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Brazilian blind footballer Mendes scores screamer against Argentina

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That's how you win gold! Brazilian blind footballer Raimundo Mendes dribbles past two defenders before firing into the top corner to hand his team Paralympics glory over bitter rivals ArgentinaBlind footballer Raimun...

Spectators avoid serious injuries as rally car hits them in Argentina

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Spectators miraculously avoid serious injuries as rally car smashes into them after they ignored warnings not to stand on the track at an event in ArgentinaFootage shows the driver losing control of car at the Tucuma...

Argentina stops flights from Brazil, Mexico and Chile due to COVID-19

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Argentina announces the suspension of all flights from Brazil, Chile and Mexico to stop different strains of the coronavirus from being spread through the countryThe Argentine government will suspend flights from Bra...

Thieves steal 1,000 pints of beer from a sunken ship in Argentina

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Brewer who sank 1,000 pints of beer suffers a major headache: Thieves steal booze that was 'left to age' inside a sunken ship on the seabed three miles off Argentina's coastThree local breweries had stashed the limit...

Twins born in Argentina to rape victim, 12, who was denied an abortion

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Verkragtingslagoffer, 12, gives birth to twins in Argentina after she was denied an abortionThe unnamed child gave birth last Sunday in the northwestern province of Jujuy Health professionals have accused local authorities of...