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Twitter bans academic who shared MoS article but allows anti-vax rants

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Twitter bans Oxford academic who shared this Mail on Sunday article - but allows anti-vax rants amid fears over new 'online safety' powers letting tech giants censor legitimate journalismThe social-media giant banned...

Ex-Playmate beweer sy was gedwing om 'DRUGS MULE' te wees

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Geopenbaar: Ex-Playmate beweer sy was gedwing om 'DRUGS MULE' te wees - Ex-Playmate beweer sy was gedwing om 'DRUGS MULE' te wees.

Anti-vax Italian priest, 51, dies from coronavirus

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Anti-vax Italian priest, 51, who thought Covid jabs contained the cells of aborted embryos dies from coronavirusDon Paolo Romeo, 51, was a parish priest at Santo Stefano Abbey in Genoa He died of complications from ...

Anti-vax Hungarian Olympic gold medallist dies of Covid aged 51

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Anti-vax Hungarian Olympic gold medallist dies of Covid aged 51 - weeks after agreeing to have a jab so he could continue to work as a gymnastics coachSzilveszter Csollany fell sick in December and was hospitalised a...

Anti-vax Czech folk singer dies after deliberately catching Covid

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Anti-vax Czech folk singer dies after deliberately catching Covid so she could obtain a health pass allowing her to visit the saunaHana Horka, 57, died after trying to catch Covid off her husband and son They tested...

Inside anti-vax group where members taught to wage ‘waron government

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'We need to target vaccine centres, schools and councils': Inside the chilling anti-vax group where ex-soldiers are teachings hundreds to wage 'war' on the government and preparing them for 'direct action'Alpha Men A...

Grieving father blames anti-vax videos on YouTube for daughter’s death

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'Anti-vax propaganda cost my daughter her life and YouTube must do more to remove it': Grieving father blames propaganda videos for the death of his young pregnant daughter from Covid after she was told jab 'would ki...

Anti-vax conspiracy theorists pictured doing combat training drills

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Anti-vaxxers take part in boxing drills and combat training as thousands join secret group threatening 'direct action' later this monthAlpha Men Assemble promotes combat training to its 2,800 Telegram followers Consp...

Anti-vax mom-of-three who was ‘not afraid of COVIDdies of the virus

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Anti-vax mother-of-three who posted that she was 'not afraid of COVID' and refused to 'prioritize fear over life' dies of the virus at age 29Bridget Jackson, from Port Huron, Michigan woman has died of COVID-19 She h...

Brendan Cole plaas 'anti-vax’ op Instagram raas

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Dans op ys in onrus terwyl Brendan Cole 'anti-vax' rant op Instagram plaas en ondersteuners sê om 'Freedom March' in die parlement by te woon - wat Covid-vrese oor volgende maand se bekendstelling laat opvlam het. Brendan Cole het 'n lang mier geplaas..

Grange Hill creator Sir Phil Redmond wants anti-vax storyline on TV

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Would YOU watch Corona-nation Street? Grange Hill creator Sir Phil Redmond says a pandemic soap with anti-vax storyline would be 'fantastic drama' but claims broadcasters are too scared of upsetting peopleThe produce...

DOMINIESE LAWSON: Anti-vax Germany is paying a deadly price

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DOMINIESE LAWSON: It's no cause for Schadenfreude... but anti-vax Germany is paying a deadly price When it comes to Covid, the last thing we in the UK should be is smug. Too many lives have been lost for that. On the o...

Anti-vax group that targeted 100 schools is run by ex-school governor

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Wrede anti-vaxxers by skoolhekke ontbloot: Former school governor runs group that has picketed 100 schools and targets pupils with Covid jab conspiracy theoriesEx-school governor is running an anti-vax group that ha...

Anti-vax protesters put back up barrier after it’s knocked down

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Peaceful Kiwi protesters calmly put back up barricades after knocking them down during rally against Covid vaccine mandatesAnti-vaxxer protesters in Wellington politely put back up knocked-down barriers Authorities s...

Anti-vax leader Kate Shemirani is back on YouTube months after her ban

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Shamed anti-vaxxer who compared lockdown to the Holocaust gets back on YouTube: Kate Shemirani starts new channel spouting conspiracy theories, despite being banned from the video platformShemirani's new channel like...

‘Zero Covid absolutistsaccuse JCVI of being ‘anti-vax

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'Zero Covid absolutists' accuse JCVI of being 'anti-vax' as newly published minutes show panel considered herd immunity in children over jabs because virus poses 'very low risk' to themMembers of Independent Sage, a ...

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