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Atlanta Subway customer shoots dead female worker and injures another

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Subway customer shoots dead female worker for putting too much MAYO on their sandwichThe shooting occurred at a Circle K gas station in Atlanta at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday The condition of the surviving suspect remains un...

Ozzie, world’s oldest male gorilla, dies at Atlanta Zoo at 61

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The world's oldest male gorilla Ozzie dies aged 61: Zoo Atlanta is investigating if his death is COVID-19-related after the ape caught the virus late last yearOzzie, 61, the world's oldest male gorilla, was found dea...

Ragazzo, 5, dies after tree splits Atlanta home in half in freak accident

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Atlanta boy, 5, is killed after strong winds blew tree onto his home and split it in half, with his distraught mom seen screaming for him afterwardsThe victim, named by his family as Zachary, was killed today after a...

Buckhead wants a divorce! Atlanta enclave is in a crime ‘crisis

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ESCLUSIVO: Buckhead wants a divorce! Wealthy Atlanta enclave with multi-million dollar homes, flashy Porsches, and a luxury mall is in a crime 'crisis' with murders up 46% - as residents petition to break from the ci...

IKEA in Atlanta slammed for ‘racially insensitiveJuneteenth menu

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IKEA in Atlanta is slammed for offering 'racially insensitive' Juneteenth menu featuring fried chicken and watermelonManagers at Atlanta IKEA created the special Juneteenth menu for staff and customers However, the m...

Two black students dragged from their car by Atlanta cops sue

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Two black students dragged from their car by cops and stunned with tasers when they were caught in traffic during BLM protests sue Atlanta, its police and the mayorTaniyah Pilgrim, 21, and Messiah Young, 23, filed a ...

Wealthy Atlanta suburb of Buckhead files for ‘divorceas crime soars

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Wealthy Atlanta suburb of Buckhead files 'divorce papers' to split from the city and create its own police force after jogger was shot amid skyrocketing crime ratesCommunity activist leading the secession movement sp...