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Police arrest teens, 18 e 17, over fatal stabbing of stuntman, 23

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Police arrest teens, 18 e 17, over fatal stabbing of stuntman, 23, when Brixton music video featuring Lamborghinis and Range Rover turned into vicious street battlePolice said a 17-year-old male and an 18-year-old ...

Shilpa Shetty condemns ‘trial by mediaafter husband’s arrest

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Shilpa Shetty condemns 'trial by media' and says she is a 'proud law-abiding Indian' as she responds to claims about her husband's 'porn racket' arrestThe Bollywood actress, 46, has broken her silence in a heartfelt ...

Elderly man collapses during arrest for not wearing Covid mask

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ESCLUSIVO: AVVERTIMENTO - DISTRESSING CONTENT: Elderly man collapses to the ground after being arrested for 'failing to wear a face mask' while walking in a park - as his desperate partner screams for helpShock footage sh...

Incredibile momento in cui la polizia arresta l'assassino dopo aver ucciso la nonna

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Incredibile momento in cui la polizia arresta un assassino nudo mentre urla "Sono in una serie di omicidi e voglio essere famoso ... uccidimi e basta' dopo aver accoltellato a morte la nonna il giorno in cui è stato rilasciato sulla parola dal carcere..

Trans YouTube star considered herself a ‘goddessbefore incest arrest

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RIVELATO: The warped world of Trans YouTube star and comic creator who considered herself a 'goddess' after her arrest for incest after 'raping her 79-year-old dementia sufferer mother'Christine Weston Chandler, 39, ...

Bradford police arrest 19 men on suspicion of child sex abuse

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Bradford detectives arrest 19 uomini invecchiati 36 per 55 over allegations of five years of child sex abuse against one female victimBradford police are investigating allegations of child sex abuse against a girl Police arrest...

Paziente, 76, died from cardiac arrest while waiting in A&Ha dovuto visitare diversi professionisti medici per chiedere aiuto

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Paziente, 76, died from cardiac arrest while waiting to be seen in hospital's A&E department in the early hours, inquest hearsWilliam David Phillips died after collapsing in the waiting area of a hospital He had been...

DC cops punch black man armed with illegal gun 12 volte durante l'arresto

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Moment DC cop punches illegally armed black man, 23, during arrest - before all charges are droppedArrest took place in Washington DCC on Sunday, when police say they witnessed drug deal and then found suspect in pos...

'Perché nessun arresto??': Hannity chiede risposte sui laptop di Hunter

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"Perché l'FBI non fa niente"?': Sean Hannity afferma che i federali non stanno indagando adeguatamente sul laptop di Hunter Biden dopo che ha rivelato un nuovo video del figlio del presidente che afferma che gli spacciatori russi hanno rubato il ...

Poliziotti armati offrono SIGARETTA a un attentatore suicida finto prima dell'arresto

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Momento drammatico poliziotti armati offrono SIGARETTA a un attentatore suicida falso, 46, giurando di far saltare in aria la stazione di polizia... prima di irrompere per arrestarlo, la polizia ha affrontato un falso attentatore suicida dopo aver minacciato di far saltare in aria la stazione di polizia..

Police arrest Irish fugitive Gerry ‘The MonkHutch in Costa del Sol

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Dramatic moment police arrest Irish fugitive Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch in front of shocked diners at Costa del Sol restaurant after Regency Airport Hotel murder suspect tracked on his own mobile phonesFootage shows Gerr...

Colombian authorities arrest ex-cop who vanished after shooting teen

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Colombian authorities arrest former police officer who spent four years on the run after he shot an unarmed 16-year-old graffiti artist working on a Felix the Cat paintingFormer police officer Wilmer Alarcón was arre...

Police arrest semi-naked man after pulling him down from car roof

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Moment police arrest semi-naked man in just his underpants after pulling him down from car roof following assault on two peoplePolice were called to Broad Street in Birmingham following reports of assaults They found...

FA Youth Cup game abandoned as player ‘suffers cardiac arrest

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FA Youth Cup game is abandoned as player ‘suffers cardiac arrest’ on the pitch with three ambulance crews battling to revive him and fans sent away from the groundThe match between West Bridgford FC Colts and Boston ...

Arresto della polizia 500 Arresto della polizia 81 Arresto della polizia

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Quasi 2,000 police have been needed every day to deal with Extinction Rebellion's two-week campaign of chaos across London as nearly 500 Arresto della polizia 81 unglued from structuresPolice said they were hoping ...

Police arrest Sydney man in Australia’s largest heroin bust in decades

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Australia's largest heroin bust in almost two decades sees police arrest a 29-year-old man and confiscate a haul of drugs worth $156millionAlmost 350kg of heroin seized in Australia's largest heroin bust in two decad...