampy' Konecki - noto per essere ferocemente riservato - make of singer air...

Trump rinuncia all'YMCA al raduno di SC dopo averlo soprannominato "inno nazionale gay".’

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Trump rinuncia all'YMCA al raduno di SC dopo averlo soprannominato "inno nazionale gay". - Trump rinuncia all'YMCA al raduno di SC dopo averlo soprannominato "inno nazionale gay"..

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry turns back on US flag during anthem

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Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry turns her back on US flag during national anthem and says it was 'disrespectful' and 'a setup' to play the song while she took bronze at trialsBerry expressed her displeasure at US a...

Princess Charlene shares video of Monaco’s national anthem and flag

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Princess Charlene posts a photo of Monaco's flag to mark National Day from her 'secret location' after husband Albert revealed she's LEFT the principality while recovering from 'a fatigue that's not just physical'Pri...

South Carolina women’s basketball team misses national anthem

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Championship winning South Carolina women's basketball team sparks backlash after staying in locker room during national anthem to protest 'racial injustice': Woke coach says 'I don't like what our country has come t...

L'emittente olandese si scusa per aver mostrato sottotitoli errati dell'inno tedesco

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L'emittente olandese si scusa dopo aver mostrato i sottotitoli per l'inno tedesco prima di Euro 2020 scontro con l'Inghilterra che fu abbandonato dopo la guerra mondiale 2 a causa del collegamento ai testi di NazisFull per la canzone completa 'Lied der Deutschen...

Tories demand BBC restart playing National Anthem daily on television

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Tories urge BBC to return to playing the National Anthem on television in the middle of the night to increase 'unity and pride in our nation'Andrew Rosindell said anthem should be played more in Queen's jubilee year ...

L'inno dei Tre Leoni dell'Inghilterra è stato sostituito ai Mondiali

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L'inno dei Tre Leoni dell'Inghilterra "è stato snobbato ai Mondiali da Sweet Caroline perché i capi della FA pensano che altri paesi lo trovino arrogante" Baddiel e l'inno calcistico di Skinner Euro '96 è stato a lungo uno dei preferiti dai fan..

Vanessa Williams canterà l'"Inno Nazionale Nero"’ a luglio 4

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"Questo non suona come unità": Furia per la decisione "svegliata e divisiva" della PBS di far cantare a Vanessa Williams l'"Inno nazionale nero" al Capitol Fourth Celebration per celebrare la festa federale di Juneteenth..

GB News will play the National Anthem EVERY morning from tomorrow

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God save the Queen! GB News will play the National Anthem EVERY morning from tomorrow...after Tories called on the BBC to blast out tune at midnightGB News will be playing the National Anthem from tomorrow morning on...

NON stiamo abbandonando Three Lions: FA negano le affermazioni di voler eseguire l'inno con l'ascia

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NON stiamo abbandonando i Tre Leoni: I capi della FA negano le affermazioni di voler eliminare l'inno come canzone ufficiale della Coppa del Mondo dell'Inghilterra per paura che "offenda" altre nazioni L'inno calcistico di Euro '96 di Baddiel e Skinner ha da tempo b...

US soccer players deny turning backs on WWII veteran during anthem

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US women's soccer team is falsely accused of disrespecting WWII veteran, 98, during national anthem: Players with 'backs turned' were looking at the American flag at opposite end of stadiumUS women's soccer players h...

GB News viewers react with joy as at National Anthem airs at 5.59am

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'A proud moment for British broadcasting!:' GB News viewers react with joy as TV channel begins its daily viewing with National Anthem for first timeGB News played the National Anthem this morning at 5.59am before li...